An ultimate guide to Miami Dade Real Estate

Miami Dade, home to the bustling city of Miami, offers an array of real estate opportunities, from the serene, luxury residences of Coral Gables to the high-rise condos boasting stunning ocean views in downtown Miami. Understanding the intricacies of local real estate is crucial whether you are planning to move, seeking a great rental, or considering an investment. Our guide provides insights into the market trends, offers a tour of the key neighborhoods, and highlights factors to consider when buying or renting. With the support of experienced services like Pro Movers Miami, making a move has never been easier. Nonetheless, gaining an understanding of the Miami Dade real estate market landscape will ensure you make decisions that align best with your lifestyle or investment goals. Welcome to Miami Dade — your next chapter begins here.

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Miami Dade real estate is diverse.

Where to live in Miami Dade?

When choosing where to live in Miami Dade, the possibilities are as varied and vibrant as the neighborhoods themselves. Miami Dade County is home to many places, each with its unique charm and personality. From the bustling, cosmopolitan ambiance of Downtown Miami, the beachfront allure of Sunny Isles, to the lush suburban tranquility of Pinecrest, there’s a place for every lifestyle. Choosing the right location is pivotal for both personal and investment purposes. Consider personal preferences such as

  • proximity to the beach
  • vibrant nightlife
  • family-friendly environments
  • access to schools and healthcare
  • rental yields
  • property appreciation
  • future development plan

Understanding each neighborhood’s diversity and unique selling points will help you align your choice with your lifestyle aspirations or investment goals. After understanding these factors, you can proceed on buying or renting real estate, and then hiring moving companies Miami Dade offers.

How can the real estate market define where to live?

The real estate market significantly defines where you might want to live in Miami Dade. Market trends and property values vary considerably across neighborhoods, painting a complex but informative picture of the region’s residential landscape. There is a strong correlation between real estate market trends and neighborhood desirability. Areas with higher property values often come with top-notch amenities, excellent schools, and robust community services, making them more desirable for living. Conversely, neighborhoods with lower property values might offer opportunities for investors seeking growth or renters looking for more affordable options. Take, for instance, the exclusive Fisher Island, known for high property values and a luxury lifestyle, making it a favorite among affluent homebuyers. Contrastingly, neighborhoods like Homestead, with more modest property values, have grown significantly, attracting investors and families alike.


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Research as many options as you can.

Factors to consider when buying real estate in Miami Dade

Purchasing real estate, particularly in a bustling market like Miami Dade, is a substantial investment that requires careful planning and consideration. It’s not just about finding a property you love; it’s about making a decision that will positively impact your financial and personal life for years to come.

  • Property Types: Miami Dade offers a diverse range of property types, including condos, single-family homes, and luxury estates. Consider your lifestyle, family needs, and financial situation to choose the right property type for you.
  • Location and Neighborhood: Location remains paramount in real estate. Think about your commute, proximity to good schools, healthcare facilities, shopping, and recreational amenities. Visit neighborhoods at different times to get a real sense of the community.
  • Financing and Budget: Understanding your budget and securing mortgage pre-approval are crucial steps before house hunting. It’s vital to account for additional costs like insurance, property taxes, and maintenance.
  • Real Estate Agent: A knowledgeable real estate agent can be a valuable asset, guiding you through the complex buying process, from house hunting to closing the deal. They can provide market insights, negotiation skills, and local expertise.
  • Market Trends: Keep an eye on local real estate trends. Understanding the market’s current state can help you gauge property values, competition, and whether it’s the right time to buy.
a family with a real estate agent talking about Miami Dade real estate
Check the latest news in Miami Dade real estate with your real estate agent.

Factors to consider when renting Miami Dade real estate

Deciding to rent in Miami Dade requires careful consideration of several factors. First, weigh the pros and cons of renting versus buying. While renting offers flexibility and fewer upfront costs, buying could be an investment that appreciates over time and offers stability. Next, understanding the terms of your lease agreement is crucial. This legally binding document outlines tenant and landlord responsibilities, lease duration, renewal options, and terms for termination. So, make sure to read it thoroughly before signing. Finally, understanding rental market trends in Miami Dade can help you find the best value for your money. Market trends reveal fluctuations in rental prices across neighborhoods, aiding in making informed decisions. In summary, renting requires a balance of personal considerations, legal awareness, professional guidance, and market knowledge.

Bonus tip: A rental agent can guide you through the process, helping you find the right property, negotiate terms, and navigate the paperwork. On the other hand, property managers are the go-to point of contact for maintenance issues and lease compliance during your tenancy.

Miami Dade real estate: Where to invest?

