Common reasons people leave Miami

When talking about Miami, the first word that comes into one’s mind is definitely sun. Besides, Miami is a city of pleasure, outstanding nightlife, and beautiful beaches. Hence, it’s hard to understand the reasons people leave Miami. Why would anyone leave something so perfect? Well, maybe it’s not that perfect after all. Going deeply into the matter, you will find out some things that are not so great about Miami. Therefore, some people may not like living here, and they are in need of something better. If this is the case with you, contact professional movers Miami and arrange your move. As for us, we are to provide some reasons that make people search for something better than life in Miami.

What are the reasons people leave Miami?

No place is amazing in all aspects. There’s always something that spoils the general picture. The same goes for Maimi. we can’t deny this is a truly outstanding city with awesome opportunities and pure pleasure all day long. Not to mention the night itself. It is just the beginning of a new adventure since Miami never sleeps at night. Nevertheless, we are here to analyze certain points that go in favor of those leaving Miami.

  • tourists
  • noisy neighborhoods
  • traffic
  • transportation
  • costs of living
  • weather
  • safety
  • animals 

So many tourists in one place

Miami is a really attractive destination for tourists. Of course, this is excellent for tourism. However, it can be annoying for residents. The constant crowd begins to bother the locals and disrupt regular everyday activities. Especially if you are living in South Miami and Miami Beach in particular. All year-round visitors come to Miami, especially during the fall and winter months. Luxurious neighborhoods such as Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and Pinecrest are overcrowded with tourists.

a beach crowded with people
The locals tend to stay away from well-known beaches in Miami to avoid the crowd.

What is the basic problem with tourists? Well, you must compete with them to get a reservation in a restaurant, a ticket to a certain event you may like, or just can’t find a place at the beach to spend a relaxing day in the sun. Hence, some people get tired of this, and in search of a quieter city, they contact some of the best interstate moving companies Miami has and hope to find the peace they need.

Still, some locals do know how to find a solution without leaving Miami and their homes. They simply go to quieter beaches and choose homes in less visited neighborhoods. For instance, Allapattah and Hialeah are highly diverse neighborhoods with not as many tourists as in other parts of Miami.

Some neighborhoods make life in Miami hard

When hiring your white glove movers you need to know the exact location of your new home. Choosing a neighborhood in Miami is of great importance since it can truly affect your life both positively and negatively. So one mistake can easily cause some people to leave Miami. After all, what you should know is that Miami has a variety of unique neighborhoods with a lot to offer. However, what part of Miami suits you most depends on the type of person you are. For instance, if you are a person that prefers a more peaceful life you are to look for a quiet area. Hence, South Beach shouldn’t be your alternative.

people dancing in a nightclub
Too much noise in certain parts of Miami is one of the reasons people leave Miami.

With the abundance of hotels and nightclubs in the area, peace is not an option. Clubs and bars in the streets near Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue can get very busy during the night. Thus, this area is full of activity during the night. Parties continue into the early morning hours, even during the weekdays. Nevertheless, on the weekends, holidays, and spring breaks, the situation reaches its peak. Hence, it can become unbearable to live in these areas. With this in mind, we may suggest Miami Beach, especially North Beach, Mid Beach, and the neighborhoods around Bal Harbour. 

Reasons people leave Miami: Traffic can be quite annoying

Unfortunately, Miami is known for its traffic issues. Not only do locals cause problems, but the tourists do as well. Of course, it all depends on the area where you live and work. Maybe the situation gets easier for remote workers. However, those who need to get to their office closer to home must plan well their commuting to an office. For instance, some decide to go to work earlier.

On the contrary, they may leave for work later. All with the purpose of avoiding rush hour. Moreover, we tend to support the claim that traffic is the worst in fall and winter during the high season. Also, the situation is worse during some special events that take place in Miami.

traffic while the rain is following
Handling the traffic issues in Mimai requires a lot of nerves.

