Best places in Miami for renters

Before settling down in any area and looking for moving companies Miami, it is important to analyze the perks and drawbacks properly. Miami is a beautiful scenic city in the state of Florida. It offers amazing beaches, as well as lots of residential areas such as houses, townhouses, and apartment complexes. Also, it offers shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. All of these make Miami a good living location. However, as with any other city, some areas are more suited for certain people to live in than others. So keep reading to find out which are the best places in Miami for renters.

What are the best places in Miami for renters?

Miami offers tropical breezes, year-round sunshine, beaches, lush nature, diverse cultures, great nightlife, and an amazing international art scene. It’s not a surprise Miami’s population keeps growing by around 65,000 people every year. If you’re considering moving to the golden state and you’re a renter, continue reading to find out what are the best places for renters in Miami. 

Places in Miami
Miami has a lot to offer including amazing nightlife, diverse cultures, and more.


As one of Miami’s hippest neighborhoods with converted warehouses and craft breweries, there’s been quite a bit of resurgence in Wynwood. Some even compare Wynwood to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. This place is famous for its outdoor museum, Wynwood Walls which has large-scale works from street artists. You’ll also find lots of pop-up parties, bars, and nightclubs in the streets in Wynwood. Wynwood is also famous for its creative roots and sees new condos and apartment buildings being built regularly. You will see a lot of spray-painted murals as well as graffiti around town in between luxury buildings popping up. If you need help with relocating to Wynwood, check out movers Wynwood FL.


If you like to go with the flow and want a break from the hustle of city living then Edgewater is one of the best places in Miami for renters. In Edgewater, you’ll get your urban amenities as well as have easy access to Miami’s Design District, South Beach, and the Art Districts of Downtown and Wynwood. However, after you move in with the help of movers Edgewater FL, you’ll also feel like your apartment is off the beaten path, especially since it’s not a hot spot for tourists. Edgewater is a nature-oriented community with numerous green spaces, parks, and places to walk. It’s not a surprise this neighborhood is one of Miami’s best-kept secrets.


This neighborhood is attractive to young professionals who love the convenience of living nearby their workplaces. You can enjoy being surrounded by numerous restaurants, boutiques, shops, cafés, yoga studios, and art galleries right after leaving the office or your loft with sun-filled views. Because Brickell’s traffic is congested, the benefit of not having to commute far – maybe even living within walking distance of work – might easily compensate for a bit more expensive rent in this neighborhood. Are you thinking about moving to Brickell? Consider hiring movers Brickell FL for the best moving services.

Photo of Beach Houses
Brickell is the best place for renters because it offers the convenience of living nearby their workplaces.


Pinecrest provides a reprieve to city living with sunny playgrounds, suburban parks, and a serene vibe. If you’re a tennis enthusiast, make sure to check out Dante Fascell Park. You can also spend the evening at Pinecrest Gardens while wine tastings and jazz concerts entertain crowds at the amphitheater. Pinecrest is made up of single-family homes, and the apartment rental scene is competitive. Also, it’s famous for its nightlife, so if you want some action, consider living near the Village Center.

Coral Way

Coral Way is about 10 minutes east of Miami’s other popular neighborhood, Coral Gables. Both of these are famous for their beauty. There was a Roadside Beautification Program back in 1929 for the area. During this time the city planted more than 1000 banyan trees. The trees have grown into an exhibition of beauty, with their gnarly trunks and foliage making covered pathways. The architecture in Coral Way is also stunning. Most houses are in the style of Art Deco or turn-of-the-century Mission Revival. In addition to the area’s aesthetics, you’ll have easy access to some of the best Mediterranean restaurants in the entire state of Florida.

Downtown Miami

Downtown is one of the best places in Miami for renters because you’ll never get bored. There are always things to do 24/7. From the exciting nightlife activities at clubs and bars and some of the most unique restaurants you’ll ever visit a vibrant art scene, and lots of healthy activities such as hiking, biking, or going to the gym. However, it’s not just city activities and amenities. Downtown is located in the center. This means you will have fast and easy access to a number of beaches and green spaces where you can step away from the chaotic city energy, catch your breath and enjoy Florida’s natural beauty.

Street of residential area with pickups parked on roadside
Coral Way is a beautiful neighborhood offering some of the best Mediterranean restaurants in the entire state of Florida.


This is a historic neighborhood in the heart of Miami. Recently, it’s been redeveloped and renovated to accommodate a more luxurious population. With walkable access to lush green spaces, like Gibson Park and Lummus Park, this neighborhood is also close to the artsy happenings in Wynwood and Edgewater. Also, it has lower rent prices compared to the Miami average at $2,303 for a one-bedroom.

These are just a sampling of the best places in Miami for renters and you can’t go wrong with either of these selections. All of these neighborhoods provide the opportunity for residents to experience a wide variety of cultures, cuisine, and entertainment. There’s something to suit everyone, including fresh-faced college students, retirees, as well as blossoming families. However, before you make the move, go for a trip to the area to see which neighborhood is the best for you. Also, remember that if you move to a Miami neighborhood, especially some of the high-end areas, you might have to downsize.