How to prepare your motorcycle for transport

Transporting a motorcycle when moving can be problematic. You can’t just put it in the box and relocate. There is a lot of different stuff that you have to do besides choosing the right Coral Springs movers in order to have a good relocation. There are many mistakes that you can make that can make your relocation a lot harder. In order to avoid this, we are giving you several tips and tricks so that you can prepare your motorcycle for transport in no time!

What are the things that you need to do in order to prepare your motorcycle for transport?

  • Clean your motorcycle
  • Make the necessary repairs
  • Take pictures
  • Leave some gas in the tank
  • Remove personal things

Clean your motorcycle

We do not assume that you do not clean your motorcycle on a regular basis but this is something different. Besides making your bike looking beautiful, cleaning has one more important purpose. When are thorough and clean your bike properly, you can look out and see whether there are any damages or scratches. This is important so that you can know what damages you already have and what is new. You can look at this like some kind of insurance that the transport was done properly. If you find anything new after the move, be sure to make a complaint.

Make the necessary repairs

Besides cleaning it, you should also make the necessary repairs. Of course, these repairs should not be major ones but ones where that can be a problem. For example, loose parts of your motorcycle can create a problem during transport. They can disappear during transport and then you will be in loss. Prevent this by tightening everything that is loose on your bike. You can use standard hand tools for this job. It should not require a lot of these, probably just a screwdriver.

a motorbike - prepare your motorcycle for transport
Do the necessary repairs before the move

Take pictures

Besides making a mental picture, you should make real pictures too. This is a real proof of the current condition of your motorcycle. Also, be sure to write down the mileage. It does not matter which long distance movers Florida you choose, accidents can always happen and it is better to be safe than sorry later.

Leave some gas in the tank

Most people overlook this task. It is very important when you want to prepare your motorcycle for transport. The crucial thing here is to leave approximately around 1/4 of gas in the tank. Why is this so important? Well, you need it if you want to load the motorcycle into the moving truck. On the other hand, if you fill your tank to the fullest, it will create extra weight. As you may know, that can be enough for you to pay extra if you choose a non-binding moving quote.

Leave enough fuel in the tank

Remove personal things

No one from the movers’ crew will not even think about stealing anything from you. At least not if you hire a licensed and insured moving company. But that does not mean that you should still leave your stuff there. We all know how bikers do not bother getting their personal items from the bike because they use it frequently. When it comes to moving, you should make sure that you pick up any personal documents you may have left in the saddlebags. It would be a shame that you need some of them and realize that you have lost them in the process.


It is one thing for you to prepare your motorcycle for transport. But it is not everything. There are still things tasks that you need to do in order to have pain-free relocation. In order to do this, you have to communicate with your moving company about everything. You have to understand that there are a lot of things that can go wrong when transporting a vehicle. You should not feel awkward about anything because you are the one that is paying for the whole move. That means that you have the right to ask whatever you like in order to be more relaxed when the moving day comes.

a man talking on the phone
Communicate about everything regarding the relocation

Learn about the regulations

Things can get really complicated when transporting a vehicle of any kind. This usually requires a lot of paperwork. Depending on where you are relocating to, it can be quite troublesome and you should learn about those regulations on time! Time is important here for another reason too. Some of the paperwork required needs time to be processed so you will have to wait for some time. If you start late, you will not have time for this and you may be forced to do the relocation some other time.

Do you need storage?

We do not need to tell you that all of this has to be done on time. After all, you are the one that decides about the date of the move. That means that you need to plan and execute everything on time. After that, you can use the storage to transfer everything there and wait for the moving day to come. Storage units usually have a good entry point where the moving crew can park and load everything into the truck. You can rent one from the moving company that you want to relocate you. Most moving companies usually offer the storage service so you can add it to your cart. You may even get some kind of discount.


As you can see, we can divide the whole process into two categories. The first one would be planing your motorcycle’s transport and executing it. The second one is more centered on regulations and agreements that you have to make. Both of them are equally important since the mistake in any of these categories is enough to ruin your relocation. We are hoping that you will prepare your motorcycle for transport with these tips and that you will not have any problems whatsoever!