A guide for moving from South Miami to North Miami

Moving from South Miami to North Miami is not a huge change if you look only at the distance (approximately 27 minutes). However, relocation, no matter how close, can be very stressful and overwhelming due to the many issues it may impose. Moving does not only consist of relocation tasks. Namely, those pre-moving tasks, such as exploring the neighborhood, the lifestyle, the cost of living, and the real estate market, draw most of your attention. And when you add moving tasks, relocation may become overwhelming. However, don’t worry. Pro Movers Miami has prepared a guide for moving from South Miami to North Miami so you can be ready for the move.

a woman with her child pacing
Moving from South Miami to North Miami is easy with a streamlined moving process.

Pre-moving tasks to finish

Before moving from South Miami to North Miami and hiring moving companies Miami Dade offers, there are tasks to finish, such as:

  1. Check the real estate market: The market prices may change rapidly, so consider the best time to buy or rent a house and check if the real estate prices meet your budget. Compare Sout Miami and North Miami real estate to check if it’s a good option to move.
  2. Explore the neighborhood: the community you live in will largely impact your lifestyle.
  3. Research the job market: Unless you are moving because of a job, check available job options in your industry.
  4. Explore the lifestyle: Besides a job, the lifestyle is also important to have a work-life balance.
  5. Check education options: If you have children, search for the best school option for them.

Only after considering these factors can you proceed with the moving tasks and hiring movers in North Miami.

South Miami VS. North Miami real estate market

In 2024, the real estate markets in South and North Miami show distinct characteristics. The Miami market overall has experienced growth and stability despite initial concerns about the sustainability of this trend. Record-high prices were seen in 2022, and while there was an expectation that increasing interest rates would weaken the market, prices have either continued to rise or remained stable in most areas​. The South Miami real estate market in 2024 presents a landscape of rising prices and high demand, similar to the broader Miami area.

In North Miami, the real estate market displays a range of prices and time on the market. For example, a property at 1260 NE 143rd St was listed for $435,000 and sold in 28 days, while another at 400 Kings Point Dr #803 sold for $263,000, slightly below its list price, after being on the market for 38 days​. So, if you find the North Miami real estate market suitable, you can proceed to hire the movers South Miami offers.

a key in the lock
Research the real estate market and compare both South and North Miami.

Meet North Miami neighborhoods

North Miami, a vibrant and diverse city in Florida, offers a rich cultural experience and a lively atmosphere. It’s a place where the warmth of its people matches the warmth of the sun. The city’s cultural diversity is reflected in its numerous events and festivals and influences from various parts of the world. In North Miami, outdoor enthusiasts find their haven with abundant green spaces and parks, perfect for a family day out or a tranquil escape. The city’s commitment to arts and culture is evident in its thriving arts district, featuring galleries, workshops, and creative spaces that foster a strong artistic community.

Moving from South Miami to North Miami: Check for the job offers

If you are moving from South Miami to North Miami in search of a job, carefully explore the job market. North Miami has great job choices. Key sectors include health care, education, aviation, hospitality and tourism, banking and finance, utility services, and professional services. This variety offers a wide range of job opportunities. According to Zippia, the best companies to work for in North Miami are Kent Services and Segal Institute For Clinical Research.

North Miami lifestyle

Before hiring movers North Miami has and move, check out whether the lifestyle matches your lifestyle preferences. These are the main North Miami lifestyle traits. The city is known for its love of the outdoors, with numerous parks, such as Oleta River State Park, green spaces, and waterways that encourage an active and outdoor lifestyle. Whether it’s boating, fishing, or just enjoying a day at the beach, North Miami provides ample opportunities for these activities. When it comes to dining experience, don’t miss out on the following restaurants: Edan Bistro and Casa Mia Trattoria.

You can try different types of foods in North Miami.

Education options in North Miami

When moving from South Miami to North Miami, when you have children, it’s crucial to check the education options. these are the best schools to choose from:

  1. Natural Bridge Elementary School: serving grades PK to K-5. The school rating is 4.5.
  2. David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center: serving students PK, K-8.
  3. W. J. Bryan Elementary School: serving grades PK, K-5.

Moving from South to North Miami: A practical guide

Now that you know everything related to the North Miami lifestyle, if moving is your choice, check out the relocation guide. In order for your relocation to be straightforward, follow these steps:

  • Define the timing of your relocation: Avoid peak periods and align relocation with your private life obligations in order to have a stress-free move. If you are not sure about the best time to move, consult with your local movers in Florida.
  • Organize your move: Planning a move involves a set of tasks. Thus, the best way to plan your move is to have a moving plan, inventory list, and moving timeline, which you can arrange with your moving company to suit you best.
  • Decide upon the moving services: Whether you are moving a home or office, it’s important to align the moving services to your relocation’s specific needs.
  • Obtain the right packing supplies: This will be the core determiner for a safe relocation. However, don’t bother searching for them. Instead, ask your movers to provide you with packing services.