It is indeed hard to choose where to invest in real estate in Miami Dade. Namely, Miami Dade offers numerous areas suitable for young adults, families, students, and retirees. It is challenging to choose the best place. Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. We are here to provide you with Miami Dade real estate features in places such as:

  1. Aventura
  2. Bal Harbor
  3. Coral Gables
  4. Doral
  5. Fisher Island
  6. Golden Beach
  7. Homestead
  8. Indian Creek
  9. Kendall
  10. North Miami
  11. South Miami
  12. Pinecrest
  13. Sunny Isles Beach
  14. Bal Harbour

Now, let’s check each place thoroughly. But first, you should know the real estate in the County. Namely, Miami Dade County’s real estate landscape showcases a thriving market. The median home value is $332,800, which is higher than the national median of $244,900. As for rentals, the median rent is $1,470 per month, also surpassing the national average of $1,163. In terms of occupancy, the area exhibits a near-even split between homeowners and renters, with 52% owning their homes and 48% opting to rent.

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Compare real estate costs of different places.

Miami Dade real estate: Aventura

Aventura, located in Miami Dade County’s northeastern corner, is a dynamic locale boasting a vibrant real estate scene. This coastal community offers a rich mix of properties, with the median home price sitting at $549,700. Besides, the Aventura real estate market is quite active, with 917 homes currently for sale. Properties in Aventura typically spend an average of 83 days on the market, indicating a fairly robust turnover. This faster sale cycle underlines the area’s appeal and desirability, making it a prime spot for potential homeowners and investors. Thus, hire the movers Aventura has and move here as soon as you find a suitable home. Beyond its city limits, Aventura is surrounded by several popular neighborhoods. These include Oceanside, Eastern Shores, Golden Isles, Western Eastern Shores, and Southwest Lakes, each with its distinct characteristics and charms.

Bal Harbour real estate

When it comes to Miami Dade real estate, people are often interested in the one in Bal Harbor. Bal Harbour, situated on the northern tip of Miami Beach, is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. The real estate landscape here is dominated by high-end residences, with a median listing home price of a whopping $3.23M, significantly reflecting the premium nature of this coastal enclave. Properties in Bal Harbour are typically on the market for around 100 days, indicating that despite the high price point, there’s consistent interest from high-end buyers. The median listing price per square foot stands at an impressive $1.44k, further showcasing the area’s luxury real estate status.

Currently, according to Realtor, Bal Harbour has 113 active listings, offering a range of properties for prospective homeowners. The rental market is also robust, with the median rent pegged at $7k per month, catering to those who prefer the flexibility of leasing. And when making a move to this lavish neighborhood, consider using professional services like ‘movers Bal Harbour‘ to ensure a seamless transition into your new, upscale home.

real estate agent showing Miami Dade real estate options
Some home prices in Miami Dade real estate market are higher than the national average.

Coral Gables real estate

Coral Gables is a charming community known for its Mediterranean Revival architectural style, tree-lined boulevards, and historic landmarks. The real estate market in this ‘City Beautiful’ is a blend of luxury and classical elegance, with a median listing home price of $1.61M. On Realtor, homes in Coral Gables are spending a median of 57 days on the market, indicating strong demand and quick turnover. The median listing price per square foot in the area is $845, reinforcing the area’s reputation as a sought-after residential location. At present, Coral Gables has 309 active listings that offer a variety of options for potential buyers.

Meanwhile, the rental market is also thriving, with the median rent listed at $3.75k per month. If you’re planning a move to this picturesque locale, hire movers Coral Gables Forida has, and make your transition smooth and hassle-free. Welcome to your new home in Coral Gables, where history, luxury, and beauty intersect.

Miami Dade real estate: Doral

Before hiring movers Doral residents trust, check the main real estate trends of Doral. Known for its thriving business sector, beautiful parks, and excellent schools, Doral’s real estate market is notably active. The median home price in Doral is $670k, reflecting the city’s growth and desirability. Homes in Doral tend to sell fairly quickly, spending a median of 51 days on the market, highlighting the high demand for properties in this area.

The real estate in Doral averages a price of $378 per square foot. With 438 active listings at present, prospective homebuyers have an array of choices to find their perfect home. For those preferring to rent, the median rent in Doral stands at a competitive $3.15k per month. All in all, Moving to Doral means becoming part of a dynamic, growing city with a vibrant lifestyle and a thriving real estate market.

a real estate agent showing a house to a couple
Doral has different housing options.

