How to organize a move from FL to NY

Moving all the way from Florida to New York is not simple. It is a grueling 16 to 18-hour relocation that you will need to get prepared for. Interstate relocations are complicated and stressful. Therefore, if you are to make your move a stress-free experience, as much as possible at least, you should strive towards making it planned and organized. It is for that purpose that we made this guide on how to best organize a move from FL to NY. We will be covering acclimation to the New York lifestyle, planning, cost, and more in our guide, and it is not too long either! So if you are planning for a move from Florida to the state of New York, read more!

How to quickly organize a move from FL to NY

In order to quickly organize a move from FL to NY, you need to know exactly what kind of a move you are facing. There are generally two kinds of movers. Local relocations and long-distance ones. And, if you read the intro you already know which type you are in. With around 16h of travel by road to New York, this is definitely a long-distance relocation requiring the help of interstate moving companies Miami.

When you are moving interstate, a type of long-distance relocation, the price is calculated in a certain way, with emphasis on volume and weight, though we will talk more about this later on in the article. For now, what matters is that integrate relocations are more expensive and more complicated, costing on average 4000 dollars.

How to quickly organize a move from FL to NY - bridge over the east river
Plan quickly and do it right!

In order to useful deal with relocation to New York, your best bet is to start planning as early as possible. Having a plan in motion months before the moving day is pretty much a necessity when you have to move your life to such a great distance. The perfect time for starting with a plan is around 8 weeks prior to the moving day. You should first figure out your moving budget and how to find good movers. After that, move towards securing packaging material and paperwork, and during the final week start packing…

What to expect after the move

Before we turn to calculating moving quotes Miami and finding a reliable mover, we should talk about what changes you can expect when you finish moving from Florida to New York. First off, there is the temperature, which is quite colder in New York. Also, while the state is big on tourism, that is mostly localized in New York, with the rest of the state not having much to offer in that regard. However, you will also find more job opportunities in the state, and should you move to NYC, you will be able to build up your carrier. However, the prices of living are not for those of faint heart.

In summary, the main points of living in New York are:

  • Economy – The economy of New York is in many ways similar to that of Florida. First of all, that is true when compared by size, but there is also the reliance on tourism. That being said, with NYC you can see that the state gravitates towards financial institutions and banking.
  • Environment and climate – When you move to New York you will be moving quite a bit north. Especially so if you are moving to instate. Remember, most of the NY state is not actually next to the water, and the temperatures can get lower. All in all, by a coat. There will be fewer sunny days! That being said, that is not to say that New York state does not have warm summers and beautiful environments in its own right.
  • Education – If you are trying to organize a move from FL to NY you will also be able to contact few great ivy league universities. Studying in New York is a privilege!

How to find good movers for the relocation

If you are going to embark on a long-distance relocation to New York, you will need good movers to do the job. Therefore, you need to know how to pick one! Now, we know that sometimes you simply don’t have time to go over all of your options for weeks. Actually, sometimes this can even lead to paralyzation from too many options!

new york taxies
Having good movers is crucial!

Therefore, you should stick to simple ways to eliminate most of the movers. First, search for movers registered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA for short. These are the ones you will be filling your claims to should something go wrong. Secondly, make sure that movers Miami you choose are well-reviewed and capable of such a challenging relocating. And, finally, make sure that the price is right! Most companies will offer free estimates! Use that to the best of your abilities.

How to calculate the price and prepare the moving budget

Finally, we turn to the topic of the price those long-distance moving companies North Miami will be setting for your relocation. On average, the biggest contributor to the price of a move as great as yours is the volume and number of items you are moving. Therefore if you are to lower the cost, downsize before moving!

calculator and some papers
Here is how to handle budget-setting

In setting a budget, always remember to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Always be pessimistic, rather than optimistic, so you can never be surprised by the outcome.

Best of luck!

This has been all that you need to know! In our concise yet informative guide, we have covered all the information you could possibly need when trying to organize a move from FL to NY. However, sometimes, move to happen on short notice and even concise guides need to be cut. Therefore, let us quickly summarise what you ought to do. Find good movers and inquire about long-distance relocations. Furthermore, make sure that they are registered to an industry standard. Furthermore, make sure you plan on time and pack with care. Waste no time!