How to spend your last days before relocation from Florida

As you probably already know, organizing the move is of the utmost importance! You will want to take care of everything in order to move with ease. Hiring movers, packing your belongings are some of the tasks that need to be taken care of way ahead of time. But, do you know how to spend your last days before relocation from Florida? If you’re not 100% sure or you want to learn more, make sure to keep reading our guide! We’ll help you stick to your moving schedule and, most importantly, remind you of having fun before the move.

Take care of finishing details before you search for the best ways to spend your last days before relocation from Florida

If you have carefully followed our blog, you’ve probably taken care of most pre-move tasks. You have hired one of the best moving companies Davie FL, packed almost all of your belongings, found a new home… However, this doesn’t mean you will spend your last days before relocation from Florida while hanging out with your friends. Even though you’ll have the time to say goodbye to them, you’ll first need to take care of a couple of more things. Worry not, we’ll remind you of just a couple of not-so-interesting tasks and then we’ll proceed to the more interesting ones.

A moving checklist
Look at your moving checklist to make sure you’ve crossed out every task on it
  • Packing. During your last days in your Florida home, you will want to pack the rest of your items. One of the most important things you’ll want to do is defrost your fridge at least one day before the move and then pack it. But, make sure it is completely dry before wrapping it in packing materials.
  • Making an essentials box. Whether you’re moving down the street or to a new state, you’ll need one of these boxes. There are no rules when it comes to making an essentials box! This is the box that will contain the items you’re going to need the most during the first days in your new home. So make sure to pack non-perishable food, a couple of plates, toiletries, some clothes, and so on.
  • Taking care of utilities. There’s no need for canceling or transferring utilities way ahead of time. This is why most people forget to take care of this before the move and end up with unnecessary bills. Don’t be one of them and use the remaining days to shut off utilities in your old home.

Spend your last days before relocation from Florida while having fun

As soon as you take care of the things we’ve listed above, you can take some rest of your move. Finally! The most important and hardest part of preparing your move is over. Now, it’s time to relax and have some fun. We’re sure you’re happy to hear this. In order to help you forget about your move for a couple of days, we’ve written the top four ways to spend the last days before relocation from Florida. Read on to learn them!

Prepare mentally for your relocation

Who says relocations have to be overwhelming and sad? Whether you’re moving just a couple of blocks away or you’ve hired long distance movers Florida to move across the sate, there’s no need for feeling blue. Even though this will be a change (and a big one), you will be presented with lots of new and different opportunities so embrace all of them! Think about it – you’ll meet new people, explore new museums, galleries, restaurants… The list just goes on and on! Florida is an awesome place, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only state that’ll make you fall in love with as soon as you set your foot in it.

Young woman thinking about the best ways to spend your days before relocation from Florida
There’s no need for feeling sad because of your relocation

Throw a goodbye party before relocating to Florida

So, you’re probably feeling better now about your move. We think this will be the right time to start organizing a goodbye party! Invite all of the people you care about and have a great time with them. This way, you’ll have fun, create new memories and make your friendship even stronger. 

All that’s left for you is to organize your party. Will you throw it in your backyard or inside your home? Will there be a cook-off or you’re a fan of karaoke parties? Maybe you can have it all? There are no rules so organize a party that both you and your loved ones will enjoy the most. Just don’t forget to prepare the list of our favorite songs for the party!

Explore your new neighborhood

One of the best ways to spend your last days before relocation from Florida is to learn more about the place where you’ll be moving to. Even though there are lots of interesting things to do in Florida during the fall, we’re sure your new place will have them, too! In case you can’t drive to your new town, use the power of the Internet to learn more about it. Trust us, by doing this, you’ll adjust to the new surroundings so much easier! And, googling it won’t take a lot of your time so don’t avoid doing this.

Woman working on a laptop
Research your new neighborhood online to learn more about what it can offer your family

Find interesting remodeling ideas

Whether you’ll be moving to a new home that you’ve just bought or you’re moving to a rental, you should find the ways of making it cozier! There are so many simple and affordable tips for making one space look more livable and warmer. You should look for them online! Also, if you’re moving with children that are young, don’t forget to make your home more kid-friendly after the move. You can both make it safer and make it look better! Keep in mind that these changes don’t have to be big. Even if you just repaint the walls, your home will get the new look! 

There you have it, this is how to spend the last days in your old home like a pro! Follow our guide and you’ll take care of all of the pre-move tasks and you’ll also have the time to have fun with your loved ones. Pro Movers Miami wishes you a happy relocation!