Arranging your furniture after the move

Furniture is an important part of every move. The problem with it is that it can have a lot of weight so your movers in Fort Lauderdale have to be creative on how to transport it to the van and then to your new home. But after that hard part is over, you will have to unpack and see where your furniture is going to be. There are a lot of ways of arranging your furniture after the move and here are some tips on how to reduce stress while doing it.

Scan the place

Before you start placing your furniture, be sure that you scan the entire place. Of course, it would be good if you already did that before you even started the moving process. It is the perfect opportunity to arrange your furniture because movers are ones that will transport everything where it needs to be. When scanning your new place, it is important to create an idea. The problem is that some of your ideas are just not possible due to various reasons. Be sure to measure everything so that you do not have problems when arranging your furniture.

Focal points

If you have focal points ar your new place, then it is not that hard to arrange your furniture. The room itself tells you where to put the main furniture. Arrange your furniture around a fireplace, some artwork, etc. These are usually typical places where you should center your furniture. On the other hand, if you do not have that kind of the natural focal point, then make one yourself.

  • Put some artwork
  • Use large drapes
  • Windows etc.

There are many more things you can do but it is all personal preference. We all like different things and it is on you how you want to arrange the furniture.

a fireplace - arranging your furniture
The fireplace is the most common focal point!


Arranging your furniture is impossible without proper cleaning. We all know how dirty things can get during the move. Before you place your furniture across your new place, clean them properly. Of course, cleaning has one more purpose. We all get depressed and sad during the move because we get away from the people that we love. Cleaning and unpacking your stuff are two major things that make your new place feel like home. You will get adapted sooner and you will feel like nothing has changed.

a girl
Clean the place before arranging the furniture

Tips on arranging your furniture

It is always good if you do not have to disassemble your furniture when moving. It saves you a ton of time since some of the old furniture has a lot of parts you have to pack and transport. We do not have to tell you what will happen if you lose some of them.

On the other hand, it can happen that your furniture can’t go through the door. It can be quite a problem and it will most definitely give you a terrible headache. That is why it is good to disassemble it and start arranging your furniture as soon as you determine where it will be.

Arrange the furniture before doing anything else

It is very important to put furniture before you put anything else in the room. The reason is simple. The furniture takes the most out of your room so it should be first to be placed. Imagine breaking a mirror or a painting during moving the furniture to their place. Avoid that by arranging your furniture first and then put the rest of your belongings.

How to arrange your furniture properly?

There are different styles. Every one of them is for some purpose so it all depends on your personal preference. The layout is very important when it comes to organizing your furniture after the move. The symmetrical layout is the most popular way to arrange furniture. It brings more casual energy but that is not all. It is very important to have some distance between the furniture and the walls. This space is a traffic space where people should be able to go through.

It is also very important not to block the space where the doors are. For example, if you have a room with two doors, the space between them should be empty. You will not block the entrances and people can go throughout the house with ease.


It is very important to maintain comfort when arranging the furniture. What we mean by this is that the furniture should keep its function. It is a common thing to put coffee tables in front of the furniture. The things that they should be on the proper distance so that you can use the table and still go between them too. It all depends on the size of the room and your furniture but the optimal distance should be around 14 to 18 inches.

Use more glass

You probably noticed that more people use glassed furniture for their homes. There is a good reason for that. Nobody likes dark and cold places since it brings you bad feelings. Light is the essence of life since it is important for the sleep cycle. You do not have to put more windows in order to create more light in the room. Just use glassed furniture which disperses light all across the room. That is why Florida is the perfect place for this type of setting since the sun lasts the longest. Of course, moving to Florida with all this glassed furniture can be a problem so be wise when choosing the proper moving company.

a coffee table
Glass furniture is very popular nowadays


Arranging your furniture after the move has never been so easy. There are just a couple of rules that you should follow in order to be satisfied with a result. Of course, you may have different ideas in mind. Everyone is different and so are their tastes. There is one thing you have to understand though. Scan the place before you start doing anything and be realistic. The size of the room is one of the most important factors you have to think about. We hope that you are going to be satisfied with a result and that you are going to enjoy that setup for a long time!