How to safely move an antique clock to South Miami?

Do you have trouble moving your grandparents’ antique clock? We’ve got you covered. These ornate pendulum clocks are frequently treasured family treasures that have been passed down through the years. They are cherished by their owners because of their antique appeal and sentimental worth. Even while we usually advise customers to use a specialized moving company to transport this priceless antique, like movers South Miami, we recognize that this isn’t always an option. However, if you have a helper and the necessary equipment, you can move an antique clock to South Miami yourself.

a big antique clock and a framed photograph of a clock hanging on the wall
It’s best to hire a moving company when trying to move this delicate piece of furniture.

How to safely move an antique clock to South Miami?

A big antique clock must be carefully dismantled and packaged before it can be moved. You’ll need at least 45 minutes to an hour to move these antiques, so plan accordingly. Each free-standing grandfather clock, for example, should include a pendulum, a clock face, and multiple weights in addition to a system of cables or chains to suspend the weights within the tall clock. The features of each free-standing antique clock differ based on when and where they were constructed. This article will show you how to disassemble and move a regular antique clock the right way, step by step.

Step 1: Gather your equipment and materials

Gather all the moving goods and tools you’ll need. The pieces of your antique clock should be removed with the utmost care using either a clean cloth or a pair of gloves. Protect the antique clock’s internal and external components using moving blankets, cushioning, and bubble wrap. A dolly (which may be leased from your local Home Depot) and moving boxes for the pieces and the antique clock’s exterior are also essential moving items.

Step 2:  Hire a moving truck

In order to safely move an antique clock to South Miami, you’ll need a vehicle that can accommodate the clock’s size. Although you’re moving only one object, a huge moving truck isn’t necessary. In reality, renting a modest box truck with a loading ramp is likely to suffice. Luckily, antique movers also have a truck rental service that can assist you in renting a moving truck. In case you want to save yourself the hassle, they can disassemble, move and assemble your clock again instead of you.

Step 3: Call a friend to help you

It takes great care to transport antique clocks, which may weigh anything from 100 to 200 pounds. In order to transport a Grandfather Clock safely, we recommend enlisting the assistance of another person who is strong enough to aid with the heavy lifting. Check with any of your loved ones in advance to see if they can help.

Step 4: Familiarize yourself with different parts of your antique clock

There are a wide variety of antique clocks out there, but they all work in the same manner. The pendulum guide provides support for the clock’s internal pendulum, which swings back and forth. You’ll also discover a set of hanging weights within the clock’s body (usually three). Chains or cables are used as pulleys to support the weights. The side and front panels of the antique clock will be made of glass.

move an antique clock to South Miami by getting to know the inside gears the clock
When you’re trying to move an antique clock to South Miami, it’s important to get to disassemble it correctly.

Step 5: Remove the glass panels

It’s best to disassemble your antique clock first before relocating it. Attempting to relocate a big old clock without first dismantling it is highly discouraged. First things first, put on your gloves and take off the clock’s side and front glass panels to reveal the mechanism beneath. When shipping these delicate panels, they must be securely wrapped in bubble wrap and/or additional cushioning. If you’re transporting them, put them in a box marked “Fragile.”

Step 6: Tie cables or chains to avoid tangles

Wind (or crank) the weights until they are almost to the top, then remove the side panel. Twist ties or packing tape can be used to bind the cable or chain ends while holding them together with your hands. Clock chains can become entangled when the weights are removed and the clock is in transit if they’re not separated.

Step 7: Remove the weights!

Remove the weights one by one from the chain/cables once the packaging tape or twist ties have been applied. Wrap the weights in bubble wrap or packing paper as you remove them from the machine. Make care to designate each weight with the clock’s specific location (for example: left, center, right). After the relocation, these weights must be returned to their original spot inside the clock.

Step 8: Detach the pendulum.

To detach the pendulum, you’ll have to stop its back and forth motion. Ensure the pendulum is fastened to the top of the pendulum guide. The pendulum may be gently unhooked from the pendulum guide if necessary. Closely pack the pendulum inside a moving box with bubble wrap or packing paper.

a really old clock
Moving an antique clock can be a stressful experience.

Step 9: Take off the clock’s crown

Make sure the antique clock can be disassembled and placed on a table if possible. The clock’s face should be wrapped in bubble wrap and a piece of packing tape should fasten it. Packing paper or bubble wrap can be used to protect the clock’s top. You can find quality packing material over here.

Step 10:  Bring your antique clock to the truck rental.

Your antique clock should be wrapped in either padding, moving blankets, or bubble wrap once all of the separate pieces are stored away. We recommend sliding a big moving box from the clock’s top to its middle for added protection. The box should have both the top and bottom ends open. On all four sides, the clock should be protected. Instead of packing the clock in a moving container, you might choose to do so. Slide the dolly beneath the clock and tilt it back slightly with the help of a friend. The clock should be held by one person while the dolly and the clock are controlled by another person. It’s time to load the clock onto the truck. Secure using tie-backs at the back of the truck.

If all else fails, hire a moving company to safely move your antique clock

If you’re not up for a do-it-yourself move, give us a call. Fortunately, this may be delegated to a specialized moving firm. When looking for a moving company to move an antique clock to South Miami, only call the renowned and trusted moving companies. For example, the best moving companies in Miami. Their network of qualified and insured movers ensures that your move and your expensive timepiece are in safe hands. Good luck and have a wonderful move!