Guide to moving a large family home in Coral Gables

You are thinking about the upcoming relocation and you simply can’t wrap your head around the moving plan. You are moving a large family home in Coral Gables and there is so much to do. One must assemble a moving plan, cover all moving-related responsibilities, hire one of the moving companies Coral Gables, dedicate an adequate budget, pack, and cover legalities. All those tasks become much harder when you have a big home and a huge family. The upside can be if you have a few members that can help a bit. But if you must do this alone or with your spouse only, it can be quite hard. Therefore, let us help you out with step by step plan on how to relocate safely and successfully.

Creating a flawless relocation plan is the first step for moving a large family home in Coral Gables

As soon as you decide on moving, you must schedule a family meeting and create a moving plan. You will discuss the free days on your busy schedules, dedicate a budget, discuss how to spread tasks among each other, and more. Figure out who can participate in the relocation in the first place and how to organize in the best way possible. After you lay down your battle plan, start covering each task one by one. Start with the moving checklist and an inventory list. You must assemble a moving checklist with the mandatory steps one should take before scheduling movers. Cover the following:

  • Inspect your loft, garage, basement, and backyard.
  • Measure staircases, hallways, and doors.
  • Inspect the environment and ensure it is safe to work in.
  • Inspect all your furniture and other household items.
You will need a plan for moving a large family home in Coral Gables
Create your personalized moving guide to remind you of all the moving steps you must cover before the moving day.

Once you are done with this stage, you will know how many moving supplies you need and if your home is safe to work in. Your residential movers Miami need this information to assemble a safer and more efficient moving plan of their own. Moreover, they will provide moving quotes much quicker and easier. Therefore, do your part and prepare yourself before you contact your moving company.

Search for professional movers

Now when you have your personalized moving plan in your hands with all the info required, you can begin your search for Pro Movers Miami. You will find them within an hour on the internet. Just implement your search criteria and compare prices, reviews, and services. Eventually, you’ll have a few companies narrowed down. Call them to double-check if they are licensed and if they possess all the tools and equipment required for the job. While talking to the moving representative, you can ask any additional questions you have in mind. Ask about any special offers or discounts they have or even negotiate the price. Also, ask about the rules and regulations along with the safety and insurance aspect of the whole story.

Once you are done with all the phone calls with moving companies, you can decide which one will help you moving a large family home in Coral Gables. It is smart to call several companies before you make your final decision. Never hire the first one you find because you can easily choose a fraudulent one. Shuffle through the moving industry first and then call your shots. As we said, it will take only an hour of browsing online.

mover carrying boxes
Enlist moving specialists to relocate your home safely.

Purchase packing supplies and get ready for packing

Packing is the hardest part of your relocation and you must put all your focus and patience into it. Obtain all the necessary packing supplies online, at the nearest hardware store, or from your moving company. Check their moving services Miami and you’ll realize you can purchase everything and even have a moving team pack you entirely. If you like, you can skip packing and have movers take care of this instead of you. But if you are doing this alone, make sure you have enough cardboard boxes, adhesive tape labels, and bubble wrap. You will need around 20 cardboard boxes.

Since you are moving a large family home in Coral Gables you should purchase a bit more just to be sure you are not running out of any materials in the middle of the relocation. As for the bubble wrap, purchase two rolls at least. And again, this depends on the number and size of the furniture you possess. Labels and tape are optional and cheap but remember to purchase higher-quality ones. As soon as you have your supplies with you, start packing gradually and patiently.

Moving a large family home in Coral Gables might be harder than you think. Find more helpers

If you need more help to organize and pack, you should ask your friends, coworkers, neighbors, relatives, or anyone you think might extend a helping hand. But be sure you can trust them. They will handle your precious items after all. So, give them a call at least a month in advance to give them enough time to decide and check their schedules. Hopefully, someone will answer the call and assist you at least for a day or two. One friend can make a significant change when it comes to the packing process. And remember to reward your friends for helping you move after you are done. They will highly appreciate the gesture.

A few friends laughing
Ask your friends if they can assist you with the packing process. It will mean a lot.

Safety of your moving project

With such a big home and a big home, you want to be sure your relocation project is safe and sound. Especially if you have children and elderly ones in your home. This becomes a priority. So, before you even begin packing, you must figure out how to resolve this situation. Your elders wouldn’t appreciate all the commotion and ruckus. As you know, moving can be quite hectic and stressful. And your children will be unsettled and they will seek attention and distract you now more than ever.

Therefore, you should either send them away on a vacation or to your relatives or other family members. Maybe your friends can take them all for a couple of days while you pack and relocate. This is only for a few days while you cover the major moving steps. Think about it and do what is best for you and your loved ones. It will be safer for everyone involved.

Moving a large family home in Coral Gables is hard but doable. And now you know how to do it like a pro. As long as you organize on time and work as a team, you will make it on time. Moreover, if you hire a professional and reliable moving company, you will never have to worry about a thing. Good luck.