When is the best time to move to North Miami?

Deciding the best time to move to North Miami depends on various factors, including weather, moving rates, and personal preferences. Generally, moving during the fall or spring can be ideal. These seasons offer more pleasant weather, avoiding the intense heat of summer and the peak of hurricane season. Additionally, moving companies might be less busy outside of the summer months, potentially offering more flexibility and better rates. However, consider your personal schedule, job commitments, and school calendars if applicable. Ultimately, the best time for you to move should balance favorable weather, cost-effectiveness, and convenience for your individual situation.

a couple holding a key of the house before moving from South Miami to North Miami
Organize your move according to your life obligations.

How to organize your move

Despite the short distance when moving from South Miami to North Miami, it is important to organize the whole moving process. These are the steps:

  • Moving plan and timeline: Create a detailed plan, including a timeline. Start this process several weeks in advance. Factor in tasks like hiring movers, transferring utilities, and notifying important parties of your address change. Set specific dates for key actions, such as packing start and end dates, moving day, and unpacking.
  • Room-by-room packing plan: Pack one room at a time, starting with the least used spaces. Label boxes clearly with contents and the destined room in the new home. Consider an inventory list for tracking items, especially valuable or fragile ones. Pack essential items, including plants, last, and unpack them first in your new home.

What kind of moving services to use when moving from South to North Miami

Depending on what type of relocation you are about to conduct, you can choose:

  • Antique or art moving services: These will cover all the peculiarities of fragile and valuable pieces.
  • White glove moving services: If you have specific items, it is recommended that you hire white glove movers. They will handle the furniture dis/reassembly, the packing of fragile items, and sometimes unpacking.
  • Packing services: These will save you both time and money searching for the right packing supplies.
  • Piano moving: If you have a piano, don’t bother moving it on your own. Let piano movers take care of the whole piano moving process.
  • Commercial moving services: The best options if you are moving your business or home office.
  • Storage services: Almost every move requires extra space, whether living in a temporary home, needing extra space in your new home, or facing moving delays – storage is a great option.

What kind of packing supplies to use:

Searching for suitable packing supplies is a challenging task. You can do it on your own, but it is easier, faster, and more secure if you opt for moving boxes Miami companies, such as Pro Movers Miami, provide. If you choose our packing supplies, you can expect security and affordability. The following is the list of supplies you can select when n hiring us:

list of moving suppleis to use when moving form South Miami to North Miami
With these moving supplies, your move will be seamless.

How to move a piano

Moving a piano requires careful planning and execution due to its size, weight, and fragility. Firstly, gather the necessary equipment like a piano dolly, moving straps, padding, and a ramp for moving the piano onto the moving vehicle. It’s crucial to secure the keyboard lid and wrap the piano in padding to prevent damage. Use a dolly for transportation and ensure the piano is never rolled on its metal casters. Enlist several strong helpers to stabilize the piano during movement. If moving the piano up or down stairs, use extreme caution and consider professional piano movers in Miami, as their expertise in handling such large instruments can be invaluable.

Storage services are always a good option

Storage services are often an essential part of the moving process, offering a flexible solution for various needs. When relocating, you might find yourself in a temporary living situation during home renovation or relocation where you can’t accommodate all your belongings, or perhaps your new home requires additional space for items that don’t fit immediately. Storage services provide a secure and convenient option to keep your possessions safe during these transitional periods.

Additionally, unexpected moving delays can arise; having a storage option ensures your items are securely housed until you’re ready to complete your move. With a range of sizes and climate-controlled options, storage in Miami caters to different needs, from storing a few boxes to housing large pieces of furniture, offering peace of mind during the often hectic process of moving.

A guide for moving your business from South to North Miami

Moving your business from South to North Miami can be a complex task, but with careful planning and the right resources, it can be executed smoothly. Begin by creating a detailed moving plan that includes a timeline and a comprehensive checklist of tasks. Notify your employees, clients, and suppliers about the move well in advance. It’s crucial to minimize downtime, so plan the move during off-peak business hours or over a weekend. Hiring professional commercial movers in Miami is essential. They will ensure your business relocations and your equipment and documents are transported safely and efficiently. They can also assist in setting up your new office space.

a man carrying a box labeled office before moving from South Miami to North Miami
It is advisable to hire commercial movers when moving your business.

Decide to move? Let Pro Movers Miami handle your relocation

Don’t bother with DIY moves when moving from South Miami to North Miami, even though the distance is short. Let Pro Movers Miami handle all relocation-related work. You can choose numerous moving services Miami residents rely on. Choose from packing, white glove, commercial moving services, antique moving, or fine art moving. all in all, whichever moving service you choose, you will have an exceptional moving experience in no time. So, contact us now and get your moving quote.



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