How to transfer utilities when moving

Deciding to move is a big deal. It is a big endeavor that will use up all of your energy and time. This is why you need to approach it carefully. So many things to think about and finding ways to deal with each one. One of the biggest questions that may arise in your head is “how to transfer utilities when moving?” Nobody wants to be devoid of hot water and electricity. That is why we have made an article that deals with just that! We are going to help you transfer all of your utilities from your old home to your new one. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Transferring your utilities when moving

Before you call your movers in Fort Lauderdale, you need to know how to unplug every utility in your home. Most movers state in their terms and conditions that they will not try to unplug anything and that it is your part of the job. With that out of the way, let’s see what are the correct steps when unplugging and transferring your utilities when moving.

Proper organization

This is the most vital step in the move concerning everything, not just when you want to transfer utilities when moving. Proper organization is vital to everything, and that applies to moving as well! The first step towards good organization is creating a moving checklist. It should contain everything from the beginning of the move to the end. From deciding to move to unpacking and waving your Miami pro movers goodbye. When you reach the part of your checklist about your utilities, there are a couple of things you need to do. First of all, you need to see which providers do you use for water, electricity, internet, sewage, gas, phone, and other utilities. Write down their contact numbers and be ready to call them. If you want to change a provider when you move to your new home, make sure to note that down too.

Notifying the providers

After you familiarized yourself with all the providers for your utilities, it is time to notify them about your move. Do not wait for the last moment to notify your providers because they may not be able to do a last-minute transfer and you can end up without your utilities for the first couple of days in your new home. The best way to go about this is to notify each provider about two weeks prior to your scheduled moving day. For some services that the provider needs to send their people to install everything, such as cable and internet, it is wise to call them even sooner. About a month before your scheduled moving day.

plumber can help you transfer utilities when moving
Call workers to help you transfer utilities when moving!

When it comes to scheduling your gas and electricity services to be discontinued, you should arrange it to be a day or two after the moving day. This way you can go back to your old house in case you forgot something, or to pick up the final things you did not have room in the truck for. However, this is only relevant if you are moving long distance. If you are moving locally, then it is maybe better to schedule it a day before your moving day, or even your moving day, so you can go there and turn on the heat or the air conditioning so the atmosphere is perfect when you arrive.

Pay the bills before moving

Just do not forget to pay every bill before moving! This is an important part when you transfer your utilities when moving because you do not want any surprise provision fees added to your bill. If you are not sure if you owe anything to your service providers, make sure to call them. It is a good idea to check everything before you move into your new home and settle those bills. In addition, you will start fresh in your new home without having to worry about past bills.

Updating your address

This is related to notifying your providers about your move. After you completed your search for the best moving companies in Florida and decided upon a house, it is high time to alert your service providers about your new address.

Update your address so your sewage provider is notified

Also, go to your local USPS office and change your mailing address. In addition, call up the water and sewage providers in your new home city and arrange for their services. The best day for an appointment is the moving day. That way everything will be ready when you move into your new home. You do not want a surprise visit to your new toilet, only to find out that there is no water supply.

Other stuff you need to do when moving

Get moving boxes

Moving boxes are an essential part of the move. You can ask your movers if they will provide you with boxes, or do you have to request packing services in order to receive them. If you do not want to hire packing service, then you can go to your local hardware store and get moving boxes. Just make sure to get different sized boxes. Getting different sized boxes will help you and your movers load up the truck more easily. Different sized boxes allow them to “play Tetris” while loading the truck by putting the larger and heavier boxes on the bottom, and the smaller and lighter ones on the top. Smaller boxes can also fit some spaces made by stacking according to weight.

internet head
You do not want to be without internet on the first day in your new home

Get rid of extra stuff

You probably have some stuff that you don’t want to carry to your new home, sell them or donate them. If you want to sell them, the best way to do so is having a garage sale. If not, or were just unable to sell everything you can always donate. Donate them to charity, or bribe your friends to help you with your move by handing out free stuff. With all that said, good luck with your move!