Proper Unpacking After a Move | Miami Moving Tips

How to Unpack After a Move

We are a fully insured moving company that is able to meet your moving needs quickly and safely, to help take out some of the stress and worrying out of moving. Whether you are moving a business to a new location, or moving in to a new house, we will be able to make your moving experience a little easier by not having to worry about the small details of the physical move. If you hire us to pack your entire office or house, and then move it to your new location, everything will be insured for damage and breakage. Once we professionally pack a box, you won’t have to wonder if it will get to the new location in one piece. As hard as we try to never break anything, nobody is perfect, and so if that does happen, rest assured that you will be reimbursed for cost of the item.

Unpacking The Boxes

The old house or office is now empty, everything has been unloaded from the moving truck, and as you take a much deserved break, you look around your new surroundings and wonder where you should start unpacking. First, after a long day of moving, everybody is tired and their patience is wore thin, so don’t expect everything to be unpacked the first day. You should figure out a couple essential areas that need to be unpacked, and work on them first. For example, everybody will need to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom, so these might be a good place to consider. The kitchen, where meals will be made each day, is a good place to start. You should focus on unpacking the essential items that will be used frequently such as dishes, silverware, and everyday pans. Once the basics are unpacked in the kitchen, then focus on the next area, such as the bathroom. Unless you absolutely need more than one bathroom right away, focus on just a single bathroom that everybody will be able to use. Once the bathroom is done, then focus on the bedrooms, by arranging the bedroom furniture where you want it, and then unpacking the basic essentials. Having a plan for unpacking will lead to a more productive, and less stressful experience.

The Unpacking Opportunity

One benefit of moving is that when you unpack, you literally go through all of your possessions. What better time to sort through the clothes that you don’t wear anymore, or the toys that the children have outgrown. Just grab a couple empty boxes(you should have at least one somewhere!) and label one as “donations” and one as “throw out”. As you are unpacking, any clothes that don’t fit, or toys that aren’t used anymore, get put in the donation box. Any broken toys or useless papers can be put in the throw out box. When you are finished, just drop the donation box off to a church or charity on your way to work. Once you finished, you just might find that you have more space left over than you thought you would.