A list of items to keep at hand on moving day

When the moving day is getting closer, it might seem that there are more and more things that need to be done. The things you have not been thinking about when you were preparing to move and packing. However, there are some simple tips and tricks on how to get ready for a moving day. There are tons of questions and doubts people are having, and one of the main ones is what are the items to keep in your hand on moving day. The answer to this question is really simple. You just need to have the right list. And once you make the perfect list, with which we will help you, you can wait for your Pro Movers Miami and get ready for a successful relocation.

A list of items to keep at hand on moving day

Depending n the type of relocation, there are certain things you need to have near you when the long day comes. However, there are some items that are the same and should be on the list whether you are moving locally with some of the best local movers Miami has, or interstate. The main things you need to have:

  1. Charged phone,
  2. Contract with the moving company,
  3. Additional paperwork required for the relocation,
  4. Water, snacks,
  5. Personal hygiene,
  6. Items for kids, and
  7. Items for pets.

    phone charging
    Your phone needs to be fully charged and the first one on the list of items to keep at hand on moving day

No matter how long will your journey of relocation last, you will be well-prepared f you have this list along with you the whole time. And why are every single one of these things important? Let us find out together.

Charge your phone the night before

Having a fully charged phone is number one on the list of items you need to keep near your when relocating. There are numerous reasons for this:

  • you will need to contact the moving company if something goes wrong,
  • Being able to reach to yr loved ones during the relocation is also very important
  • If something bad happens on the road or you just bump into some kind of obstacle on the road, you need to be able to inform everyone involved in this relocation, like your antique movers. These valuable items need to be on your contestant awareness. 

Do not forget to charge your phone the night before the moving day. Also, make sure that the charger is with you too. You might be able to get a phone charged during the relocation.


It is important to have everything related to the relocation along with you. This means that you will need to have a signed contract and any other paper related to the company. It could be the inventory, it could be an insurance policy, anything you can think of. You will need these papers if you need to check the address or if everything is packed according to the agreement. This is really important for your most valuable items. Make sure you have paperwork related to your white glove moving and storage services. This type of service is related to the very valuable and expensive items. Therefore, knowing your insurance and understanding the terms of the conditions are very important too.

toothbrush in different colors
Think about your hygiene even on a moving day.

If you have this paperwork, you will have a chance to avoid fraudulent moving companies that are showing up more and more in the city of Miami.

Why should food and water be on your list of items to keep at hand on moving day?

The answer is really simple. You will need to have some refreshments. Whether you are moving during summer or not, being able to hydrate yourself is very important. You should also provide your movers with the same things. Make sure you have enough refreshments for yourself and your movers. Nothing says you are a better host and man than providing everyone else with everything they need.

Personal hygiene is also on the list of items you need to keep at hand on moving day

Bring some extra clothes for you too. The clothes you will pack n the essentials bag, in which you will be able to place everything personal and important. Make sure that the toothbrush is in this bag. Not to mention deodorants. On the other hand, this is very practical. You will have everything you need for your first night in your new home without unpacking the boxes.

Items for kids

Moving with your family can be even more exhausting, That is why you need to think about their stuff a month and days before the moving day. On a moving day, items you need to keep at hand are items for kids. Those are extra pairs of clothes, some food, and diapers if you have a baby. Be sure that they have a favorite toy with them. And do not under any circumstances forget to bring terms for the hygiene. It is really important to act like moving day is not so important. If you are easy with this date, the kid will be under stress too. And just like ht, you will be able to get through this day without any disruptions.

kids playing in car with their toys which are on the list of items to keep at hand on moving day
Do not forget to bring kids’ toys.

When it comes to pets, you must check with the company you are hiring that you are allowed to bring pets. The thing pets need is water food and maybe for some bigger pets, enough pace around them. If you have a dog, make sure you do a little research about things you need to bring for them. Be careful how you act around them too. If you are the one that is most stressed about this day pets will feel it too. And nothing good can come out of it.


Making this list of items you need to keep in hand on moving day is different for everyone. These main things are pretty much the same. Think about the things you will need along with you, no matter how long will your relocation lasts.