How to prevent injuries on moving day?

Moving takes a lot of time and energy. With so many heavy items that need to be carried and relocated, there’s a lot of potential for injuries. And, you obviously, want to prevent that. So, there are many things that you can do to prevent injuries on moving day. From taking it easy to implementing safety rules. But, whenever you are relocating on your own you run the risk of someone getting injured. Here are some great ways on how to prevent it and have a safe and successful relocation.

Take precautions to prevent injuries on moving day

Moving is very physically demanding. You are going to be carrying heavy items in tight spaces. You need to climb up and down the stairs all the time while maneuvering your furniture through the hallway. In addition to that, you will be lifting heavy objects with sharp edges. They can easily cause injuries to your arms, legs and other parts of the body. That’s why you need to take special precautions to prevent injuries on moving day. From having a laid out plan of the move to wearing appropriate clothes. With a good plan and some help, you can move just about anything.

Caution sign
Take precautions when moving

Hire a moving company to help you

Moving is a difficult task. And to do it properly takes a lot of time, energy and commitment. If your friends aren’t available to help you. Or if you don’t have experience with relocation, maybe it’s a good idea to hire professional movers. Miami moving quotes aren’t that high. And you will have the benefit of not doing the heavy lifting, and also of not having to worry about damaging your items.

Ask friends to help you

Attempting to relocate your entire home on your own is not only dangerous but also reckless. You might think that you can do it. After all, you personally carried all those items in all by yourself.  But, one of the best ways to prevent injuries on moving day is to get some help. Call a few of your friends, buy some drinks and slowly start moving your items. Don’t overwork yourself or your friends.

friends holding hand together
Ask your friends for help and you will move in no time!

Dress appropriately

The first and very important thing that you can do to minimize the risk of injury is to dress appropriately. With so many heavy and odd-shaped items with sharp corners, it’s not that hard to injure yourself. That’s why you need to pay special attention to clothes you will be wearing on a moving day.


When choosing clothes for your moving day you have to take into account several factors. And to prevent injuries on moving day you should choose them carefully. First, you will be lifting, crouching and bending. So you need clothes that can match your movement. Anything that is too tight is going to make your relocation that much difficult. But, at the same time, you shouldn’t wear items that are too loose. They can easily get jammed somewhere while you are carrying heavy items. And it can cause you to drop something on your feet or on someone else. At the same time, you should try and cover as much of your body as you can. It will help avoid scratches on your body.


When choosing shoes for your moving day you should pick something sturdy. Never ever wear open toe shoes or flip-flops. If you happen to drop something on your feet you will feel every ounce of it. So, to prevent injuries on moving day wear close-toe shoes. If it’s not too warm and you have them, you should wear reinforced boots. Like the ones that construction workers are using.

a nail and a shoe as a sign to prevent injuries on moving day
Make sure to have appropriate shoes when moving!

Wear gloves

Many items that need to be moved have sharp edges. And while carrying one of the won’t do you any harm, over time your hands will start to feel the strain. So, to prevent cuts and sore hands consider wearing gloves. Even if it is too hot outside, it’s worth trading the comfort for safety.

Dress for the weather

Even if you are moving during summer, you should take a good look at the weather forecast before you start moving. Even the best plans can be ruined by rain or strong winds. And you if get caught by rain while you are carrying heavy furniture, you aren’t only risking getting injured. You are also running the risk of getting a cold. So, a day or two before your relocation date check the weather forecast. Even though it’s not 100% accurate it will give you a glimpse at what you can expect.

If you’re moving your business take good care of your employees

If you have decided to move your business or an office on your own with the help of some employees, make sure you take good care of them. Not all of them are going to have experience carrying heavy objects. And if they hurt themselves you will be liable for their injuries. That’s why it’s maybe best to hire commercial movers Miami to take care of the relocation. It will be done much faster. And it will prevent injuries on moving day.

Keep your back safe

Back injury is the most common type of injury people encounter during the move. To prevent that make sure you read up a little bit on proper lifting techniques. Always stand on solid ground and keep your footing secure. When lifting, bend and use your knees to do the heavy-work, not your back. And don’t lift heavy items over your head. To prevent injuries on moving day, whenever possible, use a dolly or a cart to move the heavy items. And most importantly pay attention to the signs your body is giving you. If you are tired sit down for a bit and get some rest. If something hurts, maybe it’s time to call for help. Don’t over-stress your body.

person holding their back
You can easily hurt your back if you don’t pay attention