How to safely move a gun safe

Moving is never easy. First, you need to plan how to relocate your mattress, sofas, and everything else while you’re getting ready to move. However, if you have guns, you must also prepare a relocation strategy for your gun safe. The best solution would be to hire Pro Movers Miami since professionals know how to handle all household items, including your gun safe. Still, in order to be an active participant in your relocation, you should know what moving a gun safe entails. It is definitely more challenging than a standard move, but not impossible. For this reason, here is how you should safely move a gun safe. Use these helpful hints to transport your gun safe to your new residence.

Decide if you want to hire a moving company or not

Many homeowners choose to work with a nearby safe moving company. Rather than trying to move a gun safely themselves due to the safety dangers involved, movers are a better option. For this reason, you should do the same. Find movers Downtown Miami if you are moving here and ask whether they are moving gun safe or not. This is not the standard item most people have in their houses. Therefore, you need to make sure your moving company can manage it. Therefore, look for companies that specialize in moving safes that can relocate and reinstall your gun safe without endangering your safety or your possessions. Additionally, movers should use vehicles and specialized equipment that greatly simplify the transportation of big loads. If you accidentally drop the safe, you can cause great damage to the safe itself and also to your floors.

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Decide if you want to hire professional movers or not

Make a moving plan for your gun safe

Gun safes for a single pistol are pretty easy to move. After all, they don’t weigh much. However, those for bigger firearms can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. It goes without saying that you can’t just put it in the back of a moving truck, close the door, and be done with moving. Therefore, you need to make a strategy for getting the gun safe out of your present home, into a truck, and into your new home before you move. To guarantee a safe relocation, remember to establish a path through the property and measure all the doors or corners you will either use or pass by. You should also make a decision at this time on whether you want to move the safe on your own or by hiring White Glove moving companies. If you decide to do everything alone, then ask your friends to help you.

Protect your house before moving

Moving a safe poses a threat to your own safety as well as damage to your flooring. The main issue is putting too much weight on an unstable area. This will damage the floor surface while being transported. When relocating any safe, you should protect your flooring first to prevent any damage. If you employ professional movers, they’ll probably lift and move the safe rather than dragging it over the floor. Lay furniture covers and other protective items on the floor to offer as much protection as you can. This would be in case you’re doing the safe relocation by yourself. You may also add padding to any walls and doors where the safe might bump against something on its way out. Even if you plan to put your safe in Miami storage facilities, you still need to protect the house in the same way.

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Protect your house before moving the gun safe

All the necessary preparations to safely move a gun safe

The general guideline is that before moving a piece of furniture, you should make it as light as possible. Here is how you should prepare your gun safe for transport.

  • Reduce the weight by unloading your gun safe’s contents before moving day
  • Make sure to plan an alternate and secure way to move the contents
  • Completely close and secure the safe’s door

The safe door might swing open in the middle of transport and crash against a wall.  This step makes sure that the door won’t endanger the safety of the moving crew or your house. Additionally, emptying its contents will protect all the items you usually keep inside while being transported. This will also protect you as well. If you drop the safe, you may sustain serious injuries.

Don’t try to move your safe quickly

It’s important to keep in mind that while transporting a gun safe, each step counts. To protect everyone’s safety, it’s imperative to carefully plan every step of the relocation and installation procedure. Plan your relocation of the gun safe with plenty of time in mind. Your moving company should be informed of your move’s schedule in advance. Be sure to provide the departure route and any potential obstacles. In addition, you should consent to a warning signal of your choice. This will let other people know if there is a problem before opening the safe. You can’t be too safe when moving guns and the gun safe. For this reason, you also need to take care of all the guns before moving your safe. Make sure they are empty and locked so they won’t pose any threat to the people involved.

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Take your time and get help when moving your gun safe

Make sure to prepare everything well

As you can see, this is how you should safely move a gun safe. Hiring movers is the most important thing to do. It is not advisable to do everything alone. Gun safes are usually extremely heavy. Mishandling such a heavy object can lead to expensive damage to your other items and property. Not to mention, you can sustain serious injuries. For this reason, hiring movers is the best choice. They have all the necessary tools and equipment to move your gun safe safely to your new residence. Make sure to hire movers well in advance so you can have time to prepare everything accordingly.