Art gallery relocation tips

If you own an art gallery, you are most probably a creative and artistic person. Still, an art gallery relocation is a logistical process from A to Z. Sure, you can leave it all to professional art movers. Still, it is important to carefully examine your current situation and understand what is the best way to move. So, let us help you out with some tips.

How to organize art gallery relocation?

Surely, art gallery relocation requires reliable antique movers. Other than that, if you can’t find time to organize the whole process, you should hire someone capable of running this project smoothly so that it doesn’t become as chaotic. This and many other reasons are the reason why you need a competent and professional relocation company that will deal with the relocation.

box - Art gallery relocation
An art gallery relocation is a logistical process from A to Z.

First of all, the main reason for moving an art gallery should be getting more business. Maybe you want to be closer to the market you are positioning yourself for. Still, you may move for personal reasons too. This is a big change for your business and can be risky, so consider all aspects before you embark on the process. Art world can be demanding and changing locations can be tricky.

Make a relocation plan

When planning to relocate your art gallery, it is a good idea to do so six months in advance. Moving will be much easier when you make an accurate inventory of all the artworks you have and maybe throw away everything that has not been used for a long time. On the other hand, you should get special boxes for important pieces, breakable status or different kinds of artwork. Be sure that all your items are safe, and that no one will accidentally break anything.

Pay attention to the structure of the new gallery

You may be used to placing artwork in one way, and your new space demands a completely different structure. Make drawings that show the arrangement of pieces in the new gallery. In this way, your  Miami movers will know where to place what. Make a plan for the new corners for artwork and where to hang your paintings. Don’t worry too much about whether the furniture will be able to fit because you can always make minor changes if necessary (shorten tables, shelves, etc.).

Make drawings that show the arrangement of pieces in the new gallery.

Relocate in that time of the year when you have the least work

There is no possibility to work at full capacity and relocate your art gallery, but there is a possibility to make minimal losses. Determine which period of the year is the quietest, that is, in which month you have the least work. Set yourself a time frame to complete the relocation in that period. The month in which there are the least obligations is usually January because there are a large number of holidays, but in that case, there is a problem of weather, which is not the most ideal. However, you may have a period of smaller workload in the summer months, so it is good to organize a move at this time. Also, make sure that there are basic conditions for working – or at least updating artwork online while you relocate.

Protect your artwork

Packing artwork can be very complicated. That’s why it’s best to hire professional packers. In this way, the workers who will move you will be able to easily pack all the sensitive items and prevent any damage. Of course, you can protect most items with foil and styrofoam. If you don’t do that, it is very likely that the corners of the sculptures will be damaged. Also, try not to lose any of the parts for artwork, as it can’t be replaced.

Don’t forget to clean the space before you move in

Art pieces are usually sensitive so it would be good to clean your new space before you relocate. Clean all the dust, wash windows and floors and clean all furniture that was already there. A few weeks before moving your art gallery, take some time to prepare for the big day. This means protecting each and every piece you own. It also means that you prepare mentally.

Notify your customers in advance

Early preparation of your clients is crucial to make sure that the relocation date of the gallery will not catch them surprised. Send a newsletter with all the details about where and when you will move. Also, you can put signs on the door so that everyone knows in advance what is happening. This will keep your old customers, but also maybe gain you some new ones, depending on where you move to.

Movers South Point loading their truck
Moving your art gallery is a serious adventure, and you should probably consider hiring professional help.

Label your artwork properly

Moving day can be a stressful time. Make it easier by marking all the boxes so you know what is inside. You can categorize by artists or by size, whichever makes it easier for you. Clearly mark each box with its contents so that you and other employees, as well as movers, will have no problem knowing what is going where. In this way, no one spends their precious free time figuring out which box contains staples or pens instead of important artwork. Labels are important.

In any case, art gallery relocation is a serious adventure, and you should probably consider hiring professional help. We are here to help you with packing supplies, organization, and the whole logistics of the move. Also, we can give you tips on what is the best way to relocate your precious items. Good luck!