Challenges of moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city

You’ve decided to move to a new, snowy city, but it’s not all as great as you think. Sure, you’re going to meet a lot of new friends and discover cool new neighborhoods, but making a new place home will also come with its fair share of pitfalls and challenges. This is especially true if you are moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city. Luckily, Pro Movers Miami is there for you. Read some of our tips and suggestions and move to a snowy city with ease.

Moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city

If you live in Pompano Beach then you know how tropical weather can be there.  Average summer high temperatures are around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer days are humid, with average humidity levels hovering around 70%. The winter months are mild and pleasant, with average low temperatures of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city, this can be a great challenge for you. You may be worried about how to get around in the winter. Snow can make it difficult to walk safely and can make driving difficult and dangerous. It would be best to hire long distance movers Florida for this adventure. And what is more, here are some tips for dealing with the snow.

a swnowy street
Moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city will be a huge change

You may need to prepare your car

If you are moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city you may need to clean off the tires and rims. Snow can build up around the edges of the tires, which is bad because it can affect traction and lead to accidents. You’ll want to brush off any snow that has accumulated on the wheels and rims. So that you don’t have any issues when it comes time to drive in the snow.

Make sure your windshield wipers are working properly. Your wipers need to be able to clear off your windshield every time you turn on your car. Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise when it comes time for them to work properly during a snowstorm. Make sure they are oiled up and working properly before you move from one location to another with them installed on your vehicle!

Check your battery life. Even though the battery will probably be fine during most winters, it never hurts to check its status. You should do this before heading out into the cold weather for long periods of time. If it needs replacing or recharging, now is a good time to do so ahead of time so that it doesn’t die halfway through moving day!
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You will need new clothes

If you’re moving to a snowy city, you will need to buy new clothes. Especially if you are moving from Pompano Beach where the weather is hot almost all year round. Interstate moving companies Miami recommends you start with a good winter coat. It should be waterproof and/or insulated, with an adjustable hood and a high collar. Also, a good waterproof parka will keep you dry when it’s snowing outside. This is important because wet clothing tends to make people feel colder than dry clothing does.

Woman buying new clothes since she is moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city
Don’t forget to buy some winter clothes too

You will also need a pair of rain boots that will keep your feet warm and dry all winter long. Choose ones that fit well, since they’ll be on your feet all day every day for months on end. Especially if you move to a snowy city like Chicago or New York City. The best ones have rubber soles that can handle snow and ice. So they’re perfect for walking around in inclement weather year after year. Without needing repairs or replacement every few months like other types of shoes might need.

Winterizing your new home

If you’re moving to a snowy city, it’s important to prepare your house for winter. Firstly, you will have to insulate the attic and basement. The attic should be insulated with R-38 insulation, which can be found in most local hardware stores. If you have an unfinished attic, you can use R-49 insulation instead. Insulating the basement will save you money by keeping the heat in the house and out of those cold, drafty rooms.

Secondly, replace old windows with new ones. Old windows lose energy through cracks or holes that let cold air in. Newer models are made of more durable materials and have better seals around them to keep out air, water, and other elements that could cause damage or leaks in your home.

Lastly, check your roof for leaks or damage. Roofs tend to wear out faster when they’re exposed to extreme weather conditions like snowstorms and ice storms. Both of these are common during winters in snowy cities like Chicago and New York City. Regularly inspect your roof for any signs of damage or wear so you can have it repaired before it gets worse during the winter months!
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Be prepared to pay more money on bills

If you’re moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city, you should be prepared for higher electricity bills. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. household spends $1,844 per year on electricity. And that figure is likely to go up if you move to a city with a lot of snowfall.

a person holding money and a phone with calculator on
You should know that if you are moving from Pompano Beach to a snowy city your bills will be higher

The more snow there is, the more energy it takes to heat your home. Even if your home doesn’t have good insulation or energy-efficient appliances or windows. That’s because the heat has to be distributed throughout the house. It can’t all stay at one end of it or the other like it does in summer. When the heat rises through open windows and doors.

If you live in a place like Denver or Minneapolis (where there are long winters), then expect an increase in your utility bills between 5% and 10% over what they would be otherwise if there were no snow on the ground at all!