Best family-friendly cities in South Florida

Many people move to Florida every year because of the tropical ambiance, beach access, and overall beauty. However, for those who are moving with their families, there is a lot more to it. They want to know more about the aspects that are important to their kids. From public schools and crime rates to cost of living and family-friendly amenities. That is why we are here to help you pick some of the best family-friendly cities in South Florida.

How to pick some of the best family-friendly cities in South Florida?

As we already said, there are many aspects to explore before deciding which city is the most suitable for your family. So, one of the first things you should research is the crime rate and the rankings of public schools. There is no doubt these indicators will show you the best family-friendly cities in South Florida. After you decide on this matter, you only have to hire Miami moving and storage and be calm.

Student sitting on a bench with a laptop
All the best family-friendly cities in South Florida have great school systems.

Best family-friendly places in South Florida and their general safety and crime rates

Every parent wants their child to be safe at all times and that is a well-known fact. That is why it’s important to look at the crime rate when choosing the best city in South Florida to raise a family. Also, the best family-friendly cities have some of the best school districts. And that is one of the most important factors before you decide which city in South Florida suits you and your family. Finally, make sure to do thorough research on family-friendly cities in South Florida before you take the plunge. Because you don’t want to move your kids away from their home just to take them back again.

Our suggestions on the best cities in South Florida for families

For our article, we’ve made research and filtered the best small cities in South Florida for families. But let’s not forget to mention the importance of hiring the best movers Wynwood Fl. So, let’s start pointing them out.

Nocatee, Fl

This charming town is located in St. Johns County, with a population of under 20,000. Maybe that is one of the reasons this city is one of the best family-friendly cities in South Florida and wider. There are also other reasons why it is so appealing to families who plan on moving to a better place. Nocatee is a master-planned community that combines different neighborhoods with recreation, parks, and restaurants. Also, another important aspect is the general safety of this place. In one word, it is a perfect combination of safe and amusing, which makes it so appealing for families. Hence, consider Nocatee Fl as the family-friendly place to move to.

A dog standing on a street in Florida suburb
The great suburban feel will draw you to some of the Florida cities, without a doubt.

Palm Valley, another great city in South Florida for families

Palm Valley is located in Jacksonville in St. Johns and it is the second town on the list of the best family-friendly cities in Florida. Palm Valley also has a population of just over 20,000 residents and it is ranked A+ for families. Also, Palm Valley has great public schools and a perfect suburban feel and flare. Hence, we advise you to seriously think about moving there with your family. Of course, with some help from local movers Florida.

FishHawk Ranch, South Florida

You probably already considered Tampa as one of the places to move to. But there is an even better idea for you to move with your family. And that is a Tampa suburb called FishHawk Ranch. This town is another great family-friendly city in South Florida due to the public school system, housing costs, and diversity. Also, there are lots of parks within this town where you can enjoy some free time with your family. Finally, it is good to know that around 83% of residents own their own homes.

More ideas for Florida cities appealing to families

  • Fruit Cove is also a great family-friendly city in Southern Florida. It is surrounded by natural beauty and has great schools and safe neighborhoods.
  • Also, think about Fleming Island, Florida. This place is perfect for families who enjoy quiet and comfortable living. Also, this town offers safety, great park systems, and restaurants.
  • Oviedo, Florida, another great family-friendly city. It offers growing high schools, highly-ranked teachers, and a more rural, diverse feel. Also, many families choose to live here due to the low crime rate and many attractions.
  • Finally, for families who have young professionals seeking a job in South Florida, there are many convenient places to move to.
Aerial view of the suburban houses
Keystone Florida is another appealing place for families you should consider.

Westchase, Florida

One of the best family-friendly cities in South Florida is the town of Westchase. This is another Tampa suburb located in the northwest corner of Hillsborough Country. One of the great things about this town is that it’s great for commuters. But also, it is convenient for those looking to be close to the fun. Moreover, it has some of the best neighborhoods, the public schools are highly rated. That is why many families decide to move and live there. Simply, it has many advantages and that is why it is so appealing for families.

Keystone, Fl

Keystone, Florida offers a rural feel and quite a few attractions throughout. Also, the thing that makes it one of the best family-friendly cities in South Florida is its great parks and school systems. Also, this neighborhood offers stability in terms of neighbors, with 95 % of residents owning their homes.

So, after reading our article, we hope that we helped you to narrow down your quest for one of the best family-friendly cities in South Florida. Remember, it is important to consider your family’s needs first and choose what suits all of you best. As for us, we wish you a successful search for a new hometown and an unforgettable new life chapter with your family.