Home security features to look for when buying a house in Miami

Choosing the proper home security features is key to feeling safe and secure. According to Miami Dade Police Department, there have been around 4,336 burglaries in Miami County this year. If you want to stay on the right side of that statistic, we here at Miami movers present the following key security features you should keep your eye on.

Home security features: digital vs. landline

There are two different types of home security systems you can install. Digital or landline. Both have benefits and drawbacks.

Having multiple locks is a great and cheap way to improve the security of your home.
  1. Landline-based security system. This security system relies on sending alerts through your land-line. In case of a power outage, there are backup batteries in place. The drawback of this method is that it’s hard to install. You will probably need professional help. Other than that, having a landline-based security system is a great way to keep your home safe!
  2. Wireless security system. When you move to Miami another really popular security system you are going to see is the wireless security system. The main benefit is that it’s easy to install and it allows for 24/7 surveillance over your phone. However, unlike landline-based security systems, the wireless security system requires an internet connection. That means that in case of power outages you won’t be able to send or receive any reports.

What to look for in a security system?

If you want to maintain security we recommend you choose a security system which offers the following options:

Having your entire security system only one click away is a feature you definitely need to have.
  • Monitoring. We recommend you look out for security systems that offer monitoring support. This means that in case of an emergency, a team of professionals will be dispatched to alert your relatives, and call the authorities if need be.
  • Mobile app. Having the ability to have your security system at your fingertips is an offer that is hard to pass on. If you opt for this option you’ll be able to control your security system from your phone. Push notifications will also alert you once one of the system sensors has been triggered. Which can be quite a useful tool to have.
  • Quick, easy, and to the point. You don’t want an overcomplicated convoluted security system. When push comes to shove you need to know exactly where the panic button is and be able to push it fast.
  • Design. After all the above checkboxes are ticked and you are still not sure what security system to pick, we recommend subscribing to the one you like the design of. At the end of the day, you are the one who is going to be living in the home with it. So make sure it fits your home well.

Hopefully the next time you hire Miami Beach movers and decide to relocate to Miami… You’ll know exactly what to look for in a security system.