How to make an unpacking plan after moving a large household

Moved a large household? You’ve finished with the most demanding relocation processes, and now you may think that there are not many things left to do. Well, you’re right in a certain way. However, there are still many things to be done. Organizing your home after the move and unpacking your belongings can turn into a nightmare and prolong more than you expect if you don’t have a plan. But don’t worry. Miami Moving and Storage is here to help you create an efficient unpacking plan after moving a large household. With our strategy, you’ll unpack your belongings in no time without any stress. Stay with us and find out more.

How to unpack and organize after moving a large household

Unpacking a large household after moving requires patience and an efficient unpacking system. So, it’s of huge importance to make a plan. And the best thing you can do is to take inventory and make a floor plan first. It will help you stay organized. Then, choose a system that suits you best. You can start by reassembling the furniture room by room. Unpack the room of your highest priority. It could be your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Whatever works for you. But before unpacking, make sure you’ve got all the necessary unpacking supplies. Ask your residential movers Miami to provide you with some and help you unpack. After you make a strategy, unpack your belongings systematically. Following are some of the most useful tips.

A family making an unpacking plan after moving a large household
It’s essential to have an efficient unpacking plan so you could arrange your home faster

Prepare the space

Before jumping to unpacking, clean your new home thoroughly. Next, sort out the boxes and put them in the appropriate rooms for easier room-by-room unpacking. Gather all cleaning supplies and dust from top to bottom before vacuuming. Then sanitize the bathroom and others surfaces such as doors. After cleaning, make an unpacking area where you’ll put all the necessary supplies. If possible, do this on a moving day so to avoid lifting boxes, especially if you have stairs.

Arrange the furniture

Once you’ve cleaned your home, start arranging the furniture. First, reassemble the ones that are the bulkiest. If you cannot do it yourself, hire professional white Glove moving companies to help you reassemble the furniture. After reassembling, place the big pieces where they belong according to your floor plan. However, pay attention to the functionality of the room. Make changes if necessary. Don’t forget to unpack the plants immediately after placing the furniture.

Unpacking plan after moving a large household: Unbox with a system

Finally, here comes the actual unpacking. Luckily, you’ve already labeled your boxes before moving, and now you only have to place them in the rooms they belong to. To unpack systematically, decide which room is your priority. Room-by-room unpacking will speed up the process. Here’s an example of room-by-room unpacking:

  • Have the kitchen done first: supposedly all the kitchen cabinets and cupboards are lined, start unpacking the electronic appliances. Then, unpack the fragile items. However, if you don’t have time to deal with the kitchen first, unpack the necessities only.
  • Get the bedroom done: Unpack the linens for each bedroom, and then move on to clothes.
  • Do the bathroom: it’s the easiest room to unpack since it’s already cleaned. Quickly unpack your toiletries, towels, and other items.
  • Set up your living room: it’s the easiest room to unpack unless you have (book)shelves. Arrange the furniture first, and then plug in your electronics. After that, unpack the books and decorations.
  • Unpack your home office: first set up your electronics. Then, unpack office supplies and arrange your office shelves and desk.
  • Arrange the guest room: this room is the quickest to unpack. Arrange the furniture and place some décor.
  • Move on to the utility areas: these areas can wait to be unpacked since the items are not so essential. Take your time and start unpacking one by one. Only unpack the tools you need for making your home functional.

    A couple after the reloctation
    An efficient unpacking plan after moving a large household will save you a lot of time and nerves

And if you don’t have enough space in your new home, storage services Miami will come in handy.

How to unpack your clothes

Clothes are the most overwhelming to unpack and store. So, before you even start unpacking, make a plan. First, unpack the bulkiest clothes such as jackets, coats, and other winter clothes. Then move on to summer clothes. You can use vacuum bags to maximize the space.

Unpacking plan after moving a large household: tips for efficient unpacking

If you want to unpack fast and efficiently, you’ll need to set up your priorities and stick to your unpacking plan. Unpacking can be very exhausting, especially after all the relocation tasks you had to finish. However, there are a lot of post-relocation tasks you have to complete, such as the paperwork. And dealing with the paperwork is very overwhelming. So, you have to balance between finishing the paperwork tasks and unpacking. That’s why you need to make a strong unpacking plan after moving to a large household. And, here are some of the tips to unpack efficiently and quickly:

  • Unpack the essentials first
  • Make an unpacking schedule
  • Make sure to have the right unpacking equipment
  • Set a deadline
  • Stick to the schedule
  • Let each family member unpack their own rooms
  • Unpack the decorations last
  • Get pictures on the walls
A professional
Hire professionals to help you unpack and enjoy your new home

Make an efficient unpacking plan after moving a large household: use the help of Best Movers Florida

If you don’t have time to make an unpacking plan after moving a large household, or you need help to unpack, you can always count on your Best Movers Florida. We are here to assist you, not only during the relocation but also after. Contact us today, and we’ll unpack your belongings in no time. Settle in your new home and enjoy this new chapter in your life.