How to clean your house in a day before moving from Coral Springs

So, you are moving out of your old house and into a new one soon. You are both excited and anxious. With all of the moving-related tasks that you have on your mind you also have to make sure you do not leave a great big mess behind you. We are here to show you how to easily clean your house in a day before you move from Coral Springs. First things first though, make sure you are hiring a reliable and professional Coral Springs moving company when relocating.

Organize your cleaning process

You are on a tight schedule. So, in order to properly clean your hose in a day before moving, there are a few things that you have to do. The first one is to organize yourself when cleaning. There is no point in just rushing with cleaning if you end up creating more mess than it already was. Let us take a look at some of the ways in which you can have an organized cleaning process.

Couple getting ready to move.
Your boxes are packed and you are ready to move. However, it is time to properly organize the cleaning process in order to do it easily and in one day.

Gather the necessary cleaning supplies

Before you start cleaning, you have to acquire the right supplies. The cleaning supplies that you have to get are going to be of different types and materials. Whether you are looking to impress your landlord or leave your old home sparkling for the new residents, you have to gather the right equipment for the job. The essential cleaning supplies to get are the following:

  • Surface cleaning spray.
  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • Dustpan and broom.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • A clean mop and a bucket.

Start by clearing out the leftovers from packing

The first place to start is to clear up everything that is left on the floors from your packing process. Since the process of packing takes a lot of time, there may be a number of different materials to clean. Some of them are going to including, packing tape and packing foam, empty or damaged cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap. 

Move on to the floors

Once you have cleared up the leftovers from the packing, you can start cleaning the floors in your house. This is where a clean mop and a bucket, as well as a vacuum cleaner, play their part. Take one room at a time and do not rush with the cleaning of your floors. This can only make them look dirtier than they already are. Wait for your movers to leave. You should also clean after your long-distance movers Florida take your packed items outside. This will make the general process of cleaning later on a lot easier.

Clean your house in a day with a good floor mop.
If you want to clean your house in a day before you move, start with the floors.

Clean the walls

It may seem a little hard at first, but cleaning your walls is just as important as cleaning any other part of your house. There are going to be some obvious marks left from pieces of furniture that were put against the walls or maybe from pictures that were hung on the walls. Either way, you should do your best to clean the walls. A mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap is good for cleaning some dirt spots on your walls.

Clean your windows

The next step is to clean your windows. After floor cleaning, this may not be so difficult. Again, make sure you are using the right product and cleaning material when you clean your house in a day. Without it, your windows may not have the finishing sparkle after they are cleaned. Here is an easy guide on how to clean your windows without leaving any streaks.

Do a final check of the house

Once you are done cleaning the most essential areas of your rooms such as walls, floors, and windows, perform one last check of the house. Check to see if there is a spot that you missed. Check the bathroom, kitchen, closet, and garage. These are all of the areas that could have accumulated a great deal of dirt and dust over the years behind your appliances and furniture.

Do not be afraid to ask for some help

Do not be afraid to ask for some help. Relocation is complicated and can be filled with challenges. So, having your friends and family members help you clean before your move is a great way of making the overall process a little easier on you. You can assign to them different roles. The main point is to make the cleaning process more efficient and faster with multiple people cleaning different areas of the house at the same time. This way, you get to clean your house in a day without much trouble. Furthermore, it is a lot more fun to do it with friends than on your own. Make sure that you do not leave your children unattended. Keep your kids entertained throughout your process of long-distance relocation from Florida.

A group of friends.
Organize your friends to help you clean and speed up the entire process while also making it a lot more fun.


To sum up, overall, the process of cleaning before the move can be difficult and challenging. In order to clean your house in a day properly, you have to stay organized throughout the entire process. There are many other tasks related to your move that you have to take care of so you have to clean efficiently if you want to do it on time and in a day. Get the right cleaning supplies. Do not rush the process. If needed, call some backup. Ask your friends to help you with the cleaning process. Remember to hire professional moving companies in Florida when relocating and your move is going to be successful and stress-free.