Advantages of moving from Miami to Surfside

Although Miami is a cultural and commerce center for the magnificent state of Florida as well as for the Caribbean, maybe you are thinking about relocation. Whether you like your lifestyle in Miami or you are open to changes, moving from Miami to Surfside could sound appealing. However, you may be a bit afraid of letting go of your Miami neighborhood and all amenities you have used to. At the same time, living in Surfside seems attractive and you don’t want to miss a chance to experience something new. Luckily, there are many conveniences you can count on after relocating to Surfside from Miami. To help you feel more confident about your decision to move to Surfside and leave Miami, our movers and packers Miami residents gladly choose will remind you of the pros of living in Surfside. Let’s see what you should know about Surfside.

Things to know before moving from Miami to Surfside

Everyone knows that Miami is among the top-visited cities in the country. This place is famous for its diversity and cultural richness, world-class beaches, and sunny weather all year round. With its great art scene, food scene, and nightlife, it is hard to resist the temptation to visit Miami or even move there. For all these reasons, Miami is appealing to tourists and newcomers. They are flocking to Miami throughout the year, and you are seeing them every day during your walks.

aerial photography of buildings.
There are numerous reasons to move to Surfside from Miami.

Nevertheless, living in vibrant Miami is not for everyone. Although the city offers a lot, many will opt for a slower pace and choose another city. Or they will want to skip the high costs of living in Miami and look for a more affordable solution. Anyway, Surfside can be the right choice if you want to take a break from life in bustling Miami. And our movers Surfside FL will be at your disposal to help you perform your move. But before you decide to leave Miami for Surfside, let’s summarize vital reasons why Surfside is a great place to move from Miami:

  • Surfside and Miami are just 14 miles far apart. It means it takes less than half of hour to get to Miami from Surfside.
  • If you work in Miami and live in Surfside, it will not be hard for you to commute.
  • The housing cost in Surfside is higher than in Miami, so calculate your budget. However, many of its residents will tell you living in Surfside is worth it.
  • Surfside is family-friendly;
  • It is home to luxury resorts and has high-end shopping options and stunning beaches;
  • Everything in the city is within walkable distance;
  • It’s among the safest places in South Florida.

Slower pace – one of the reasons for moving from Miami to Surfside

As a Miami resident, for sure sometimes you need more peace and quiet. Even if you live in one of the peaceful neighborhoods of Miami, it is hard to get away from street crowds and traffic congestion. Miami is also known as a spring break destination when thousands of students flock to it. Luckily, you don’t need to move to another city or state to avoid everything that comes with living in a big city like Miami. As we mentioned, Surfside is in close proximity to Miami. It means you can keep your job in Miami and get back to your favorite places in Miami whenever you want to. In addition, you can count on affordable moving costs and the extensive experience of our residential movers Miami citizens choose the most. They will make sure your transition from Miami to Surfside goes smoothly.

Aerial view of the beach in Florida
Choose between many activities after moving from Miami to Surfside.

Still, you are not moving to a small place with poor amenities and things to do. Once you hire our local movers Miami and move to Surfside, you will enjoy endless opportunities. Although Surfside has 5,665 residents, compared to 440,807 residents in Miami, it has everything you need for a high-quality life. Living in this small suburb of Miami will give you an urban feel and many leisure options. This is a paradise for all outdoor lovers and you can choose between various recreational options. Just take a walk or bike to Harding Ave, and enjoy basketball or other sports. After moving from Miami to Surfside you will not miss days by the beach. This is one more advantage of Surfside, stunning beaches everyone likes. Although Surfside beaches are public, you will notice they are less crowded than many sections of Miami Beach.

There is always something to do in Surfside

Surfside has impeccable streets, community gardens, restaurants, and stores ranging from nail salons to kosher grocery markets. A cute little town where you will see a lot of people walking their dogs or just going out for a coffee or eat. Take a look at the official calendar of the city and you will find out there are many events in Surfside, FL all the time. You will never get bored in Surfside and you don’t need to go out of this cute little town for entertainment if you don’t want to.

A little girl playing at the beach after moving from Miami to Surfside
Your kids will adore time at Surfside’s beaches.

But this is not a city with many options for adults to have a good time and get their energy back. If you have kids, you can get fun spending a day at the park, Surfside Community Center and pool, or at the beach. In case your kids like to enjoy water slides and pools, you don’t need to go any further from Surfside.

It’s time to enjoy everything Surfside has to offer

If you getting ready for moving from Miami to Surfside, get assistance and conduct your move quickly and efficiently. Our specialists for white glove packing will help with the time-consuming tasks. So, you will have plenty of time to get to know Surfside once you complete your relocation. This place is often very quiet and relaxed crowds, and you will feel like on vacation. If you are a spa lover, enjoying a day at the spa has never been easier. For instance, appoint your spa day at Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour and relax just mind and body. Also, you can enjoy endless shopping options at “Bal Harbor Shops”. Take all advantage of your new chapter in Surfside!