Real estate in Fisher Island

Fisher Island, a tropical oasis off the coast of Miami, offers an ultra-exclusive residential experience. The real estate here reflects the island’s luxurious lifestyle. Here’s a snapshot of the current Fisher Island real estate market:

  • Median Listing Home Price: As of June 2023, the median listing home price is $4.5M, showing a year-over-year downward trend of -35.3%. Despite this recent dip, home prices on Fisher Island continue to command a premium due to the area’s exclusivity and luxury amenities.
  • Median Days on Market: Properties on Fisher Island typically stay on the market for about 209 days, reflecting the unique nature of this high-end market. This is very beneficial since you’ll have time to explore the market.
  • Median Listing Home Price Per Square Foot: The median listing home price per square foot is a substantial $1.9k, further underlining the premium property values in this locale.
  • Median Rent: Reflecting its reputation as one of the wealthiest ZIP codes in the U.S., the median rent in Fisher Island is a staggering $25k per month.

Fisher Island real estate, with its luxury homes and resort-like amenities, provides an unparalleled lifestyle. So, it is perfect for those seeking privacy, opulence, and stunning natural beauty. Therefore, if you want to relocate here, hire movers Fisher Island to ease the moving process.

Miami Dade real estate: Golden Beach

When it comes to Miami Dade real estate, most people are interested in the one in Golden Beach. And it’s no wonder since Golden Beach has a lot to offer when it comes to work-life balance. This single-family-home community is sought after for its private beachfront properties, seclusion, and upscale lifestyle. The real estate market in Golden Beach reflects the area’s high-end nature. The median listing home price stands impressively at $11.5M, showcasing the luxury standards of this distinctive locale. Homes spend a median of 94 days on the market, showing the niche yet consistent demand for these premium properties. The median listing home price per square foot currently clocks in at a substantial $2.08k, reinforcing Golden Beach’s position in the luxury real estate sector. The area has 32 active listings on Realtor, providing potential homebuyers with a curated selection of opulent homes.

For those looking at rental options, the median rent in Golden Beach is a significant $29k per month. Living in Golden Beach is about more than just a home; it’s about experiencing an exclusive, luxury lifestyle in one of Miami Dade’s most desirable enclaves. And, if it is your choice, contact the movers Golden Beach has and schedule a fast and seamless move.

a real estate agent showing data about Miami Dade real estate to a couple
Golden Beach is one of the most desirable places for homebuyers in Miami Dade.

Homestead is one of the most popular places to buy and rent in Miami Dade

Homestead, located in the southern part of Miami Dade County, is gaining popularity for its diversity in property types and affordability compared to other areas. From single-family homes to condos, townhomes, and multi-family properties, Homestead offers a variety of options to suit different lifestyle needs and budget ranges. Homestead’s median listing home price is an accessible $474.45k, providing an attractive entry point into the Miami Dade real estate market. The value is further highlighted when considering the median listing home price per square foot, which is a reasonable $273. For those interested in renting, Homestead also offers attractive options, with the median rent priced at $2.5k per month. This balance between home ownership and rental opportunities makes Homestead an appealing choice for both property investors and those looking to settle in the area.

Are you considering a move to Homestead? Professional movers like ‘movers Homestead FL‘ can assist you in ensuring a smooth transition into this vibrant, diverse community.

Kendall real estate

Kendall, a thriving suburban community in Miami Dade County, offers a balanced urban-suburban mix that’s quite appealing to its residents. With its robust real estate market, Kendall provides various housing options that cater to diverse preferences.

  • The median home value in Kendall is $395,900, significantly higher than the national median, underscoring the area’s appeal.
  • The rental market is also active, with the median rent listed at $1,667 per month.
  • Homeownership is favored, with 63% of residents owning their homes compared to 37% who rent. This preference towards ownership reflects the area’s family-friendly vibe and long-term residential appeal.

Moving to Kendall? Movers Kendall can provide professional services to facilitate a seamless transition into your new home in this charming, well-balanced community.

North Miami real estate

regarding relocation to North Miami, movers North Miami often have their hands full as this vibrant community in Miami Dade County continues to attract a steady influx of new residents. North Miami is celebrated for its diversity, cultural vibrancy, and active real estate market. The median listing home price in North Miami is $416k, reflective of the area’s continued growth and appeal. With properties spending a median of 67 days on the market, the local real estate scene shows a healthy level of activity and demand.

For those diving deeper into property values, the median listing home price per square foot in North Miami is $311. This figure, alongside the overall market trends, indicates a stable and balanced real estate market. Besides, rentals in North Miami are also an attractive proposition, with the median rent standing at $2.4k per month. Whether you’re planning to buy or rent, North Miami offers a diverse and dynamic real estate market that caters to a variety of needs and preferences.

a man inspecting a home with a real estate agent
Inspect various types of homes until you find your perfect solution.

