How to best utilize storage when moving antiques

Antiques are precious items that must be handled with care when moving. If you are a collector or if antiques have been passed down from generation to generation, they have emotional and material value. They connect you to the past and your loved ones. The value of these items reflects how they were made and their age. It’s crucial to preserve them and protect them from deterioration. The disposal of antiques requires proper conditions with controlled temperature and humidity. If you want to safely dispose of such pieces during the move, temporarily or for a long-term period, a unit with a controlled climate may be the safest way to store them. Below are the steps to follow for packing and how to utilize storage when moving antiques.

Make an inventory of antiques

Make a list of all your antiques before you start packing. You can include measurements and descriptions in the list. Appraise each item to determine its value. Also, include a photo of each piece with the list. Remember, these are valuable items and should be insured. Valuable works of art require expert handling during the move. Every step is important to ensure safe transportation. Thanks to their experience, fine art movers will know how to move your valuables safely and efficiently.

A woman writes in a notebook.
Before packing, make an inventory list of your belongings to utilize the storage space when moving antiques in the best way.

Clean before packing

A thorough cleaning will ensure that your antiques enter the warehouse in perfect condition. Start cleaning a few weeks before shipping. Treat wood surfaces with wood wax or varnish to protect them from drying out and cracking. Also, lubricate metal surfaces to prevent rust. If you store upholstered furniture, clean it with a suitable product or hire a professional cleaner.
When cleaning, look for signs of rot or damage. Rot or woodworm can cause even more damage during disposal. Hire an expert to inspect things thoroughly and repair the damage in time.

Buy packing supplies

When buying packing supplies, don’t look for ways to save money. It’s better to spend a few extra dollars than to damage your antiques. Prioritize the safety of your valuables. Use the best materials for fragile and antique items. For glass artifacts, use a particular type of paper called glassine, which is coated with wax. You can also use this paper to wrap valuable artwork and put it in clear plastic. Then, store them in special custom boxes and secure them with cardboard or foam. When purchasing packing boxes, measure the items to get the right size boxes. You will also need bubble wrap and packing tape.
When packing, protect floors and walls from damage. Moving blankets and furniture covers are essential to safely pack and protect your furniture.

Wrap each item

Each item should be wrapped separately. Wrap it carefully on all sides. If the item is damaged, make several layers to protect it from further damage.

Protecting the corners

Items with sharp edges, such as pictures or mirrors, should be additionally secured. Place protective plastic, Styrofoam, or cardboard corners to cover the edges. Find corner templates on the Internet and make them yourself.

Antique style mirror
Objects such as mirrors and pictures with sharp edges should be protected when packing.

Disassemble the furniture

Before packing, disassemble the furniture in all its removable parts. Antique furniture is much more fragile structurally. Disassembling the furniture will reduce the pressure on the structure of the furniture and on the articulated parts.

Finding suitable facilities

When choosing a storage facility, keep in mind several important requirements:

  • Security
  • Climate control
  • Insurance

The best choice for storing your valuables is to choose a proper storage unit. These facilities are covered by 24-hour security surveillance. They have fire protection systems and alarms.

Antiques, especially furniture, do not tolerate temperature differences during storage. Storage Miami will provide you with the right size climate-controlled storage units. You will also have the option of insuring your belongings. Regardless of the security provided by the storage facility, unforeseen circumstances such as fires and floods are something we cannot influence. Therefore, always take out insurance that will protect you against unexpected risks.

To use storage when moving antiques, make sure the storage unit is large enough to accommodate your antique furniture. If you are storing antiques, avoid stacking other items on top of them. The storage unit should also be easily accessible and available at a time that is convenient for you. They are usually available year-round, 24 hours a day.

People utilize storage when moving antiques
Utilize storage when moving antiques can be easy if you follow our advice

Check the storage unit

Whatever items you store, you should visit them from time to time and check their condition. It’s especially important when you store antiques.

To utilize storage space when moving antiques, store them in the proper position

You leave furniture on its legs, as it was designed to stand. Also, store pictures and mirrors in an upright position. Lift furniture off the floor when storing it to ensure air circulation. Do not cover valuables packed in special storage crates with other items during storage.

Use professionals to pack and move your antiques.

We’ve already mentioned that handling antiques during a move requires careful handling. You will need help, especially with bulky and heavy furniture. Moving should not be a task that causes stress and disrupts your life. Miami movers can be of great help to you. They will take care of your move from start to finish and deliver your belongings safely to the location you have chosen.

Ultimately, antique items can be very valuable so, you don’t want to take any chances. Antique moving companies can move your possessions, whether it’s antique furniture, valuable artwork, or treasured heirlooms. In addition, their insurance will cover your valuables, and they will make sure to best utilize storage when moving antiques. The safest way to relocate is to do it in an organized manner and the hands of experienced movers.