How to avoid commonly hidden moving company fees

Not all moving companies are created equal. You can find some movers in Fort Lauderdale, for example, that charge more than other moving companies for the same services. Now, if you are like us, you might think that more money equals higher quality services. Right? Wrong. Unfortunately, there are moving companies out there that overcharge for their services. On the other hand, there are movers out there who hide their true quotes. Thankfully, we are going to show you today how to avoid commonly hidden moving company fees, and hopefully hire the perfect moving company for you! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hop right in.

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If you want to avoid additional costs, make sure you ask for the right moving estimate!


The best ways to avoid commonly hidden moving company fees

The single best way to avoid hidden costs is to have a reasonably fair understanding of moving quotes that the Pro Movers Miami provide. Now, explaining the concept of what moving quotes you should avoid and which ones to look out for might take up quite a bit of space… So, let us sum up the gist for you here. If you want to avoid any additional moving fees after you’ve already negotiated the price with the movers you have to ask for a binding estimate. A binding estimate, as the words suggest, is an agreement between you and the movers about the price of the relocation which is binding. In other words, it doesn’t change. Always ask for these types of estimates, if you don’t want to be surprised by the bill later on.

avoid commonly hidden moving company fees
A binding estimate means that you are obligated to pay just the agreed price. Even if your belongings weigh more than the estimate.

However, if your paperwork says you’ve negotiated a non-binding estimate with your local movers Florida, don’t fret. There are still some ways to avoid hidden moving company fees.

Other ways to avoid hidden moving company fees

The next best thing to do if you’ve arranged for a non-binding estimate is to keep the additional costs to the bare minimum. You can do this in a number of ways. For example, the first thing that should be on your moving checklist is to schedule your move months in advance. Most movers give better prices the further away you schedule the move. In the same vein, if you decide to hire a moving company just a few days before the move, expect the price to be high as well.

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Keep in mind that the cost of fuel could easily rake up quite a hefty bill!

Also, keep in mind that moving quotes are higher the more fuel a moving company uses. So, if you are located in a desolate place, for example, the outskirts of the city, make sure to keep that in mind. Because the cost of extra fuel and manpower can quickly rack up quite a bill!

Bonus tip

If relocating long-distances expect that the moving quote will change drastically for the use of fuel and manpower, as well. That’s why we recommend you use binding-estimates when thinking about moving long-distances moves. Or, at the very least, you should trust your moving company enough that the rough estimate they give won’t go above 10% of their original quote.

So, hopefully, by now you know exactly what to look out for. In other words, try negotiating for a binding estimate. If that doesn’t work try using shuttle vans or other services to get your belongings closer to your movers, so you end up paying less.