How to store a boat when moving to Miami

You are finally moving to Miami. Great news indeed! But you are bringing a boat with you and along with it, a great dilemma. Should you store a boat when moving to Miami or keep it at the dock? This question boggles your mind so much that you can’t think about the other moving-related tasks you have on your plate. And you still must pack, work on your budget, search for local movers Florida, and more. So, let us help you make a final decision and point out what are the pros and cons of storing a boat. Let’s go!

Where to store a boat when moving to Miami

Ok, the only viable option to store a boat when moving to Miami is at one of the Miami storage facilities. Unless you have a huge garage and a fairly small boat. In that case, you should stop reading this. Why is the storage facility the only place you might ask? Simply because boats are expensive and to repair the smallest damages is also expensive. And the world of boat owners is exactly the same as the one with motorcycles or cars. People tend, groom them like pets, gear them up, and much more. This means that the customers owning a boat are delicate and the approach must be the same as well. And storage providers know this and they prepared only the premium service for clientele with a desire to store a boat.

store a boat when moving to Miami at the local storage unit
You can keep your boat at the dock or at the local storage unit. Your choice entirely.

This kind of approach is working in your favor. Your storage unit will have everything you need to keep your boat safe and you will be able to access it at any time you want. All you must do is to find a legit, affordable, and good storage unit provider. Preferably, one close to the water so you can always take your boat out for a spin.

Find a good storage facility first

Now, if you like what you hear, start looking for a good storage unit. You will easily find one on the internet. Just browse and compare prices, services, and read reviews. Of course, read social media comments because previous customers’ experience is golden. Now, you must know that there are two options out there. To rent a storage unit from a storage unit provider mainly holding units and warehouses. Or to rent one from moving companies Miami Beach that does the same with the addition of moving. So, it is up to you entirely. Maybe it is a better choice to go with a moving company because they have a full circle service but if you find something better, go for it.

indoor storage units
There are storage units of various sizes and perks. Find the best one for you.

The main things you want to aim for are the location, size, and legitimacy of the company. You do not want to rent a unit from a fraudulent or unlicensed company.

The perks you can get if you rent a storage unit

When you call your professional movers Miami you should communicate with their representative and let them explain all the perks a unit comes with. Or should we say, all the options you have? You do not have to purchase all the perks but you can simply combine some of them. Check out what is available:

  • Climate-controlled storage unit – Storage units perfectly optimized to protect items against humidity, pests, rodents, and all environmental influence.
  • High-security sites – With a 24hr surveillance and a guard on-site, you won’t have to worry about a thing.
  • High maintenance sites – All storage facilities have a maintenance crew that will clean outside of the unit. Some have a higher level of hygiene requirements if the facility is storing medicine or similar products in one of the sectors. So, you can rent a unit inside a perfectly clean warehouse.
  • Accessibility – This is a facility with 24/7 access.
  • Indoor and outdoor options – You can have your boat inside the facility or outside. Depending on the value, size, and usage, you can have it outside covered and ready for everyday use.

As you can see, there are a ton of options to store a boat when moving to Miami. We listed the main ones but they can vary from company to company. Call your provider today and check what they have in store.

Transport your boat safely to the storage facility

You should check your boat and make sure it is in good condition to be stored. Inspect your engine, gauges, electronics, and everything else you think is relevant. Make sure it is ready for transport and more importantly, ready for storing. Especially if you intend on storing it for a longer period. Once you are done, wash and clean your boat, give it a nice waxing coat, and load it into the trailer. Cover it with a tarp and secure it from all sides. It is a long journey ahead and you want your boat to arrive at the storage unit in one piece.

How much it will cost to store a boat when moving to Miami?

It doesn’t matter what you store inside the storage unit. The perks of a unit dictate the price. And the size of a unit of course. As you know there are three main sizes. Small, medium, and large. You will need a large one of course. The one where you can store an entire family home.  And we can’t tell you the exact price because it depends on the agreement and the contract you make with the provider. But whatever the price is, you must prepare the budget for it. Set aside at least 3 months’ payment in advance just to be safe. Keep it on your account to be sure you can keep up with it. Again, it all depends if you sign a lease for 3,6, or 12 months.

a person counting money
Prepare your moving and renting budget and figure out if you can support this endeavor.

Do you have insurance?

As a boat owner, you should have boat insurance. You can never know what can happen inside the warehouse while you are absent. Maybe your storage unit provider has insurance coverage but in case of unfortunate events like fires or floods, you might wait for years to get reimbursed for the damage. In those cases, it is good to have your personal insurance that might speed up the process. And we are sure you do but we had to toss out a friendly reminder, just in case.

Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to decide to store a boat when moving to Miami. Or at least to consider this amazing option. As long as you find a unit close to your home or close to the harbor, you will be just fine. Good luck and stay safe.