Documents you need for pet’s relocation

When you are moving with your pet, depending on whether you are moving to another city, or to another country, there are documents you need for pet’s relocation. If you are just moving to another city, there isn’t much that you need. It is important however to have your dogs or cat’s vaccination book at any time. In this way, you are keeping track of when you need to vaccinate your beloved pet. Moving with your pet means that you need to bring all of his things as well.

No matter how small your pet is, there are probably a lot of things you need to carry. Some of them you will need, some of them you won’t be needing. For those things you won’t be needing anytime soon there is a solution in affordable Miami storage facilities. This will make your move with your pet so much easier. So, let’s see, what are those documents you need for pet’s relocation.

Moving with your pet 101

Moving, in general, is extremely stressful. When you are moving with your pet, you should opt for the most suitable locations such as Miami Dade County  given you need to do what is best for your pet. In case you want to to keep it out of the hectic moving process, ask your friend or a family member to take care of it for a couple of days. It is a weight off your mind to have someone you trust taking care of your pet while you are gathering the necessary pet-related moving documentation. This way you can ponder the documents without worrying about your pet’s well being.

Get down to collecting documents you need for pet's relocation
Moving with a pet is not easy

Documents you need for pet’s relocation

Under the assumption that you are moving with your pet across the country, here is some documentation that you need to gather:

  • Health paperwork
  • Your pet needs a microchip
  • Paperwork that proves that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies once a year
  • Your pet’s passport
  • Papers for all the necessary vaccinations against viruses, rabies, parvovirus, parasites, etc.

Note that it is extremely important for these documents to be older than twenty-one day and not younger than one year.

a vet can give you some documents you need for pet's relocation
Some documents you can get from your vet

Ask for assistance

There is no shame in asking for help. It is important to know who you can ask, not everyone can help you. So, what you can do is to make an appointment with your pets’ vet and ask the questions you may have. They maybe will not be able to tell you anything about an administrative part for the documents you need for pet’s relocation, but they will be able to answer anything that it may concern you regarding your pet’s health since you are moving with your pet across the country. Also, it would be great if you would manage to find someone who can advise you about the documentation you will need. Someone who had a similar experience.


What is a must when moving with your pet, not only across the country but even if you are moving to the house next door is to change the address in the microchip. When you are moving to a new town or another country, your pet has an adaptation process same as you. The last thing you want and need is to have your dog or cat lost somewhere in a totally unfamiliar city. And you forgot to change its address in the microchip. So, maybe this should be the first thing on your list.

person petting a dog
Make sure you update the microchip

Checklist for documents you need for pet’s relocation

As in any move, you need to have a checklist. Especially if you are moving to another country, because not only you need to think about your paperwork but about the paperwork for your pets. Salvation for this problem is a simple pen and paper. Create a simple list with to do items and check them as you finish them one by one. It will make your life so much easier, and there is no way that you will forget any of the necessary documents you need for pet’s relocation and for your own. It is important that when you are gathering documentation for your pet not to forget yourself in the process. What is the use if you finish everything for your pet and you forget to take care of your own documentation.


If everything else fails, and you feel tired, not wanting to think about these document, you can always pay someone to do all of this for you. Of course, it may cost you somewhat a lot, but your moving will be stress-free and you will be able to dedicate yourself to other things. Moving is a hard, and boring process, an no one would hold it against you if you hire someone who will make sure that your pet will have everything necessary for a safe move.

Moving with your pet to another country is not an easy task. There are many things you have to manage to gather every single paper that you will need. What brings extra pressure is that you can not allow yourself to forget anything. Especially because it can create a big problem and delays your moving process. That is why you need to take your time and do everything step by step. Miami moving and storage will help you with the process until you are good to go.