How to safely move your jewelry collection in Surfside

Have you finally decided to relocate and wondering how to move your jewelry collection in Surfside? Well, before we dig into that topic, we have to say something about moving itself. As you probably already know, it’s quite a complex process. If you don’t it properly, it can get stressful and time-consuming. No one wants to experience this on a moving day. Also, during the move, you have to think about your valuables and what are you going to do with them. For example, some people are moving expensive furniture or ar pieces. You, on the other hand, have the jewelry collection that you want to keep safe at all costs. Here, we are going to share some tips and tricks on how to move it without having any problems.

The first step is to make a plan

When you are moving, the first step has to be making a plan. This is something that many people tend to overlook because they think it’s either way too trivial or because it takes too much time. The truth is, if you make a plan, it’s going to save you plenty of time. You have to think through everything and take as much time as you need for it. It will result in having a well-thought plan that’s going to keep you focused. Also, make a timeline schedule and a to-do list. By doing so, you will have insight into the progress you’re making.

Another thing you need to think about is how are you going to move your jewelry. If you don’t feel safe doing it on your own, we recommend hiring professionals. Miami movers have plenty of experience and they’re going to make sure nothing happens to your valuables. It’s crucial to pick reputable and trustworthy movers so you can have peace of mind.

rings on fingers
It’s really important to make a plan in the first place when you are moving your jewelry collection.

Packing your jewelry

The next thing on the list you have to worry about is how are you going to pack your jewelry. This is a unique opportunity for you to go through your collection and see what you actually wear and what not. While packing, try to separate it into two different boxes. You can post online and try to sell those items you won’t need anymore you. It’s a great way to earn some more money while moving. Pack in the secured box the jewelry you’re going to take with you. This way, you will prevent anything unwanted from happening to it while transporting it. For example, if you choose movers Surfside FL to move you, make sure to tell them that you have valuables that they need to take extra care for.

Make a list of all items you have

While packing, it’s good practice to make a list of everything you have. Since relocations get can be very hectic, it’s easy to lose focus during the process. A list of all of your belongings will help you keep track of all of your items. This will prevent you to lose something. Believe it or not, it’s a very common thing to lose jewelry while moving because it’s tiny. You can always hire some luxury moving company to do this task for you. When you want to move your jewelry collection to Surfside, we always recommend hiring professionals. They simply have much more experience than you and they’ve done it plenty of times.

a couple packing and wondering how to safely move your jewelry collection in Surfside
You have to pack your jewelry collection properly so nothing happens to it during transportation.

Keep insurance in mind

When you are moving, it’s highly likely that something can happen to your belongings. It’s nothing unusual to get your jewelry scratched or even lost. Because of this, you have to be prepared for the worst possible scenario. How can you prevent this? Choosing the right insurance is the only way how can you be sure that even if you lose some of your possessions, you can still get some money back. It’s very important to keep this in mind when you are making a moving inventory.

How to move your jewelry?

Now, the moving day has finally arrived. It’s time to move all of your belongings, including your valuable jewelry collection. First thing, you have to organize your jewelry box. If you do that, you are reducing the chances of something happening to it throughout the transportation. You can either let movers pack it and move it, or you can do it on your own. If you simply don’t trust them and you feel more comfortable having it by your side at all times, do it that way.

It’s crucial to choose reputable and trustworthy movers when moving your valuable jewelry collection.

Call the trusted jeweler

When talking about jewelry transportation, we can’t forget to mention that you can actually call up your trusted jeweler. You can send it to them and they’re going to keep it safe until you arrive to pick it up. If you do this, you’re going to have peace of mind knowing that they’re taking it very seriously. Also, they are going to take all necessary security measures to keep your items secure. If you are not going to come to pick it up, it’s important to keep in mind that you should tell them your new address. This way, they can safely get it to your home without you having to worry about it for a second.

You can use armored courier service

Another way to move your jewelry collection in Surfside is to simply use an armored courier service. You didn’t think of this, did you? It’s actually a very convenient option because it’s much safer in armored vehicles than by your side. Also, they are professionals who offer their services and they simply can’t mess it up. Not to mention that they have the right equipment for it as well.