All the benefits of living in Doral

If you’ve decided to move to Doral, then you already know what a great place that is. It is a beautiful Florida city with a perfect mix of an urban and suburban feel. It is packed with great options for people of all ages. Doral provides great schools, gorgeous outdoors, an awesome bar and club scene, etc. There are many things that make it the perfect place to be. However, there are certain things you should know before moving. You should carefully plan your move, so you can make the most out of it. In this guide, we will go over what makes living in Doral great, and also what you should know before moving. One of those things is definitely hiring the best moving companies Miami has to offer. Let’s get straight into it.

The housing market in Doral

Before you move to Miami, you should know first what the prices are in the housing market. The median home value in Doral is $412,500 and the median rent there is $2,082. It is a very competitive market, as it is a city with one of the biggest rises in population in Florida. Therefore, getting a home may not be as easy because the homes tend to get sold or rented pretty quickly. To make sure you find the perfect home for you and your family, consider hiring a local real estate agent. Once you give them the necessary information, they can start house hunting and provide you with a list of homes that are available. By necessary information, we mean square footage, the number of rooms, whether should it have a pool or garden, etc. 

Modern building in Doral
The housing market is on the rise in Doral, so make sure you find the right opportunity for you and your family

Education level 

If you have children, this will for sure interest you. The level of public education in Doral is very high! For instance, Niche magazine gave Doral a grade of B+ for its public schools. There are plenty of both high schools and elementary schools that have a grade of A and are very highly regarded. Not just in Miami, but also nationwide. These scores also come from the US Ministry of education, so they for sure have great schools where your kids can receive an excellent education. In regards to colleges, near Doral, you can find the University of Miami, Franklin University, Florida International University, and many more. All in all, the standard of education there on all levels is very high and your kids will definitely enjoy their stay there. 

Bonus tip: When moving to another city, make sure you test the commute from your home to the school. You should opt to find the best school for your kids, but that is also not too far away. If your kid will be taking the bus or driving there on their own, the tip still applies. Also, be sure to get to know your new neighborhood before you move, so you know where are the most important places located. Places like: the post office, DMV, police station, storage unit, etc. For the best storage unit available, make sure to hire the best local movers Florida has to offer.

High rising buildings for people working and living in Doral
Doral is on the rise when it comes to job opportunities, so no wonder many people are moving there

Job opportunities

As Doral is a fast-growing city, there are plenty of jobs available. At the same time, more and more people are moving there so the job market might be competitive. Make sure you first find your new job before coming to live in Doral. The median household income in Doral is $75,138 whereas the national median income is $64,994. The biggest employers in Doral are: 

  • Dade County Federal Credit Union
  • Amadeus North America
  • World Fuel Services
  • Carnival Corporation
  • Perry Ellis International

Other than those, there are plenty of other options. Both in the private and public sectors. With the rapid growth of the city, more and more jobs are lining up in Doral. Make sure you find the right job opportunity before you actually commit to buying a house. You certainly don’t want to have that stress of finding work only after you’ve moved. Moving and relocating should be a fun and pleasant experience. 

What is entertainment like in Doral? 

Living in Doral offers great entertainment for people of all ages. If you enjoy golfing, then this is the place for you! It has many amazing golf courses that will for sure make you come back for more rounds. If you enjoy being surrounded by nature and green scenery, Doral Central Park will be the place where you’ll certainly be spending a lot of time. There are also many great boat tours that will take you around Doral and beyond. You should definitely enjoy the ocean as much as you can! Furthermore, there are plenty of amazing restaurants, bars, and cafes there. Cuisines from all over the world are represented in Doral, so you will be eating literally anything you can imagine. Finally, Doral has many great shopping malls, so if you enjoy shopping and fashion, you will love it there.

Mover crossing a checklist
Before you start enjoying living in Doral, make sure you hire the best movers you can find

Choose the right moving company before moving and living in Doral 

There are plenty of movers Doral has at its disposal, but be sure to choose the right one for you. To find the best movers, compare their online reviews. That is a great starting point, as many people have first-hand experience with them. You shouldn’t settle for movers with a lack of experience as they can damage your things during your move or take the whole process too long. You certainly don’t want that! Your move should be something you enjoy and goes smoothly. You want to start living in Doral in a positive way, and not in a bad one. Be sure also to find appropriate storage units if you have plenty of items you wish to store away. Get in touch with the best reliable movers you can find and ask them anything you need.