How to personalize your new Edgewater office after moving

We spend at least a third of our day at work. Some people even more. So, it is no wonder that for many individuals their office at work feels like a second home. Also, how your office looks can have a huge impact on your productivity. You may not notice it during the day, but it is much easier to work in a surrounding where everything is familiar to you and where your personal belongings are. It is not just important that your office looks nice. What matters to you is that it feels good to spend time there. So, what happens when you have to move your office and start all over? Don’t worry, moving companies Miami won’t leave your precious belongings behind. Besides, we will show you how to personalize your new Edgewater office after moving.

Plan to personalize your new Edgewater office after moving even before the move

The reasons for your changing the office may be many. You might be moving to another city to start a job in a completely different company. Or, you are staying in your old firm, but just changing the building. Even if you are just moving down the floor or going to another floor, you should hire commercial movers Miami. If you want to move that bulky desk and your favorite chair, not to mention the meeting table, employing reliable movers is important to prevent any delays and possible stress that would stop you from managing your daily tasks.

A desk, laptop and a notepad
When you want to personalize your new Edgewater office after moving-keep it simple

So, before you even start your move, you have to think about a few things and make a good plan. If the key items are too small or too big for your new office, any other personalized touch you make won’t do it. Think about the size of your new office first. If it is bigger, think about some additional bigger pieces of furniture that can go in there. If it is smaller, think about the items that you cannot work without. Also, you probably don’t want to overspend when it comes to buying new items for your new Edgewater office. As we said, make a detailed plan. Make a list of the thongs you need. Then, check the things you already own. Finally, make a list of the things you want to buy. When you do that you can think about personalizing your new Edgewater office after moving.

Tips for personalizing your new Edgewater office after moving

Whatever items you need to add your personal touch to your new office, movers Edgewater FL will be there to assist you. However, there are some things you should keep in mind and be careful about when it comes to decorating your office. Even though it should be pleasant and comfortable and you should feel at ease like at home, don’t forget it is not your home.

It is not a space that only you can use, because many coworkers and clients will probably visit you during the day. It is important that they don’t get the wrong impression. If you make it too personal, your office might send a message that you are too casual and too relaxed. It is never good at business. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be too stern and rigid. So, how can you find a balance? There are a few things you can do:

  • hire a professional help;
  • keep it simple;
  • make some DIY projects.
A sofa with pictures hanging on a wall above it
Hang some pictures on the walls

Hiring a professional

Hiring a professional is something you should opt for if you are the director of the company, and/or an owner. You are the first person who sends out a message and the clients decide whether they want to work with your other coworkers and employees based on the impression they get from you. So, having an office that sends a good message is crucial.

Relocating an office surely means having a lot of expenses. So, you may think that hiring a professional to help you personalize your office can be too excessive. However, even before you move, you can get moving quotes Miami. That way you can plan your budget beforehand and include a professional interior designer in the moving budget. It can be good for your business in the future.

Keeping it simple

If you don’t own the company, keeping the personalization of your new Edgewater office after moving simple is the best solution. Even if you are a creative person, not everyone likes offices that are too colorful. So, keep it in just a few tones, preferably neutral or pastel colors. No matter what your job description is, it has to be pleasant and welcoming, with not too many details that could distract your clients. The light mustn’t be too strong. Again, the natural lighting would be the most appropriate. However, it depends on the location of your office, and it is not something you can have much impact on. However, you can use it to your advantage and tone the colors of your office in accordance with natural light.

Make some DIY projects

You can make use of the things you have used for your relocation. For example, from the used moving boxes you can make paper plants and color them in the same color palette you used for the rest of your furniture and walls. Also, add some photos and frames. However, too many photos that are too personal should be avoided. Again, follow the golden rule and keep it simple. Hang some nice pictures on the walls, Don’t exaggerate. Some nice bright pictures of nature can have a relaxing and calming effect on your clients, but they can help you relax during a stressful day also.

Man Carrying A Box With Office Sign
Use your moving boxes to make DIY ornaments


Whatever reason behind your office relocation may be and whatever area of business are you in, having a comfortable office is always the first step towards pleasant and productive working days. This is important for you, as well as for your clients. So, to personalize your new Edgewater office after moving, you need to keep it simple and follow our tips.