How to get the kids excited when moving from Florida

Many people are actually moving to Florida on a daily basis. Of course due to a new job, school, or simply any other family situation, people leave it too. However, there is a problem when children got used to a certain lifestyle and already have established relationships here. So, getting the kids excited when moving from Florida can indeed be a difficult assignment for you. Especially if they are teenagers, it will be difficult to make them tell goodbye to the amazing beach parties, or if they are younger – famous Walt Disney theme parks. Still, if you manage to convince them, rest assured that moving companies in Florida will take care of the whole relocation process for you. No matter how challenging it may seem, there are ways to have fun with your children during the moving process. Here, we will discuss some of the most popular methods.

Useful tips and tricks to get the kids excited when moving from Florida

Let’s be clear, handling all the details of a moving process is definitely not an easy task. You need to think about thousands of things, and still you will definitely miss something. In addition, when you have children it is even more complicated. Of course, they can also be of great help, but if they don’t agree with the moving handling them can be a really difficult part. You need to make sure that when that moving truck hits your driveway, your children be ready for it.  Here are some things that can be helpful in dealing with children during the moving process, and how moving companies Davie FL can help you during it:

  • have fun with them
  • make fun playlist
  • give them tasks
  • plan post-move fun
A mother having fin with her child
Get the kids excited when moving from Florida while playing with them

Get the kids excited when moving from Florida by having fun with them

Maybe “having fun while moving” sounds a bit exaggerated. Still, it is not so impossible, having in mind that moving is not something you do every day. Especially children will appreciate your efforts. It is not only about making it easier for your children, but it is also about creating new memories with your family. You can start by waking them up with some interesting rituals – like jumping in bed, dancing while brushing teeth or moving boxes, etc. Just remember, no matter how careful you are, something will definitely not go as planned, so feel free to have fun and break some rules. Give your children some space and don’t be strict with their schedule. Even if your children break something or make a mistake of putting something in the wrong place, just smile it off and remember that this is a stressful period for them too.

Make fun playlist

Whether you experience something sad, happy, or exhausting, music is your faithful companion. As a parent, it can be tricky to find a perfect playlist. If you have teenagers, it is even more challenging, but you can always ask them. The same goes for older children. However, if you are dealing with small children and toddlers, you kind of have to pick by yourself. Make sure to choose something cheerful, playful, and energetic. Also, don’t be afraid to have a couple of different playlists. Just to avoid being bored to death, since while moving boxes you will not have enough time to change tracks all the time. So, when you created that killer playlist, you can dedicate yourself to further exploring the moving services that your company of choice can offer. Maybe you missed something and now it is your chance to check it out again.

A boy enjoying music
It is very important to choose a playlist your kid will enjoy

Give them tasks

Kids love doing things since it will make them feel useful. That is why it is an ideal thing to give them small jobs to keep them busy. Also, at the same time, you will get rid of complaining, so it is really a win-win situation. With small children, it is even easier since you can think of games such as ” hire an assistant for a day” or similar. Packing smaller things is a perfect job for them. In case your children are simply not enough for your packing issues, let a company with the best packing services help you in the process. Packing less fragile items or labeling moving boxes also seems like a perfect job for kids during the moving process. The checklist will also be helpful since same as adults, children will feel accomplished when they tick everything from the list.  

Plan post-move fun

While moving, all of you will be nervous. However, a great way to keep your kids excited is to make some awesome plans for the future. Anticipation will make them more motivated and they will be excited about moving assignments. You can do some fun activities in your new city. For example, living in Florida, your children have probably never experienced making a snowman, and this could be so much fun for them. You can discuss family movie nights, nature walks, backyard barbecues, or similar. Also, make sure that they are the ones who are choosing post-moving activities, since that way they will feel validated. Planning future activities will create a stronger bond among family members also. Just have in mind that maybe your budget will not so big after the move. Therefore, plan activities that can be super fun for you, but also not so expensive.

A father teaching son how to ride a bike
Teaching a kid how to ride a bike can be one of the post-moving activities of choice

All in all, the moving experience can indeed be challenging for kids. They will have to deal with changing school and making new friends. A moving checklist will really help them since they will feel included and busy but do not forget to talk about their emotions during moving also. Plan for settling into your new home safely and take one step at a time.