Ideas for decorating your Florida home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays in the United States. It has roots in religious traditions, it is also celebrated as a secular holiday. The concept of this holiday is to show your gratitude for the bountiful harvest. After all, in the times when Thanksgiving was first celebrated, people relied heavily on their crops. Today, we celebrate this holiday with the customary carving of the turkey and baking of the pie. But what is absolutely necessary for this holiday to feel extra special is to decorate your home. Just like Halloween, a charmingly decorated home will bring another dimension and enhance the atmosphere of festivity. Therefore, we dedicate this article to help you with decorating your Florida home for Thanksgiving. If you are one of those who plan to move to the Sunshine state, make sure you contact one of the moving companies in Florida. Having professional assistance for the move greatly helps in surviving these difficult times. But let’s get back to our topic and see how can you decorate your home like a pro.

Picture of pumpkins
Decorating your Florida home for Thanksgiving should be all about autumn colors

Where to buy stuff for decorating your Florida home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about natural materials and autumn colors that represent joy and happiness. In Florida there is a lot of places where you can acquire such goods and here are few ideas:

  • Your nearby green market. Visit your local farmer’s market for fresh pumpkins and squashes that can serve you as a decoration. If you are lucky enough you might even find branches with fall leaves and bouquets of dried flowers.
  • A dollar DIY store is a place to go. Whatever you fail to find at the farmer’s market can be probably found at those dollar stores. Everything from candles, dried leaves, pinecones to ceramic plates and vases can be found here.
  • All those home decoration stores. These stores will be packed with Thanksgiving-themed decorations knowing that demand for these items will intensify in the coming period. If you are persistent enough you can find all sorts of unique pieces at discount prices.

How to decorate your house entrance

Your front door is an integral part of the Thanksgiving decoration. When your porch is nicely decorated it suggests to people that they are welcome and that this is going to be one great evening. There are numerous ways in which you can make your porch look warm and welcoming. For instance, you can arrange heirloom pumpkins around your doors. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and can a great way to create that “successful harvest” look. Add to that some corn husks, fall leaves wreath, and a doormat with an interesting message and you have a true portal to happy family moments.

Picture of fall leaves
You can use ordinary fall leaves to tremendous effect for Thanksgiving decorations

Furthermore, you can make the entrance look even more rustic by adding a wooden barrel or plywood baskets with fruits. When the holiday is over there is a possibility that you won’t have enough space to pack all those Thanksgiving items that are surplus to requirements. Instead of throwing them away you can save them for the next year and rent one of the Miami storage facilities. Just remember to check if the storage unit meets all the important safety standards and that is dry and easily accessible.

How to decorate your living room

The living room is usually the biggest room in the house and the place where we will sit down with our friends when dinner is over. This is where you and your guests should feel the unique vibe that Thanksgiving brings to our homes. Fall is a beautiful season in Florida, whit many interesting things to experience, but there is nothing like spending a nice evening with your family and friends. There is no decoration that makes a place look as cozy as the fireplace.

You should aim for cozy atmosphere when decorating your Florida home for Thanksgiving
Just like for Halloween pumpkins are an integral part of the Thanksgiving holiday

However, if you have a mantle in your living room, you can add some decoration to make it look even better. Again, those decorations should represent a plentiful harvest and should be consisted of a palette of autumn colors. You can place some silver plates on the walls and add a few bundles of dried wheat. Pumpkins are practically obligatory, but you can also add a blackboard with an interesting message to break the concept a bit. You can write the menu for dinner if you wish. This could be well-received by your friends and family members.

How to decorate your dinner table

Your dinner table is the central point of Thanksgiving evening. This is where you will carve the turkey and where all the warm memories will be created. Therefore, you should decorate it with imagination and taste. First of all, we advise you to arrange a nice centerpiece. For this purpose, you can use branches with colorful fall leaves and small pinecones as an addition. No need to waste your money on expensive bouquet arrangements, you can design the centerpiece on your own. You can use a simple glass vase that can be bought almost everywhere. Absolutely crucial is to add some fall fruits on the table. Be it pumpkins, apples, corn or pomegranates, we advise you to group them around the centerpiece for a complete feeling of the holiday spirit.

Adjust the lighting when decorating your Florida home for Thanksgiving

Light is a very powerful tool for changing the overall atmosphere of a room. Good lighting can make small spaces look bigger and brighter, and can create an illusion of openness and grandeur. For this occasion, we advise you to use small lamps and candles instead of ceiling lighting. Coupled with that fireplace, this kind of lighting enhances the holiday atmosphere.

In conclusion, there is a lot of fun and interesting ways of decorating your Florida home for Thanksgiving. You just need to invest a bit of your time, energy and imagination to make the final product look absolutely amazing. Follow our advice and steps we have presented above, and your guests won’t be disappointed. We wish you a happy holiday.