Guide to exploring Coral Springs after a move

Coral Springs is a family-friendly town bordering Coconut Creek. It’s only around 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale and it sits next to the Everglades Wildlife Management Area. With lots of national parks, an amazing art museum, and many wilderness preserves, there are many things you can do here. Keep reading this guide by Pro Movers Miami to learn about exploring Coral Springs after a move.

Exploring Coral Springs after a move

Coral Springs has lovely gated communities that became one of a kind with Florida living and are peppered with sparkling lakes, towering palm trees, and trickling fountains, which add to its beautiful charm. But before you start looking for the best moving companies in Miami to help you unpack after the move, keep reading this guide to exploring Coral Springs.

Coral Springs
Exploring Coral Springs after a move will be fun because there are many activities you can do here.

Take a walk at the Orchid Park

Cypress Park and Orchid Park are in close proximity, so you can park at one and walk to the other. Even though these two are usually lumped together when discussing the best parks in the area, these two are very different they should be considered separately. Even though Cypress Park might do a better job at entertaining the kids, a smaller and much quieter Orchid Park is going to help their parents recover from all that screaming and splashing. Orchid Park provides its own restroom, parking lot, a big picnic pavilion, and grills. An attractive bridge transports you across the lake, where they can wind their way through trails lined with verdant trees and bushes. However, when it comes to orchids, there aren’t many around, but occasionally, one mysteriously appears in or near a tree.

Check out the sportsplex

The Sportsplex that can be found in Coral Springs stretches across 180 acres. Long distance movers Miami recommend checking it out because it provides just about all of the indoor and outdoor activities you can think of. Also, it includes the Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital. Here, you can come face to face with a wide variety of Florida’s wildlife. Also, you can check out Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, the Tennis Center of Coral Springs, and a wide selection of other sports courts and fields. You can swim in one of 3 pools that can be found at the aquatic center, or you can practice diving at the dive well if you want. You can choose between the sixteen tennis courts, and play baseball, soccer, volleyball, or softball. Besides all the sporting facilities, there’s also a children’s playground and splash pad, a picnic area, and a dog park.

Go to the Stage Door Theatre

Broward Stage Door is a thrilling spot! It delivers good quality productions of lots of styles. The shows are deliberately picked, to excite, inspire and leave you coming back. Actually, the talented performers have amazing both dancing and musical abilities. The theater provides free parking, and the tickets range from 38 to 42 dollars. You can expect a great night, with innumerable musical numbers and great enthusiasm. Also, the Stage Door Theatre is located off Sample Road in Coral Springs. Check out the 2 auditoriums in the theatre, and grab a good seat to enjoy the musical night that’s waiting for you.

Theater Interior
Broward Stage Door is an amazing place that delivers good quality productions of lots of styles.

Take your children to the Betti Stradling Park

Betti Stradling Park is one of Coral Springs’ best-appointed green spaces. In the 21 acres of this lush area, you’ll find athletic fields, a skate park, basketball court, beach volleyball court, exercise stations, and many picnic tables and pavilions that will make it easy to spend lots of time on the grounds. Kids can go to the Princess Meadows Playground. It’s a big play area and it has tall, swirling slides and climbing structures of all kinds, colors, and sizes. This fun space is great for kids.

Explore the butterfly world

If you loved butterflies as a kid, then you have to check out Butterfly World. Here, you can experience thousands of butterflies and also educate yourself about their lifecycles. This is a special experience, where you also get to buy plants that provide food to butterflies. You can buy milkweed as well as other plants. They say that if you buy milkweed, butterflies start visiting you within two weeks! Either way, sit out in the shade and relish nature with your family and friends.

The on-site snack bar also has a nice selection. Butterfly World is Ronald Boender’s institution. He had a great fascination with butterflies. He decided to go to England to meet Clive Farrell, founder of the London Butterfly House. Soon after, they became friends and partners, in the biggest butterfly house venture in the world. Butterfly World is in Coconut Creek, which is only a 20-minute drive from Coral Springs.

Butterfly Perched on Flower
The butterfly world is a special experience where you can feed the butterflies and educate yourself on their lifecycles.

See the Sawgrass Nature Center

You can find The Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital on five acres of land in the Sportsplex Park. Other than fulfilling a key service of rescue and rehabilitation of native animals and birds, it also offers visitors a great opportunity to learn about nature wildlife. When you visit you will be able to get up-close and personal with a variety of resident birds, reptiles, and animals that were rescued and aren’t able to be resettled into the wild for a variety of reasons. The center presents regular educational events and offers a great children’s birthday party venue where they; ‘ll treat your birthday group to a hands-on presentation before having free time to enjoy the center.

Final words

When it comes to exploring Coral Springs after a move, you’ll find unmatchable nature parks, aquatic adventures, amazing landmarks, museums, and theaters that are all worth visiting. Above all, unwind at one of the city’s innovative bar restaurants, to enjoy a scrumptious meal with a selection of drinks. If you’re in need of a Coral Springs moving company, don’t worry. We got you covered. help with moving to Coral Springs?