The need for a car is evident

Unlike the public transportation systems in some major cities such as New York or Chicago, Miami can’t brag about the efficiency and reliability of its transportation. Some neighborhoods and attractions in Miami are spread out which results in the need for many people to find a solution to the easiest way to get around Miami. Thus, the best would be to own a car in Miami. Still, you must handle the traffic issues here. Of course, be aware that you can get around without a car. There are options. Just use what you think is most convenient.

  • Metrorail
  • Metrobus
  • Tri-rail
  • Rideshare
  • Rentals

Reasons people leave Miami: expensiveness

One of the reasons why people tend to leave Miami is definitely the cost of living. One thing is certain: we can’t say it’s cheap living here. The overall costs of living here are 22.4% higher in comparison to the national average. Basically, other costs are all close to the U.S. average, such as groceries and health. Utilities are even lower than the average. However, transportation is quite expensive since it is 44.5% above the average.

Moreover, the housing costs are also high – 36.5% above the average. Hence, the median home value is $398,100. In case you decide to rent, the average rent is $2,290. All in all, when compared to some other large cities, we can say that Miami is an even cheaper option. However, living here can’t be considered cheap.

One of the reasons lies in the fact that Miami has a lower income. As a result, people are often obliged to search for at least two different jobs in order to support themselves and their families. The median household income is around $47,860, which is not enough for a decent life in Miami. Monthly expenses are higher than the national average. Also, utility bills tend to be higher during the summer months when people try to combat the heat.

Thus, one of the options is to hire long distance movers Miami offers and search for a less expensive city. Or at least a city with higher wages. On the other hand, you can at least try to settle in a cheaper neighborhood and at least try to reduce housing costs. In that case, opt for Little Haiti or Allapattaha and avoid Miami Beach and Coral Gables.

The weather is excellent, but there is a catch

We must admit one thing. Living in Miami will enable you true pleasure in wonderful beaches and year-round sunshine. However, though people love enjoying the sun and heat all day long, Miami residents will also tell you that it can get unbearable sometimes. As a matter of fact, the heat and humidity can be a problem. No wonder your electricity bills will be higher due to air conditioning in the summer months.

one of the reasons people leave Miami are the crashing waves that come together with the storm
Be aware of storms and hurricanes. In case they spoil your plans, feel free to move somewhere else.

Furthermore, another problem may be the possibility of tropical storms and hurricanes in Miami. Thus, you should know the rainy season in South Florida starts around mid-May and ends around mid-October. Occasionally, floods do occur in certain neighborhoods. Sometimes, tropical storms may turn into hurricanes, especially during the hurricane season from the beginning of June until the end of November. Hence, sometimes floods, power outages, and other disruptions can happen in some parts of the city. Is this enough to call movers Downtown Miami? With this in mind, many people take this as a strong argument for leaving Miami and tend to search for a much safer city. And we mean safer in every way possible.

Miami is not known as a really safe city

Since safety is truly important in both your neighborhood and city, we may understand why many would decide to leave Miami. After all, you should know Miami is not a really safe city since the crime rate is 41% higher than the average. Of course, some neighborhoods in Miami are safer than others. Thus, opting for Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, and The Islands will be a good decision. Though expensive, these parts of Miami offer you the safety you need. Especially if you have kids.

Bugs are a real problem

One more thing that could be one of the reasons people leave Miami is the existence of a plethora of insects and other animals. Thus, you will get familiar with a variety of insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, biting midges, and all sorts of biting bugs. Moreover, we must mention roaches that are really huge in Miami. They simply love hot weather. Hence, when living in Miami, you shouldn’t forget to sign up for pest control and hire a company that will visit your home regularly. However, you may still have pests. No wonder people hire movers Midtown Miami in order to move somewhere else. Still, this may seem like a small problem since you may have problems with more dangerous animals. Scorpions, snakes, and spiders can become quite annoying.

a scorpion - and other animals one of the main reasons people leave Miami
The problem with insects and other animals is so big that even pest control can’t help.

Reasons people leave Miami: Homelessness is high in Miami

Due to the current crisis all around the world, homelessness is getting bigger every day, even in Miami. After observing the situation from May 2022, the homeless population in Miami is around 1,000, and it continues to rise. Unfortunately, some people can’t simply afford to buy or rent an apartment or a house since the prices are getting extremely high. Currently, no one has found a solution yet.

