Guide to moving with a dog cross country

Relocation is often complicated and filled with challenges. A cross country move can be hard to organize, especially if you are moving with a dog. This is why in this article, we are going to discuss some of the basic guidelines that you should follow in order to successfully relocate with your pet. Although moving can be complex, it does not have to be hard and stressful. Making a cross country move should be exciting and you should look forward to your life-changing transition. To have an easier time relocating with your pet, we are going to discuss the importance of preparing your dog for the relocation, securing transportation, and hiring reliable Coral Springs moving company.

Moving preparations

When moving with a dog cross country, keep in mind that you need to take some extra things into consideration. Your moving preparations should start on time and at the very least, a couple of months before the actual move. People often find it difficult to adjust to sudden changes. Likewise, dogs are territorial and tied to a certain routine. Luckily, dogs, just like people, are adjustable to the new environment. However, in order to avoid putting any form of stress on your pet, you should follow the next few tips and tricks to adjusting and preparing your dog for the move.

Get your dog ready for the moving supplies

Relocations can make the house quite messy and chaotic. Dogs will not like this. It is important to get them used to cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, foam and the rest of the packing supplies. Obviously, they still may feel anxiety when they see you packing your inventory. But if they are familiar with the moving supplies, dogs will not be afraid of them. A few days before you start packing and moving everything around, leave a few packing supplies around the house so they can sniff them and get used to them. If you do not have the necessary packing supplies, ensure you get them on time so that your dog can get used to them. Find professional moving companies Florida that can provide you with high-quality packing boxes.

Packing supplies.
When moving with a dog, make sure your pet is prepared for all of the packing supplies spread around the house.

Keep your daily routine

Although relocation usually changes our schedule and routines, it is important to keep it as normal as possible when moving with a dog. Stick with the regular feeding and walking times. During events like moving, keeping your daily routine with your dog is a must. If things change too quickly, your dogs can lose their natural compass and feel anxiety all the time. This is going to ease some of the tension which your dog may be feeling during the relocation period.

Provide your dog with their very own safe space

Similarly to what you want to do if you are moving with children, make sure to enable your dog their own space. This should be a place, a room or corner of the room, where they can feel like nothing is happening around them. By providing your dog with a safe space, your dog is going to be calmer and less anxious during the relocation. To help ease the tensions a bit more, make sure they always have a piece of your clothing and their own toys with them. Keep in mind that you should do the same when unpacking after a move and also secure a safe space for your dog in your new home.

Moving day

When the moving day comes, your dog needs to be looked out for. Your dog should have someone by its side who is trustworthy, responsible and gets along well with it. A pet sitter or dog daycare is also an option if your dog is not shy and nervous. Either way, it is important to keep your dog away from your house during the moving day. Not only will they be frightened by all the movers, they are also likely to get in the way.

Finding dog sitter when moving with a dog.
During the moving day, find a person who can take care of your dog.

After the move

Once the relocation is over and you have moved into the new home, it’s time to help your dog settle in properly. When the unpacking process is done, there are a few different ways in which you can adapt your dog to the new surroundings. Of course, before you let your dog explore the new environment, make sure all of the potentially dangerous objects from the move are removed.

Take your dog for a walk in your new neighborhood

Settling in will take some time. This goes both for you and your pet. However, one of the things that you can do immediately after you unpack is to take your dog for a walk around the new neighborhood. You get a chance to scout the surrounding area and learn the layout of the neighborhood. Also, at first, it might be a good idea to keep your dog close as you probably still do not know which houses also have dogs, etc.

Help your dog with the transition anxiety

If you notice any anxieties in your dog act on time. Change their surroundings or try to keep them entertained. More than likely, it will take your dog several days to fully adjust to the new environment. It is crucial that you pay close attention to your dog during this critical period.

Dog playing.
Pay close attention to your do and its behavior after the move. Make sure you keep your pet entertained and help them with the transition anxiety in any way you can.

Moving with a dog can be difficult and complicated. Make sure that you prepare and organize well before you start packing. Hire professional long distance movers Florida for a smooth and efficient relocation across the country. With a good organization and reliable movers, you and your dog are in for a safe and stress-free move. You will be able to enjoy the comfort of your new home in no time!