Get to know Hallandale Beach after moving there

Moving into place at Hallandale Beach can be very exciting. Although a small city, with about 40,000 residents, it has a lot to offer. It is conveniently located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. And, you can easily reach both of them driving. However, moving to a new community is always a bit of a challenge. The same goes for this nice coastal city. So, how to get to know Hallandale Beach after moving?  Well, once the moving companies Miami bring you to your new home, you can start research. And, living in Hallandale Beach, you will have ample time to do it. However, to make it easier for you, we have prepared some basic info. And we hope it will help you in your first days in a new city.

Moving to a place with a strong sense of community

This will be one of the first things that you will notice after moving. There, you will find a closely-knit community. And, the community is very welcoming. That is all very good news for you. Such a community is enhancing the feeling of overall safety. Also, it will help you to easily find things in the city that you need. Their good neighborhoods also mean peace of mind. The bottom line, it will help you have a laid-down and relaxed life.


East Hallandale Beach Boulevard - Get to know Hallandale Beach after moving.
Moving into place at Hallandale Beach can be very exciting.

Get to know Hallandale Beach after moving

For some time, Hallandale Beach was overlooked. And, it was even slightly run-down. Luckily, thanks to rich investments, the city has become one of the top-rated places in Florida. So, you will have a lot to explore in your new hometown. Luckily, the whole place has pedestrian-friendly streets. And, aside from using efficient public transportation, you will be also able to walk around. Jogging, and cycling are also very popular in the city. If all this looks appealing to you, it’s time to give a call to moving companies Hallandale Beach.

Livability in Hallandale Beach

After moving you may find that you are sharing the city with about 39,000 other residents. The median home value is $269,401. And, the median household income is about $40,000. This income is rather low, compare with both Florida and the US. So, once settled in Hallandale Beach, many residents are accepting better-paid offers in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Luckily, commuting is not a problem. So, after work, they are coming back to Hallandale Beach. In Hallandale Beach, Florida, 50.9% of the population owns their homes.

Lifestyle and Culture

Due to the subtropical climate, you will love spending your free time outdoors. And Hallandale Beach residents are known for taking advantage of such a wonderful climate. Or, simply said, they love the active outdoor lifestyle. As the daytime is long, you will have ample time for swimming, sunbathing, or going for outdoor exercises.


Yacht and Sail Boats Near Boardwalk.
Soon, you can buy your own watercraft.

Besides, you will soon discover that many locals have their own watercraft. So, that is giving them the opportunity to go to less crowded beaches. Or to spend time boating and fishing. Or enjoying numerous watersports. Thus, you may follow their example. And get your own place in Hallandale Beach City Marina for your own watercraft.

What else to do in Hallandale Beach?

What if you are not so fond of watersports? Well, that is easy. Just remember that Florida is known for its excellent golf courses. And, several of them you will find in the vicinity of Hallandale Beach. In case some of your neighbors or coworkers are found of golf, even the better. They can easily introduce you to their golf club. And help you with the membership. So, that way, you will get to know a lot of people from various parts of the town. All this will help you to adapt to your new city much faster. It can even happen that you find a better housing option closer to your new golf club. If so, the assistance of residential movers Miami can easily show as valuable.

Also, Hallandale Beach is dotted with small parks. So, you can always take a family there for sports. Or for a picnic. Besides, hanging around in the park, your kids will make friends with kids from the neighborhood. And you will meet, or be introduced to many of your new neighbors.

Schools ranking

In case you are a young family with kids, we have good news for you. Hallandale Beach has one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools in Florida. So, in case you still didn’t find a school for your kids, no problem. You will easily find it. Doing the checks, concentrate on schools within walking distance from your home. Living in a safe community, your kids will be just fine walking to school and back. Among the top-rating public schools are:

  • South Broward Montessori Charter School
  • Lanier-James Education Center
  • Gulfstream Academy


Vintage Porcelain Tea Set On Wooden Dining Table.
Things that you can find in antique shops can truly surprise you.

When you decide to explore and get to know Hallandale Beach after moving, it can bring you unexpected benefits

Residents of Hallandale Beach love shopping. And the high walkability of the town is allowing them to go slowly around. So, you may find yourself visiting boutiques and galleries scattered throughout the city. The good thing is that you can take your time. And you don’t need to bother with finding the parking lot. So, besides the easy strolling around, you may have short breaks in one of many cafe bars. Or, you can stop for a relaxing lunch. With so many Japanese, Cuban, South American, and Caribbean restaurants, walking around you can find some exciting culinary gems.

In case you find some antique shops, check them. You may get really surprised by their offer. Imagine the happiness of finding a really rare book. Or a well-preserved piano at a very favorable price. If so, don’t hesitate to give a call to piano movers Miami.

Clear, pristine, and peaceful place for living

Watching all those tall buildings, rich foliage, and nicely arranged waterways, it is hard to believe that Hallandale Beach began as a small farming community back in the 1800s. The truth is that many tourists are attracted by its beautiful beaches. So, it may become a bit crowded from time to time. But, regardless of that, when you get to know Hallandale Beach after moving, you will know beaches and beyond. Like most of the residents, you will know the less crowded beaches. And, thank’s to the high walkability, you will not get stuck in a traffic jam. Also, you will know where to go for a nice, peaceful meal. Or for a cup of coffee, away from the crowds.