How to safely pack porcelain when moving long distance

People say that you are usually impatient when moving if you never broke anything. On some level, we have to agree with this statement. Anyone who was moving at some point in their life and had to handle a fragile item properly will understand why each fragile item requires attention, patience, and devotion. Now, whether you have experience or not is not up to us. However, it is up to us to help you safely pack porcelain when moving long distance and that is exactly what we will do today. With patience and devotion, and help from white glove movers, you can tackle this process with ease. To do so, you will first have to understand what items are you moving, as well as the protection they will require while in transit. After all, the ultimate goal of relocations is to safely transport your belongings from one place to another.

How to pack porcelain when moving long distance

Preventing any potential damage or danger is the key when planning your relocation process. In fact, the planning process is the one that will determine how well you do everything. On the other hand, this is something that we are going to talk about much more in the paragraphs below.

a red packing tape inside a cardboard box full of packing peanuts to pack porcelain when moving long distance
The materials you use to pack and protect the items will determine the level of safety you apply

Packing is a very time-consuming process that will require all of your attention. Hence, it is advisable that you ensure you complete everything before you start packing your items. Especially when you have to pack such fragile materials, like porcelain. Therefore, you need to take precautions when starting this project. Some of the key steps you will have to do here are:

  • Planning out the entire process
  • Cleaning porcelain items to get them ready for packing
  • Obtain the right tools and supplies
  • Devote equal attention to the smallest, as well as the biggest item you pack

Planning out the entire process

Logically, every process you start should start with a proper plan. Furthermore, the planning part does not include only writing down the things you need to do. In fact, you will need to do much more than that. If you are moving your entire household using the services of Pro Movers Miami, you will have to plan out the timeline of activities, as well as your moving budget. Just like that, planning the process will help you grasp it much better. So, if you require more time to pack everything safely, you will have an insight into how much time you already have and what you can do to make it work to your advantage. Planning is an unavoidable part of the moving process that you should never disregard. Even if you have to move on closer distances or only a few items from your household.

Cleaning porcelain items to get them ready for packing

Once you plan everything out, it is time to clean the items you want to move. Now, cleaning is not something that will make it easier for you to pack porcelain when moving long distance. However, cleaning will ensure the longevity and quality of the item you are moving. Furthermore, cleaning is something you should always do before packing, regardless of the type of item you move.

a woman washing the dishes
Most porcelain items can be washed with dish detergent and sponge, but some might require more care

Stains or chips might pose a threat to other items inside the box. So, make sure everything is clean and that you are aware of all the incorrections of the porcelain item so you can sanitize the issue. More importantly, cleaning before packing allows you to create the best possible approach as you are much more aware of the condition and state of the items you are going to move. The same goes if you want to store them in Miami storage facilities.

Obtain the right tools and supplies to properly pack porcelain when moving long distance

The first and most important thing you are going to need when moving your porcelain items is quality moving boxes. There are two basic options, cardboard, and plastic. In this scenario, we would suggest getting the cardboard boxes. The main reason for that is that cardboard is much softer than plastic. Hence, it will lower the chances of items breaking while they are inside. If you opt for a plastic bin, make sure you cushion it well. Aside from boxes, you will need cushioning materials, packing paper, packing tape and scissors, labels, and packing peanuts. Cushioning materials, as well as packing peanuts will help you prevent shock damage from occurring. Packing paper, along with packing tape will provide good surface protection. Finally, utilize cushioning materials to fill in the gaps in the box. The materials you use will determine the level of protection of the items.

Devote equal attention to the smallest, as well as the biggest item

You cannot disregard an item just because of its size. In fact, a mistake would teach you that. If you ever broke a sensitive item while carrying it, you will understand that the size of the item plays a small role in its longevity. Large and bulky items, especially those made of porcelain, can easily suffer damage as much as the smaller ones.

a couple trying to find the best way to pack a round porcelain item
Just because a porcelain item is smaller or larger, does not mean it does not require your full attention

Hiring a high end moving company can help you protect and take care of these types of items much more. Generally speaking, these items often pose both a financial and sentimental value to us. Hence, breaking them will not only impose financial tolls but emotional ones as well. So, pack porcelain when moving long distance with care, attention, and devotion. Do not rush the process or disregard certain items due to their size.