How to help your employees relocate to Doral

For a business, a move is always a risky operation that can never be improvised. You have to be able to manage change from a business and operational point of view. Also, you have to take into account the social aspect. This is all the more true when the company moves out of its geographic area. Moving companies Miami can take care of planning and executing your relocation. However, it’s on you to prepare your employees for the move of your business. You must inform them as soon as possible and communicate with them during all the preparatory stages. How can you help your employees relocate to Doral? Here are some tips that can help you to prepare your employees for the change that comes with the transfer of your activity to the new premises.

a man carrying a box
Keeping your employees posted about the relocation process will help your employees relocate to Doral easier.

Breaking the news – make sure to communicate the change of your premises in advance

Depending on the situation, the decision to move may be more or less easy for your employees to accept. You must therefore anticipate as much as possible and prepare the staff for the move as early as possible. Since there is a geographic distance from your original place, you may also have to deal with some terminations of employment contracts. Before taking the steps and actually embarking on the move, you must weigh the pros and cons and, in any case, consult your social and economic committee. Furthermore, you must realize that some of your employees are not willing to relocate with you. Forcing them is not a solution and it will lead to them quitting. You must anticipate this and start looking for staff to fill in the places of those who don’t want to follow you.

There are some factors that influence the decision of your employees to move or not to move with you.

  • Some have families and don’t want to move their whole life. However, if they are willing to follow you, it’s important to know that they will have everything their family needs. This will show that you actually care about your employees and it will make them happy to move with you.
  • If you are moving from the metropolitan area to Doral it can be difficult for some people. For this reason, it is important to talk with everyone on the team. Make sure to listen to their wishes and needs.
  • Also, there are some other factors that can influence their decision, like climate, office space, recreation, etc.
To help your employees relocate to Doral have a meeting and explain all the steps of the relocation.
Make sure to tell your employees that you are relocating the business to Doral.

Communicate during all stages of preparation and implementation of the move to help your employees relocate to Doral

Any relocation plan must be accompanied by a specific communication plan for employees. The more up-front the staff is informed, the more likely they are to participate and to detect any problems so that they can be resolved as soon as possible. To do this, you must start by identifying the psychosocial risks of the project and be able to argue to put the consequences into perspective or find solutions. Prepare for objections and show understanding as you seek solutions to address concerns.

When possible organize a visit to your new premises in the city of Doral as soon as the new premises are acquired, but also during the development work. To make your employees feel that you appreciate their opinion and that you want them to feel good in the new premises, set up suggestion boxes. They can give suggestions and vote on certain elements of the project which directly concern them. This can be the choice of furniture and organization of the break rooms.

Put in place clear procedures to facilitate operations

A few weeks before the move, you will need the help of your employees to pack the boxes and organize the transfer of files. Be clear about your expectations of the staff and distribute a precise roadmap to facilitate coordination with the moving teams. The goal is to make your teams feel supported until they move into the new premises. Everyone should know exactly what they need to do in preparation for the move and when they need to be ready to make it easier for the moving companies Miami Dade to intervene. You should plan different steps that can make the transfer of the office material easier on a moving day. For example, you can check your archives beforehand and get rid of the ones you don’t need anymore.

documents scattered on the table
Before you relocate verify if there are archives that you don’t need to bring to the new offices.

Help your employees relocate to Doral by showing them support

The movers Doral will tell you that the move is going to be the first step of the relocation process. They can do all the heavy work but you need to be the one to make sure your team relocates well. Once your team has relocated it is crucial to continue helping them have a smooth transition. The first few months are going to be challenging. Finding new friends, kids starting a new school, getting used to the new office, are some of the things that can be stressful for your employees. You should show that you care and that you understand what are they going through in these moments. If you make an effort that implies that they too must make an effort to adapt. It is the give-and-take spirit.

Your employees are going to need some time to adapt

In order for changes within a company to take place as smoothly as possible, hire a reliable commercial moving company. Moreover, it is essential to prove that this development is for the benefit of all and that the interests of each will be taken into account as far as possible.  Listening to your employees, identifying their fears and doubts, and providing appropriate solutions will help your employees relocate to Doral. The first few months are going to be a big challenge for your company and for your employees. However, once everything settles you will be able to reap the benefits of moving to your new location.