Getting the right insurance coverage when moving artwork

Artwork is precious regardless of how much money you paid for it. And the experience of its transportation is stressful by definition, especially if you haven’t hired a high end moving company. Although every mover’s ultimate goal is to move your valuables safely, mistakes can happen to anybody. That is why you should consider obtaining moving insurance, and here are some of our tips on getting the right insurance coverage when moving artwork, no matter whether you are moving locally or long distance. However, before you opt for one, you should understand the types of moving insurance and their features. Pro Movers Miami is here to help you familiarize yourself with the term and decide what kind of moving insurance you will need for your move, especially if you are moving your art gallery. Avoid the risks of damaging your valuable works of art and choose the right insurance.

Moving artwork is a challenging endeavor

Moving artwork, such as pictures, antiques, busts, or other valuables is, indeed, a challenging and tricky venture. The moving process is usually longer than one would expect. Fine art move consists of many demanding steps. The process does not only include transportation. What’s more, proper packing is the core of safe transport. But, before packing, you should carefully prepare your valuables. And the most important step is getting the right insurance coverage when moving artwork. However, if you want to get proper moving insurance, you should hire art packers FL. Don’t pack your artwork by yourself since DIY packing isn’t covered by insurance.

A man carrying a canvas
Move artwork carefully to avoid damages

The right insurance coverage when moving artwork will ensure the safety of your belongings

As already stated, it’s necessary to obtain the right insurance in case of moving your artwork. It will save you a lot of money and time, and most importantly, it will save you a lot of nerves. If you get the moving insurance, you’ll get fully covered. Your belongings will be transported safely with the minimum chances of getting damaged. Most importantly, your fine art move will be hassle-free.

Insurance Coverage VS. Valuation Coverage

Before you get insurance coverage, you should first understand its main traits. Many people confuse the term “insurance coverage” with the term “valuation coverage.” So, in the beginning, it is crucial to distinguish between these two services. Luckily, you don’t have to research. Pro Movers Miami will provide you with a brief explanation. Insurance represents a contract that guarantees you that compensation for possible damage will be paid. There are three types of moving insurance, and you should think of at least one of them when it comes to hiring art movers. On the other hand, valuation stands for the responsibility that a moving company will assume in case of unwanted happenings. Each level of responsibility determines how much your movers will reimburse you if your valuables get damaged during the move. It’s essential to remember that valuation coverage isn’t moving insurance. Following are types, of valuation coverage.

Types of valuation coverage

Movers offer different liability options. And, these are released value protection and full value protection. Here’s the explanation for the two:

  • Released Value Protection: The moving cost includes this type of valuation. So, there’s no additional charge.  The released-value form of artwork moving insurance enables you to save a lot of money. However, only minimal protection is provided, which, you’ll agree, is not enough when moving artwork.
  • Full Value Protection: As its name suggests, this kind of liability offers the customers full protection in case of damage or loss. However, it’s not moving insurance. Therefore, full value protection is only a plan under which your mover is responsible for the reimbursement. The cost is deductible.

The main difference between valuation coverage and insurance coverage is that valuation coverage is limited. This means it doesn’t provide full coverage. What’s more, if a mover loses or damages your artwork, they will only compensate the cost based on the cure marker value. On the other hand, additional, third-party insurance offers full coverage. However, it depends on the value of your artwork. Sometimes, full value coverage is enough for a safe move.

Insurance documents
Get the right insurance coverage when moving artwork

Ways of full-value coverage

What is particularly important with full-value coverage is that in the case of damaging your artwork, there are three options for the moving agency:

  • to reconstruct your belongings
  • to replace it by providing a look-alike object
  • or, to pay the value of the damaged or lost item based on a current market value

What should the right insurance coverage when moving artwork include

It may be hard to specify what your moving insurance covers since it depends on what you are moving. Generally, moving insurance covers the items while in transit. Also, it may cover the ones in the storage. Basically, you can ensure any unique pieces that are impossible to replace.

What you should never do if you want to get the right insurance coverage

In order to ensure your artwork moving coverage, avoid packing your possessions on your own before the movers come. In case of unpredictable and unwanted events, they will not be responsible for the breakage of your valuables. This also refers to the harmful effects of natural disasters or accidents.

Moving company
Hire professional movers and ensure your artwork

Hire professional movers and get the insurance you deserve

A successful move is not possible if you don’t have professional help around. Especially when moving fine art. However, your valuables should be covered by insurance. But, getting third-party insurance may be costly. That is why you should refer to professional movers and get the right insurance coverage when moving artwork. So, contact us today to get a moving estimate and choose insurance that suits you best. We offer different types of coverage. They include full service and full replacement value (valued inventory or lump sum). But that’s not all. We also offer other types of moving insurance, such as shipping. So, don’t hesitate and give us a call. We’ll be glad to meet your requirements. Ensure a safe fine art move. Enjoy the move.