Top places to live in Miami on a smaller budget

Living in Miami was always a dream for most of us. The sunny beaches, welcoming environment, and lavishing lifestyle were always the hallmarks of this place. It is surely the most popular one in Florida. But did you know that you can also live in Miami on a smaller budget? Yes, it is entirely possible if you choose the right neighborhood to relocate to. And do not worry, you won’t have to research much because we will help you find the best place in Miami. Also, we will make sure you end up with reputable professional movers Miami who will relocate you safely. Let’s take a look.

Central Downtown is the place to live in Miami on a smaller budget

In the past decade, renters inflated prices in Downtown Miami simply because it is a sought place for workers and small businesses. But not anymore. Prices have stabilized and Downtown Miami is now a place where you can work, live, and afford anything you like. Although, only around 10% are homeowners and most properties are owned by investors and corporations. This means you must rent which is not so bad because the renting price is below the national average. And if you want to purchase a property, that will require some serious budgeting and number crunching.

Downtown is a place to live in Miami on a smaller budget
Downtown Miami is one of the most desirable places to live in entire Florida.

So, we highly advise checking Downtown Miami both for living and working. If you land a nice job, you can even save a bit over the next couple of years. But for now, we are sure you will afford the transition and settle in without any issues. Therefore, call your local movers Miami and figure out how to get there quickly and safely.

City of Doral

Fifteen minutes away from Downtown Miami, you will find the beautiful City of Doral. It is another well-positioned place where you can live in Miami on a smaller budget. Yes, it is only 10 miles from the Miami International Airport, making things convenient for most residents. Although, this place is a bit more expensive across the board when compared to the national average. But for Florida standards and income, it is still cheaper than most premium locations. What makes this place good is the lush and green environment as well as the proximity to some of the most popular Miami beaches. You will be only a few minutes away from Everglades, and you’ll have access to several amazing parks. We recommend checking Downtown Doral Park, Doral Meadow Park, and Doral Legacy Park. We are sure you and your family will love it.

Again, buying a property here is a bit expensive. The median home price is around $700k which is out of reach for most of us. But with great job offers and an amazing school system, you can settle here and start saving for your new property. You can easily become a homeowner within the 5-year period. And if you like Doral, we are sure you’ll stay there forever. But for now, let your movers Doral bring you closer to this place so you can feel the vibes for yourself.

Upper East Side

Upper East Side is another place where you can live in Miami on a smaller budget. No matter how much money you have, you can find your place here. It is the modern part of Miami with amazing Art Deco architecture. Just walk the strip and you will love the architecture, bars, restaurants, and all the boutiques they have there. It is a place where you can have all sorts of activities, live, work, and have a ton of fun either alone or with your family. We are sure you will easily find a few affordable shopping places to cover your monthly needs.

Upper East Side Miami
Upper East Side has some of the most beautiful and affordable beaches in the entire Miami.

Although, this is another place where you can forget about purchasing a property. Simply because it is not expanding fast, and most buildings are protected as historical heritage. Owners are selling those for a hefty price. So, the affordable option is to rent. Think about this one and if you like it, call your residential movers Miami and make this relocation happen.

Little Havana is another neighborhood to live in Miami on a smaller budget

Between Doral and Downtown Miami, you will find a nice and cozy place called Little Havana. It got its name because it is the biggest Cuban diaspora in Miami. And as such, it is the heart of Miami’s diversity. It is what makes the entire area welcoming, friendly, and open-minded. We do not have to tell you that you can have a ton of fun here, sample some unique dishes, and shop beyond imagining. And everything is considerably cheaper than in the rest of the state. Living in Little Havana and working in Downtown Miami is a good option. Prices are lower where you live while you earn more by working in Miami’s business center.

Now you have something, to begin with. A few places where you can live in Miami on a smaller budget. The only thing you must do now is to decide which one is the best for you. Make sure to secure your working position no matter your choice. If you do so, we are sure you’ll have a flourishing future in Miami. Good luck.