How to find good storage unit for your office inventory in Miami

Are you moving your office soon? If so, then congratulations on the expansion of your business! Moving a business means plenty of new opportunities in a new environment. However, it takes time to prepare for the move and find a good storage unit for your office inventory in Miami. Only serious Miami moving and storage companies make sure to maintain the highest quality of service. In addition, they care about the customer experience. In order to find the right movers, you’ll have to know what makes them great. We at Pro Movers Miami make sure to serve our customers only the best moving experience. Once you hire us, you won’t have to worry about any moving task. 

Finding a good storage unit in Miami doesn’t go overnight

It’s very important not to hurry when searching for storage units Miami has on the market. A good company that provides top-notch storage services is worth the time and coin. Therefore, plan your upcoming office move as soon as you decide to relocate.

a couple looking for good storage unit for your office inventory in Miami
Take time to browse various storage options in Miami and inquire about their quality.

You have to go through several moving stages before you find a decent storage unit for your office inventory in Miami

The very first thing you need to do is find a reliable moving company. The quality of storage service is closely tied to the overall quality of the company’s work. Any reputable moving company will equally improve and maintain all services. Storage is one of the most important components of every relocation. That’s why it’s in your best interest to make sure the storage conditions are the best ones. After all, your belongings will have to wait there during the entire move.

Your moving preparations come into the following phases:

  • Decluttering 
  • Moving company hunt
  • Background check 
  • Storage service review 
  • Signing a deal
  • Buying supplies
  • Packing before the movers arrive

Decluttering comes before everything

When you get rid of items that only take space, you will know how many boxes you need and what storage size to choose. After that, you can find the company that has the storage units where your items will be safe and remain intact.

a couple preparing for the move
Declutter your home before you start looking for a moving and storage company.

Divide the items you want to get rid of into several categories:

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Give away
  • Recycle 
  • Throw away 

Only a reliable moving company can provide a great storage solution

Browse some of the best moving companies Miami Dade offers, and focus on those that provide decent storage services. Although all it takes is a quick internet search, you must be careful. In the sea of internet ads, it’s possible to come across a company that doesn’t provide the promised service quality. That being said, it’s not enough to simply look up a company online and book them based on their impressive web page. Your relocation and safety of office belongings aren’t a joke. So make sure to do a background check on a company before contacting them. Ensure the company checks everything from this list:

  • The company offers a free on-site moving quote. That’s also the first feature you can see on their website.
  • It has a clean history, without legal disputes.
  • There are excellent storage options to chose from.
  • The crew is well-trained and able to handle the move even during unexpected occurrences.

Climate-controlled storage units in Miami are best for office inventory

All office goods last longer when stored inside a climate-controlled storage unit. The chances for damage are non-existent due to the possibility to manage the temperature of storage space. That way, all the items stay in one piece, unscratched. Also, it’s possible to find affordable storage units Miami moving companies provide. Quality storage doesn’t have to be too high in price. Usually, full-service movers include decent yet affordable storage solutions.

pink storage door
A good storage unit for your office inventory in Miami is worth the coin.

However, avoid jumping into any hasty decision. Instead, make a list of licensed and reputable movers available at chosen dates for your move. After that, check what previous customers say about the services you need as you will get more information based on reviews. Besides the official website, other platforms and online forums can give you enough information as well. Next, narrow down your company choices to a few of them with great storage reviews. After that, get in touch with them and ask to see the storage units yourself. Pay attention to the following:

  • Storage size – Is the size of storage the one you need? Decide which one is most suitable for the number of items you want to store. By doing so, you’ll avoid paying for extra storage space.
  • Sanitization – In times like these, it’s extremely important for storage to be clean and sanitized. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask the company’s staff about storage maintenance. Once they give you all information, you’ll know if the storage is worth the coin.
  • Climate-control feature – This is non-negotiable. If you notice the storage isn’t climate-controlled, move on to the next one.
  • Safety – Ask about the locks and CCTV surveillance. Any professional company that takes good care of storage units won’t skip safety matters. You must be sure your items are safe once you store them there.
  • Rental period – Make sure there’s a possibility to extend the rental period in case of moving delays.
  • Accessibility – Don’t forget to ask whether you will have total access to your goods anytime you want.

Beware of fraudulent moving and storage schemes

It’s equally important to know how to recognize fraudulent companies when searching for a good storage unit for your office inventory in Miami. The very first red flag is the absence of a free moving estimate feature on their website. Also, if a company refuses to show you their units, be sure they aren’t worth your time and money. Your safety comes first, and that’s why only verified and experienced movers should come into consideration.