South Miami real estate

Before moving with movers South Miami FL offers, let’s check the main characteristics of the housing market. Namely, South Miami boasts a diverse array of property types, including single-family homes, condos, and townhomes. The real estate market in South Miami is known for its allure and the variety of homes it offers to potential buyers. The median listing home price in South Miami currently stands at $1,124,000. This reflects the upscale nature of the community and its sought-after properties. However, homes for sale in South Miami enjoy a relatively short time on the market, spending an average of 43 days before being sold. This rapid turnover indicates the appeal and demand for properties in this desirable location.

South Miami’s vibrant atmosphere, cultural diversity, and convenient access to city amenities make it a highly sought-after residential destination. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious single-family home, a stylish condo, or a contemporary townhome, South Miami’s real estate market offers an enticing range of options for prospective homebuyers.

Pinecrest real estate

Pinecrest’s real estate market is thriving, offering an enticing selection of luxury properties and an exclusive lifestyle for potential residents. The area’s median listing home price goes at an impressive $4,150,000, emphasizing its reputation as a high-end residential destination. Properties in Pinecrest typically spend approximately 79 days on the market, indicating sustained demand and a healthy real estate turnover. Presently, there are 143 active homes for sale on Realtor, providing ample options for those seeking their dream home in this sought-after community. With its lush landscapes, top-rated schools, and proximity to Miami’s cultural offerings, Pinecrest promises an exceptional quality of life. For a smooth relocation experience, consider hiring movers Pinecrest FL and embrace the epitome of luxury and sophistication in Pinecrest.

a familu moving into Miami Dade real estate
Whichever place you choose among Miami Dade real estate options, you won’t regret your decision.

There are a lot of other places in Miami Dade you can move to, such as Sunny Isles Beach, Indian Creek, Surefiside, etc. In the end, the only thing that matters is that the real estate prices match your budget and that the chosen please matches your life preferences.

Sunny Isles Beach real estate

Sunny Isles Beach, located in the northeastern section of Miami-Dade County, offers a diverse real estate market characterized by luxury condos and waterfront properties. The median home value is $424,300, significantly higher than the national median of $281,900, reflecting the area’s desirability and prime coastal location. Renting in Sunny Isles Beach also comes at a premium, with a median rent of $1,839 compared to the national median of $1,268.

The dense urban feel of the area provides residents with the convenience of city living, with amenities like fine dining, shopping, and parks all within walking distance. The housing market is balanced between renters and homeowners, with 48% of residents renting and 52% owning their properties. This mix offers opportunities for both buyers and renters, making Sunny Isles Beach an ideal location for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle in a vibrant coastal community. So, if this Miami suburb is your choice, hire movers Sunny Isles Beach offers and move without any hassle.

Consider investing in Bal Harbour real estate

Bal Harbour, situated in Miami-Dade County, presents an exceptional real estate investment opportunity with its luxurious and high-value properties. The median home value here is $1,608,700, significantly surpassing the national median of $281,900. This high median home value underscores the exclusivity and desirability of the area, known for its upscale condos and waterfront homes. Renting in Bal Harbour also comes at a premium, with a median rent of $2,371 compared to the national median of $1,268, attracting those who seek high-end living with flexible rental options.

The area has a dense urban feel, characterized by its high population density and close proximity to a variety of amenities, including luxury shopping, fine dining, and beautiful beaches. The housing market in Bal Harbour is predominantly owner-occupied, with 73% of residents owning their homes and 27% renting. This ownership trend highlights the area’s appeal to long-term residents and investors alike. Therefore, invest in this real estate and move here with some of the finest movers Bal Harbour has.

Miami Dade commercial real estate

Miami-Dade County offers diverse and attractive options for commercial real estate investments in several key areas, including Miami, Aventura, Coral Gables, and Homestead. Here’s an overview of the opportunities available. Miami features a wide range of office spaces, with significant availability in downtown and Brickell. Spaces like the Strata Wynwood and 100 Biscayne Boulevard provide premium amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and bike storage, with lease rates ranging from $30 to $65 per square foot annually. So, hire commercial movers Miami has and relocate your business here.

Aventura is known for its upscale commercial properties. It offers a range of office and retail spaces that cater to high-end clientele, with listings that include retail spaces at competitive rates. Lastly, Coral Gables features a mix of office spaces in prestigious locations such as Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

movers lifting a sofa
Hire Pro Movers Miami after investing in Miami Dade real estate.

Hire Pro Movers Miami when moving to Miami Dade

Now that you’ve got the insight into Miami Dade real estate market, it is time to choose your new home. However, before choosing the places, visit the sites such as Realtor to check the listings since information may change. And after choosing the place that suits you, ensure a safe relocation with Pro Movers Miami and our reputable high end movers. So, contact us today, get your moving estimate, and move like a true pro!


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