Guide to moving your private practice from Miami to another state

So you’ve decided to move to another state, but you have to move your private practice as well. We as one of the most reliable Miami movers would like to help you.  It depends on the practice that you have, so we’ve prepared the whole guide to moving your private practice from Miami to another state. One of the most common worries we hear from customers who are relocating is that they’ll lose their patients; some of them think that they’ll lose all of their patients but won’t be able to get new ones.  So let’s see what can you do about all of this. Let’s dive in!

Update your google address before moving your private practice from Miami to another state

Now marketing advisors will you that you should do this at least 3 months before your move.  So that’s a great marketing deal as well if you don’t have to create Google Business Profile which will help you a lot. If you have it you can just update the information it’ll take a couple of minutes, but up to three days for “google maps and engine” to digest the newly given content. So if you’re new to this it’ll take about an hour at max, but you’ll probably be able to do it much faster if you’re familiar with this tech. Some of the things that you’ll have to know in advance are:

  • The type of private practice that you run
  • The phone number that is used in an office or any main phone that you use
  • You’ll have to write a brief description of what you do
  • Working hours should also be updated for the upcoming holidays
  • The address  of your new private practice
  • The review section is also important where the patients will write their experiences and rate you from 1 to 5 stars
A laptop with an open page of google search on it;
Nowadays Google has become one of the best tools if you want someone to know about you online.

This is all for new users of Google Business, if you’re an old user just update all of this information and you’re good to go. We as one of the best commercial movers Miami has to offer can help you with moving your equipment, furniture, etc. If you have anything special to move, just give us a call and we’ll handle it.

Think about hiring pros before moving your private practice from Miami to another state

We as one of the most reliable interstate moving companies Miami would like to advise you on this topic. Since we’ve been doing this for years now, we know that this can be moving can be exhausting, and frustrating, you should ask for help. Nowadays moving is much more affordable than it was in the past. Plus you can google any of the moving companies, look up their website, and take a look at their ratings so in general, it’s now that complex. We offer high-quality services at a reasonable price locally, within the state, or interstate. If you need any storage services we can help you with this as well. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time we have a special service called emergency moving. We work 7 days a week so stand at your disposal.

Furthermore, we can send you a written moving estimate where we’ll outline all the costs of the move. We can also wrap and pack your things if you can’t or don’t have time to do it. We’ve got loads of different packing materials which you can also buy from us. Last but not least, we also can provide you with moving insurance, there are several packages. So you can just pick one that fits you the most just in case something gets damaged. This way you’ll get a refund at a price which depends on the package you’ve chosen. This will probably save you a lot of time since you’ll probably have to move with your business, so you’ll have to move your home items as well.

A woman surrounded by moving boxes while thinking about a guide to moving your private practice from Miami to another state;
You should think about hiring pros if you’re moving your private practice from Miami to another state.

Use the power of the internet again

If you’re afraid of the things like losing all of your patients, have you thought about giving a chance to online counseling? First, you’ll need to update your website with all the information like in google business. Secondly, you’ll have to (legally) you must be licensed in a state where your client resides. Also, ask around your state where you’re moving or check it up online, how can you acquire your license or update it. Thirdly you should also use Vsee or HIPAA  software don’t rely on skype or some free alternatives; you’ll need a clear and at least HD stable connection to have a good quality session. Thera-link has recently received favorable news and it isn’t as expensive as the other options, so this is maybe your best option for now; also we have to mention that HIPPA is the most expensive option but the best one.

We recommend that you use this mostly on patients which are in stable conditions. Actually with any patients that don’t have some bigger problems. So here’s an example of people who might have eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia… you should stay in touch with their physicians and dietitians just in case something things south, or in case you notice some changes. We as some of the best local movers Miami can help you with anything. We can help you if you’re moving your business long distance or even interstate.

A person holding an Iphone with a lot of social media apps on it;
Using the power of the internet and specific social media with a combination of some paid video software is a win-win situation for both you and your client.

The conclusion

Thank you for reading our article and we hope that you liked it. We hope that you liked our guide to moving your private practice from Miami to another state. If you need any help with moving we’re here for you. Also, we’ve prepared a list of items that to keep at hand on moving day as bonus info. For any further questions give us a call or visit our blog for more fun and interesting information. Hiring professionals is faster, more convenient, more reliable, and less stressful, than doing it on your own. Have a nice day and a stress-free move.