Best Miami-area pumpkin patches to visit this year

Being in Miami this year will allow you to visit several great Miami-area pumpkin patches to get in the mood for the upcoming Halloween. But if you are planning to move to this city, you better hurry! Movers can get quite busy at this time of year but Pro Movers Miami got your back! We offer fast, stress-free relocations all year round. Once you settle in, there are plenty of pumpkin patches ready for you to explore. In this article, we are going to show you our top selections for this year.

Miami-area pumpkin patches you should visit this year!

Here are the top contenders for the best Miami pumpkin patch:

  • The little farm pumpkin patch
  • Harvest festival and springs pumpkin patch in Miami
  • One of the best Miami-area pumpkin patches – Pinto’s farm
  • The pumpkin patch at Tamimi Park
  • Harvest festival as one of the best Miami-area pumpkin spots
  • Don’t forget about Horrorland!
One of the best Miami-area pumpkin patches to visit – The little farm pumpkin patch!

The little farm pumpkin patch

Starting off with the most adorable patch of them all. This one has been around for quite some time now. Being a four-decades-old patch means that there is a lot more on offer than just simply picking pumpkins. If you move to Miami and visit this patch, you can expect a petting zoo, a corn maze, a great little butterfly garden, and even some pony rides. There are also some photo shoots you can be a part of, which are inspired by the fall season.

You can visit this farm on weekends and you need an appointment. It will cost you only $10 to enter and you can stay as long as you want.

Harvest festival and springs pumpkin patch in Miami

Next up, we have the harvest festival at the Miami Springs Pumpkin patch. This place really brings the harvest festival to its full glory. The entertainment already began, on October 12, and is still open. It will end on October 30th, though. So, if you are still not in Miami, contact your Miami Beach movers and get your relocation scheduled pronto. You will not regret the decision as this harvest festival is truly a sight to behold. The place that hosts the event is the Poinciana United Methodist Church.

One of the best Miami-area pumpkin patches – Pinto’s farm

This farm, which is near the Redlands, offers you a selection of really neat pumpkins to carve. While you are doing so, you may want to let your kids have some fun riding ponies, tractors, or even pedal boats. Of course, as with every great patch, there is also a petting zoo. This place offers a guided tour as well as the pumpkin you came for. There are some add-ons, as well, like photoshoots and partaking in feeding experiences. You really have to see this place in person to be able to understand just how cool it is. Definitely one of the better pumpkin patches in Miami.

The pumpkin patch at Tamimi Park

If all you want is for a pumpkin patch to offer a drive-through experience, you can’t get better than the Tamimi Park patch. But that is not everything it offers. You can go on an adventure that is suitable for small children as it is not really that scary. The name says it all: “The Not-So-Spooky Halloween adventure”. It is a perfect way to blow some steam off after your local moving experience. You will be enjoying the entire event from the safety of your car so it is a perfect combination of fun and security. They encourage you to take photos, as the sights you are going to see make for some great memories.

Visit Tamimi Park with your children!

Of course, the patch provides carving kits for your pumpkins. After all, that is most likely the primary purpose of your trip. But a smart person always combines fun with everything and this patch does not disappoint in that regard.

Harvest festival as one of the best Miami-area pumpkin patches

Florida is not really a place to enjoy the fall in its entirety. But the traditions that follow this season is something you can enjoy. An annual harvest festival is an outdoor place where you can roam the sunflower fields, ride tractors, and partake in traditional games such as shuffleboard and cornhole. Of course, there are special places for photos as well. This is a great place to create some great memories with your family. And the best part is that being outdoors pairs really well with the necessary social distancing these days. Safe and fun is always a great combination!

Don’t forget about Horrorland!

Finally, this would not be a complete Halloween article if we did not mention Horrorland. This place offers a drive-through haunted house experience which you will not soon forget. You will be participating in a 35-minute game where you will be greeted with all manners of scary things. Think zombies, ghosts, and similar frightening creatures. Another way to describe the experience is Christmas nightmare meets a zombie experience in the middle of a carnival! It is a sight to behold, indeed. You can suit up however you like and you can even bring your pets with you, but you absolutely cannot exit your car. That is the only ironclad rule at Horrorland.

people in costumes-zombies
Go to the Horrorland! It’s a unique drive-through haunted house!

The show is going to run all the way until October 31, and it will cost you $49 to participate. Another thing to consider is that, while this is a family-friendly experience, you may wish to leave your younger children at home. This is a horror show, after all, and your younglings might have some sleepless nights in their future after they see this. If your children are age 12 or younger, the best for them is to stay home and you can tell them all about it. Once they are older, they will be able to join you as you revisit the amazing experience. And you will want to, we promise!