How to unpack valuable paintings and sculptures after the move

Moving, as a whole, might seem like a stressful process. However, moving is nothing but several smaller processes merged under one name. Relocations are usually the start of a new chapter in our lives. This is the period when a big change occurs and we accept it. But moving requires a lot of attention and devotion and not everyone has that at all times. Hiring movers Miami can help you move, without having to sacrifice something else. Now, because moving requires you to focus on several aspects of it, packing might be the hardest part. Today, we teach you how to unpack valuable paintings and sculptures after the move so you can safely place them in your new home. Valuable items, as such, will require special attention both when packing and unpacking them. Therefore, unpacking those items is just as important as properly packing them in the first place.

Unpack valuable paintings and sculptures after the move with attention

Moving is an overwhelming process that can quickly go wrong. Hence, staying on top of the process at all times is advisable. Because it can often be hard to do it yourself, hiring help is always an option. If you are thinking “Are there any white glove movers near me?”, there are, do not worry. Now, many people view packing as the hardest part of moving, which it is. However, once they pack their items, they think that they did all the work. In reality, packing is only 50% of the job. Now you have to carefully load those items into the truck, safely relocate them to the new address and then unload them. Even when you do all of that, you still have to unpack the same items and place them appropriately in your new home. Remember, this is about the safety of your items, so take your time.

three clay statues being ready for packing as a preparation for when one should unpack valuable paintings and sculptures after the move
These items are very fragile and often have a sentimental or financial value; Make sure that you apply enough protection to them

Before we start: It is very important that you properly pack these items before moving

If you want to have a successful moving process, you want your items to arrive safely at their new home. Well, to ensure that happens you have to devote enough attention to the packing process. We know that this article deals with the unpacking process, but unpacking poorly packed items will most likely go wrong.

When packing, it is important that you see all the things you have to do before the process started. This will allow you to both collect adequate supplies or hire a moving company, like the best luxury moving company, that will help you do that properly. For example, let us say that you did a quick run through the packing process. Now you arrive at your new home and start unpacking. The chances that these poorly packed items are broken are very high. You cannot unpack items that you did not pack properly, to begin with.

Unloading the items can make or break the process

The first thing you need to pay attention to when you arrive is how you unload these items. Because they are valuable and fragile, they will require careful handling. If you decide to rely on professional moving services, like fine art movers you can be assured that your items will be handled with care. Professional moving companies have a lot of experience with different types of relocations. Especially specialty movers that these companies often offer as a service.

a moving crew loading cardboard boxes onto the dolly
Professional moving companies can help you do this by using adequate equipment and experienced personnel

Take all the precautionary measures, do not rush the process, and be very careful when handling. If you have any staircases or higher levels on the way to the home, make sure someone is there to guide you. You do not want to trip and break the items inside. The main reason handling is so important is because it is likely that you will have several valuable items in one box.

Unpack valuable paintings and sculptures after the move by separating the boxes first

Instead of hoarding all of the boxes in the same room, create some order. While packing you should be using labels to create a sense of order in the packing process. Consequently, labels can help you know how to handle certain boxes and which items are in those boxes.

Labels are very useful when unpacking because they can give you information about the items inside the box. So, instead of randomly opening all of the boxes and just pulling items out, try to separate the boxes. Doing this will prevent clutter and reduce the risk of breaking or losing any items while organizing. You can place boxes according to the rooms you want the items inside them to be. Thus, placing sculpture boxes inside your workroom, or placing artwork boxes in the living room will be of great use when unpacking them.

a woman sitting in between cardboard boxes while drinking a hot beverage
Instead of placing all the boxes in the hallway, placing them accordingly in rooms, should be will make it easier to unpack valuable paintings and sculptures after the move

One box at a time, and no rush

The relocation process is coming to an end. Unpacking is usually one of the final steps one takes when moving. Therefore, you are no longer in a hurry, nor will you become overwhelmed by obligations. Now, all you have to do is take your time as you unpack valuable paintings and sculptures after the move. Do not rush the process and start working one box at a time. Slowly start pulling the artwork and other valuable items out one by one. If you want, you can pull one item out and place it right away. That way, you prevent making clutter in your new home and work on decorating it right away. A room-by-room organization method is a good way to approach this. It is much less chaotic and allows you to focus on one room at a time.