Guide to relocating from Florida to a colder climate

Relocating from Florida to a colder climate is a significant and courageous step. Whoever considered this must have thought and rethought the decision a hundred times at least. When moving to a harsher climate, thorough preparation is the minimum you have to do. Consider that for every scenario that you expect in the colder climate, there will be at least two more that will come as a surprise. However, reading this guide may help reduce that number. Just remember, besides choosing your favorite moving company, moving from Florida is nothing like moving to Florida.

Relocating from Florida to a colder climate- things you can do in advance

Before every relocation, it is essential to set apart things that you should organize much in advance from those that can wait. Here is the list of preparations that you better do before the move:

Check your new house or the office thoroughly

A meticulous check of your new premises is a must before every move. And when relocating from a warmer to a colder place, this is paramount.

a women checking the house plan online before moving from Florida to a colder climate
Make sure you checked your future house or office thoroughly

What you are looking for in your new home or office is:

  • Insulation- While living in Florida, you probably never fully understood the importance of this one. Florida is warm throughout the year, so insulation often comes secondary to other home assets.
  • Heating- Having good insulation will not be enough to keep your new place warm. You should always check what type of heating the building uses. Do not compromise on this- go for the advanced ones.
  • Expenses- Relocating from Florida to a colder climate means higher bills. For a starter, fewer sunny hours leads to increase electricity bills. Add to this heating bills for a rough estimation of your total expenses. It is a reason more to opt for a modernized heating system. You might have to pay more initially, but your monthly givings will be less later on.

Hire the right moving company for the circumstances

With so much to consider before the move, you don’t want to waste your time and energy on an unreliable moving company. Doing a long-distance relocation all by yourself is not an option too. Choose the best among the moving companies Miami Beach and get things done efficiently. The sooner you hire the right company for the circumstances, the smoother the relocation will go. 

Prepare your family or co-workers

Once you have the logistics part figured out, dedicate some of your time to people that are coming with you. Even if you think you have everything planned and considered, it doesn’t mean they understand the situation that well too. Have the final conversation before the road. Make sure everybody is on the same page about the relocation. Try to motivate those who are less excited. Emphasize all the advantages that the new place offers. It important that everybody is physically and mentally ready for the relocation for it to go smoothly.

Things you can do immediately after the relocation

Though most of the things are better done sooner than later, sometimes you can reduce your workload by postponing tasks. And in this case of moving to a colder area, you can reduce your actual load. That means, don’t buy anything but the essential for the road yet. All the rest you can get after the relocation. And if you want to get an approximate estimation about the price of moving the things you already possess, try moving quotes Miami.

Get warm clothes and the winter shoes

As soon as one thinks about moving, they start mentally organizing their new closet. We will all agree that dressing properly for the colder climate is imperative. Health and feeling of overall wellbeing do not have a price. There is nothing wrong with learning in advance about efficient winter dressing. However, it is a fact that you’ll be able to complete this task better once at the place itself. And this is why:

  • You’ll be able to judge the climate better once you experience it by yourself.
  • You can pick up some valuable tips about the clothes from the locals.
  • The shops in the colder area will be better supplied with winter clothes than the Florida shops.

Additional tip: Layered clothes works better than thick sweaters in this kind of climate. Also, quality winter shoes are a must.

A family dressed in winter clothes
Quality winter clothes are a must when relocating to a colder climate

Equip your vehicle with the winter gear

Winter gear for the car is not only necessary but a legal requirement too. Nevertheless, before you rush and buy all that heavy gear consider doing it after the relocation. The reasons are quite similar to the ones in the previous category. Additionally, the car equipment might take too much space and weigh too much during the move. Alternatively, you can get everything in advance and organize extra heavy transport Miami.

Additional tip: Consider using public transportation in your new city. In winter climate especially, this is a much easier and cheaper option.

Acclimatize as soon as you get from Florida to a colder climate

Upon your arrival, you’ll probably tend to stay as much in as you can. A warm home may seem initially more appealing compared to the harsh winter outside. This would be a mistake though. The sooner your body gets accustomed to the new climate, the lesser your chances of getting sick or depressed. Besides, there is so much more the colder climate can offer than one can imagine. But you probably already know this, or else you won’t be moving. Just don’t forget to enjoy all these benefits to the maximum once you finally move.


An additional healthcare plan can not be a mistake in this case. In a colder climate, people tend to get more sick, especially before the acclimatization. So take care of your health on time. A healthier diet, warm herbal teas, saunas, or similar may help with this. Furthermore, getting supplemental health insurance may be a good idea too.

two mugs with hot drinks and a soup bowl
Hot herbal teas and soups can get you warm and protect your health after relocating from Florida to a colder climate

Relocating from Florida to a colder climate takes a lot of preparation. But once settled in, you can enjoy the fresh air and magical winter atmosphere. And who knows, with a little practice, you may finally master that art of skiing.