Are people in Miami friendly?

According to certain opinions, people living in Miami are considered to be unfriendly and even rude. Especially if you are in the role of the pedestrian. Some say that is even dangerous to be a pedestrian in Miami. Drivers are so unwilling to wait that it will be quite risky to cross a street. Of course, this is just an opinion, and maybe some have had a wrong impression of Miami residents. Still, the best would be to have your own experience and evaluate the situation and people you get in touch with. Still, it’s a good precaution to be careful when crossing streets in Miami. After all, you never know whom you may encounter.

A couple searching the net for the reasons people leave Miami
Staying or leaving Miami is a decision you should make by asking yourself what kind of life you want from now on.

Stay or leave Miami

All in all, Miami has so many good things to offer to its residents. On the other hand, you have faced so many reasons people leave Miami. Thus, what will you decide? In the end, everything depends on your needs, desires, and abilities. Are those reasons enough to leave? Is there a chance to adapt to some things or make certain changes? Can you resolve the problems with a huge number of tourists, humidity, heat, bugs, noisy neighborhoods, and high costs? If you can, stay in Miami and enjoy all its benefits. If not, choose a professional moving company and decide what is the best place to move to after leaving Miami.

Leaving Miami? Where to move?

If you want to run away from Miami’s hustle and bustle, there are several South Florida locations you may like, such as:

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Hollywood, FL
  • Pinecrest

Fort Lauderdale is a great option

Fort Lauderdale offers a lifestyle similar to Miami but without the constant hustle and bustle. You’ll still find stunning beaches, pleasant weather, and exciting nightlife. Culture lovers will also appreciate the arts and entertainment that the city has to offer. If Miami’s pace has become too much for you, moving to Fort Lauderdale could be the right choice.

When it comes to financial considerations, you’ll find that Fort Lauderdale’s cost of living is a bit easier on the wallet. While real estate prices can be quite similar to those in Miami, many find that everyday expenses are generally lower in Fort Lauderdale. If you decide to make the move, you’ll find plenty of options for movers in Fort Lauderdale to help you settle into your new home. This city offers a lot of what Miami does but with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Hollywood, FL, is another great option

If you’re considering a move away from Miami, Hollywood, FL is another excellent choice. One of the perks of living in Hollywood is the ease of getting around. The city’s layout and less congested streets make for simpler commuting. Unlike Miami, Hollywood attracts fewer tourists, making the city feel less crowded and more like a community. Nightlife here is more relaxed, offering a chill vibe that still promises a good time.

Financially, Hollywood also has its advantages. The median home value in Hollywood is $296,000, compared to Miami’s $369,100. While renting costs are nearly the same in both cities, you’ll likely get more value for your money in Hollywood. In terms of safety, both cities have a C grade according to Niche, making them relatively comparable. Should you decide Hollywood is the right place for you, there are various movers Hollywood, FL, residents love can help you make your move. Opting for Hollywood gives you a more laid-back atmosphere while still providing easy access to Miami’s amenities.

Move to Pinecrest with your family

Pinecrest offers a family-friendly atmosphere that stands in contrast to Miami’s bustling city life. The community is known for its excellent schools, spacious parks, and family-oriented events. While Miami can offer a more energetic lifestyle, Pinecrest provides a quieter setting, ideal for raising a family. When it comes to moving your family, you’ll find trusted movers in Pinecrest, FL, who can help you relocate to this peaceful community.

a couple drinking coffee and browsing the internet to find the reasons people move from Miami
There are a lot of amazing places outside Miami that are very similar.

Hire Pro Movers Miami if you plan to move out of Miami

If all these reasons people leave Miami are enough for you to do the same, you would need some moving assistance due to Maimi’s crowdedness. However, finding the right movers in Miami is pretty challenging since movers are very busy no matter the period of the year. Regardless of the busyness, Pro Movers Miami and our local movers Florida love are here to simplify your move.


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