Common moving day concerns

When moving day comes, you only want a smooth sail according to the plan. But unexpected things can always happen, and your perfect plan could be ruined. In order to help you avoid as much of it as possible, we are giving you some common moving day concerns and ways to handle them.

Make a list to avoid moving day concerns

You’ve spent several months in careful preparation for your relocation to Miami. You already interviewed the best moving companies in Miami and choose the one that fits the most. Here is everything else that you need to think of:

  • Found the perfect new location for your home;
  • Set a moving budget and take all the possible advantages;
  • Finished all the important paperwork;
  • Sorted and packed all your belongings so you don’t have common moving day concerns.

    Rain drops in clear glass panel
    A few drops of rain shouldn’t be one of the moving day concerns

Weather conditions

Although you can not affect Mother Nature in her unpredictable mood when it comes to weather, one thing you can do. That is to be prepared. When it comes to intense heat, you have to decide if that could affect some sensitive belongings. For that matter, you should consult movers Sunny Isles Beach, because they have a lot of experience in that weather conditions. When the temperatures are high, you can count on heat exhaustion, so take into consideration to maybe postpone your move. Since Miami is sunny almost all year long, postponing for a few days sometimes wouldn’t make a big difference, so be sure to stay hydrated and cool down as often as possible.

Few drops of rain will not make a difference, but it could be just another story when it comes to torrential rain. Make sure that all your belongings are wrapped accordingly and that everyone involved is dressed for the occasion. When it comes to ice, things are even more difficult. You can remove thin ice from your driveway, but you can not move it from all the roads. Since your movers will probably reject relocation on a day like that, just be grateful for them and leave them all your moving day concerns.

Inexperienced movers

If you’ve skipped to read reviews or rushed for the cheapest moving offer, you could end up hiring a bad moving company. You could pay it by facing some unpredicted circumstances on your Moving day. There are two types of bad movers. The first ones are incompetent movers. They could come with a smaller track than needed, don’t pack your things as needed, or just don’t handle them deftly. They mean well, but that will not make up for your lost or broken items. The other ones are moving fraudsters. They will take your deposit and just won’t show up on a moving day. Or they could come and ask for some unexpected and inexplicable extra fees, leaving you with a tough choice to pay so much more or to cancel everything. So make sure to skip all moving day worries and to find the best residential movers Miami has to offer.

White moving van with a logo - moving day concerns
When moving to a big city, you should take traffic jams into consideration

Traffic is one of the biggest moving day concerns

Weather can be perfect, as well as your movers, but there are some things you could not count on and that is traffic. Sometimes is possible to avoid a traffic jam, but even if that happens, it will probably ruin your moving day. It will, for sure, put your nerves on a test, because just no one loves delays. Traffic accidents are the one thing we all pray to avoid, but sometimes they could happen. It could be even worse if your moving truck gets in one. Several hours of delay are ensured, but worse than that, your beloved items could be broken. So if you were wondering do you need moving insurance, don’t ask yourself that anymore, just take one. Having a free parking spot just in front of your new Miami home is so rare. It is best to just reserve one.

That way you’ll skip circling around a moving truck, trying to find some spot to park. If the moving truck is parked too far, your movers would ask you to pay extra. That will also mean more time for your move, and probably, your patience will be stretched to the maximum.

Last-minute moving day concerns

To avoid organizational mistakes at the very end of your move, you have to be able to think a few steps ahead. Investing time in preparation for your move will pay off in the end. Measure your furniture, doorways, staircases before your moving day. That way you will avoid unpleasant situations like your furniture doesn’t fit. Also, warn your movers if a large moving truck can’t access your property. They could send some other, more appropriate, vehicle. If you are packing boxes by yourself, it could be done in an inexperienced manner. In that case, movers decided that they need to repack them, but expect some extra fees. Don’t lose your keys! As impossible as it may sound, that is not as rare as expected. In all the rush of a change, lost keys are a common mistake and of course, you can not leave your things with an open door.

A man under the pile of moving boxes
Although stressful, moving can be a lot of fun

Make it safe

Last but not least – never lose sight of the importance of safety. Make sure your pets and kids don’t run around boxes and fragile items. If needed, ask a friend, or a relative for help that they, to keep an eye on them, or take them for a walk. Remove obstacles for away. If there are some leaves or branches, put them aside and clear a pathway to your doorstep. Don’t rush things. A few minutes more or less will not make a change but could damage something or make someone injured. That is just not worth that.

Have fun

Yes, we know that moving is a stressful experience. Remind yourself of a new chapter that you are about to begin. Put some wonderful energy in it. Be kind to your movers, because just everyone works the best in a supportive environment. You are setting the tone of your relocation, and if you are on the good side, even moving day concerns will be solved easily.