Guide to packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami

When it comes to moving your entire household, it often means moving almost every item that you possess. And it is logically extremely hard just by the large number of items that you have. To add, some household items aren’t easy to pack and move. Usually, the bigger or the bulkier items, the harder it is to pack and move them. Sure, hiring movers Midtown Miami can do the trick. However, there are also some tasks you can handle on your own when it comes to packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami.

Packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami with help from a reliable moving company

As we already mentioned, packing bulky items and then moving them can turn into a nightmare. That is if you don’t have the right skills or the right movers. So, the first thing you should do regarding packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami is to hire the best Miami movers. It is just not possible to relocate all your large items by yourself. Instead, hire professionals who know how to do everything properly. And while they handle the tasks, the chance of damaging your items will be minimized. Especially when it comes to big and bulky items due to their size. Because of their weight, size, and shape, they can easily get damaged during transport. Hence, hire the best moving professionals to prevent any possible damages.

Professional mover carrying a couch
One of the crucial things when packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami is to hire reliable movers.

Consider getting packing services for your bulky items

Logically, maybe one of the hardest parts of moving bulky items is their packing. And that’s is when we would suggest getting professional packing services. Opting for White Glove packing is the right choice for packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami. And there are a lot of advantages if you decide to add packing services to your moving bill. One of them is that you will have much more time to handle other moving-related tasks that your movers can’t take care of. However, you should have in mind that the services of packing bulky items will add to your bill. But trust us, paying some extra money on packing and moving bulky items is worth every penny.

Get packing supplies for packing bulky items to Midtown Miami

As you already know, it’s impossible to pack any item without gathering packing supplies first. And the good news is that you can use all the common packing supplies to pack your bulky items as well. Here are some of the supplies we advise you to get before packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami.

  • Get moving boxes as soon as you can for packing and moving big items. And it is quite easy to get them, as you can find them in local supermarkets, liquor stores, or offices. However, you should make sure to get enough moving boxes. Especially bigger ones so that your big household items can fit.
  • Also, don’t forget to get enough bubble wrapping as you are going to need a lot of it to protect your large items.
  • Then, for the big items that cannot disassemble, get a moving blanket and moving straps.
  • For transporting bulky and large items to the moving truck, remember to get a dolly.
  • And last but not least, get zip bags where you can keep smaller parts of your big and bulky items.
Woman sitting surrounded with packing supplies for packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami
Don’t forget to get moving boxes of various sizes and shapes and prepare.

Before packing bulky items and moving them to Midtown Miami, disassemble them

Now that you have all the necessary packing supplies, it’s time to disassemble your bulky items. However, for items that cannot be disassembled, such as a piano, hire piano movers Miami to handle this task. But for those items that can be disassembled, you need to get suitable equipment and tools for the job. Also, look for manuals or look at tutorials to prepare for disassembling. Or if you can’t manage it on your own, ask your friends or family to help you. Because usually, everyone has at least one person who is good at disassembling furniture, right? And it would be nice to prepare for packing and moving bulky items with help from your closest ones. Not to mention that it’s almost impossible to do it all on your own, as you will end up hurting yourself. Or you will damage your items while packing and moving.

More tips to help you pack and move bulky items

After you’ve finished disassembling large items, the time has come to pack them. So, we suggest you put all the small bolts in other parts into zip bags. However, make sure to label those bags so you don’t lose any bolts when you need to reassemble your items again. Also, use bubble wrapping for larger parts that can’t fit into bags. When you do that, make sure to secure bubble wrapping with moving straps or tape. Then, you should put those pieces into two moving boxes. However, don’t forget to label them as well.

Moving bulky items that cannot be disassembled

On the other hand, if you can’t disassemble your large items, you will have to move them in one piece. However, don’t forget that you have to protect those items from any potential damage. Hence, use moving blankets to cover and protect them. When you’re done, make sure to secure the moving blanket with moving straps. All these steps will help you to pack and move bulky items to Midtown Miami successfully.

A group of friends sitting in the back of a van
Finally, make sure your friends are a part of the process, which will make it more fun.

Transporting your bulky and large items

After you’ve finished packing bulky items, it’s time to transport them to a moving truck. So, as we previously mentioned, you will need to use a dolly for this purpose. However, this is the part where you should let your movers step in and do it for you. Because they will handle big items and won’t get hurt or damage the items.

So, now that you’ve read our guide to packing and moving bulky items to Midtown Miami, you are ready. You are now qualified to organize this project and handle it successfully.