Coordinating your office relocation to Miami: step by step guide

The best place for business in Florida is Miami. For this reason, you should also consider moving your business to this city with one of the best moving companies in Miami. Now, it’s not enough to think about relocation. You need to put your plans in motion. As Miami is a big city, you first need to find a good location. A location can either ruin or make your business more successful. The next step is to plan and organize your relocation step by step. Moving an office is much more complicated than moving a home. If you don’t want to run of business, you will have to move your office fast. For this reason, you should find a reliable moving company with a commercial moving service. Additionally, here are a few tips for coordinating your office relocation to Miami.

What are the steps for coordinating your office relocation to Miami?

There are many reasons to move to Miami. Miami is a great place for living and working. Additionally, Miami took number 1 place in 2019 as the best place for small businesses. This decision was made based on careful research about annual revenue, age of business, credit score, etc. Miami is a financial center of Florida with a steadily growing economy. The city has a population of less than 500 000. But more than 24 million tourists visit Miami every year. Therefore, a large number of people can become your future clients. Now, that you know how much Miami is a good place for your business, it’s time to plan your relocation. When you are relocating your office to Miami, you should do the following:

  • Find a good location
  • Make a plan
  • Hire a moving company
  • Update an address
  • Notify clients
  • Label moving boxes
aerial view of city buildings
Miami is the best place for moving your office

What are the best office locations in Miami?

When you are moving your office to Miami, you can’t pick just any location. A good business location should be easily accessible, in a safe neighborhood, with parking space, proximity to other businesses and services, etc. Now, there are many good places in Miami where you can move your business with commercial movers Miami. Some of the best locations are Central Business District, Brickell, Park West, Omni, and Edgewater. Which location you should choose depends on what type of business you own and your budget. The median office price is somewhere between $60.00 – $75.00 in Downtown Miami while the average price in other places is around $$43.35 per square foot. The most in-demand small businesses in Miami are currently digital marketing agencies, tourist guides, translation, consulting, etc. Check which neighborhoods are best for which type of business before you make a decision.

How to find a good moving company?

Office relocation is a complex task especially if you are moving long-distance and want to finish fast. For this reason, trying to do a DIY move is not a good option in this case. There are many moving companies in Miami and probably in your current city. Your goal is to find the best one among them. However, if a certain moving company has an excellent reputation but doesn’t have a commercial moving service, you shouldn’t hire it. Commercial and residential relocations are not the same and you should get only commercial moving services. If you don’t want to get or can’t afford a full moving service, you should at least get packing services Miami. Packing usually takes lasts the longest and is the hardest part of moving preparation. So, you should at least let professional movers pack your office items.

a man sitting in a white van
One of the steps of coordinating your office relocation to Miami is to hire a reliable moving company

How to make a good moving plan?

As relocation of an office is a big job, you can’t do it without a plan. The first thing you need to plan is your budget. You need to know that moving an office is not cheap. In fact, it can cost a lot of money. However, as Miami is the best place for small businesses, it pays off to move your office there. Now, the cost of relocation will depend on the size of your office, the distance, your new lease, etc. After you decided on your moving budget, you now need to set a moving date. Usually, you will need at least a month or two to move your office. You will need time to deal with a lot of paperwork, documents, clients, employees, etc. For this reason, you should also hire a moving company and include your employees in moving preparation.

What is the best way to pack office items?

The best way to pack office items is with professional movers of course. Your part of the job is to decide which items to move and which one not. For example, if your new office space already has desks and chairs, you don’t need to bring new ones. Also, you should check if all computers and other electronics work properly. If some of the computers don’t work anymore, you shouldn’t just throw them into the trash. You can recycle almost all electronics in your office. The next thing you should do is pack important documents that contain sensitive information. Another important step during packing is labeling moving boxes. You should write down which moving box contain which items. This way, you will also have an easier time unpacking in your new office. You only need a black marker for labeling.

two people are coordinating your office relocation to Miami
Don’t forget to label your moving boxes

Update your social media and address

Coordinating your office relocation to Miami is not just deciding how and where you should move. You also need to update your business social media and change the address of your business cards and website. Moving your office to Miami is an excellent business idea. Miami is a great place for small businesses and offices. Therefore, you now need to prepare and organize your relocation. Get help from your employees and professional movers as well. Also, you should always start in advance, so that you have enough time for everything.