A comprehensive to-do list for your first week after moving to South Point

Have you ever wondered about the comprehensive to-do list for your first week after moving to South Point? Before we jump into the topic, we need you to realize a few crucial things about the relocation. Moving is considered by many to be one of the most challenging, difficult, and stressful tasks. It requires a lot of good planning and organization. Also, there are a few steps that you need to follow in order to have a smooth, enjoyable, and memorable moving experience. However, unless you do so, it’s highly likely that things can become hectic. It can happen in no time and, trust us, you want to avoid that. Because of that, make sure to do what you should do before moving. However, that doesn’t end there. You will also have to take care of certain stuff when you arrive at your new place. Let’s see what it is.

Unpack the essentials

The very first thing after moving should be unpacking. Most people don’t even realize how important this step is because procrastination can be a serious issue. As long as you’re prolonging this step, more likely that you’re not going to unpack anytime soon. But hey, there is a simple way how you can break down this big task into smaller ones. First, what we recommend you is to unpack only the essential items that you need for everyday life. That way, you’ll be able to function normally on daily basis, and when you find some more time, unpack other belongings. For example, you really don’t need a garage, attic, or basement within the first few days of moving.

a couple unpacking and talking about first week after moving to South Point
It’s very important to unpack as soon as you can when you relocate.

Also, if you don’t have time to unpack on your own, you can always look for a mover’s assistance such as unpacking. Contact movers and packers Miami and let them do the work flawlessly for you.

Make sure to set up utilities

The next that you have to worry about after unpacking is setting up your utilities. Before we start talking about that, you need to make sure that you’ve shut them off at your previous house. It’s happened many times that people forget to do that. When the bill arrives, they are surprised why do they have to pay a double price for that. Now, that you’ve moved, you need to contact the utilities as soon as possible. You will need some basic stuff like electricity, water, heating, trash pickup, internet, and the phone. These are all necessary for everyday life so make sure to do it as soon as you arrive at your new place. If you are using movers South Point help to move, ask them if they have any phone numbers or e-mails who you can contact.

Update your address and all the documentation

Following utilities and unpacking, it’s time for updating your documentation. As far as the state is concerned, you haven’t moved because you haven’t filed any papers. You will need to update your address as soon as possible in order for them to update it in the system. Also, you will need to do this because of your car registration. Additioanlly, don’t forget to submit your new address to the post office so they know where to deliver new mail. Following, don’t forget about voter registration. Unless you do so, you won’t be able to vote. The next you have to think about is the medical records. If your new place is far away from your previous one, you’ll have to transfer everything and get a new doctor. When you are moving, you can ask local movers Miami whatever is on your mind regarding the post-relocation period.

Update your documents when you move to the new place.

Install the new security system

When talking about a comprehensive to-do list for your first week after moving to South Point, we can’t forget to mention that you should definitely install the new security system at your place. This has nothing to do with the crime or burglary rates, but it’s for your own good. It can help very much if it comes to the worst-case scenario. However, don’t be afraid to pay a few extra bucks to be safe and have peace of mind. Also, you need to consider that you’ll be in completely new surroundings when you move to the new place and you’ll want to feel somewhat safe. If you decide to install the security system, white glove moving service can help you with transportation of whatever is needed for it.

Get to know your new neighbors in the first week after moving to South Point

This is a very important thing when you are moving to a completely new place. The reality is that you’re going to feel alone simply because everything is new and you’ve closed that last chapter of your life at your previous place. Embrace the changes and use this unique opportunity to meet new people. When you relocate to South Point, make sure to go out and talk to your next-door neighbors. Also, another good tactic is that if you see that they are working on something, offer help. You will immediately rise in their eyes and they are going to accept you much quicker. The benefit of talking and getting to know your neighbors are that they can show you everything around and you’ll have someone that you can rely on.

a list
Make a list of things you have to do.

A few things about South Point


Since we are talking about the first week after moving to South Point, we have to say a little something about the place itself. It’s a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida and it has a population of around 8,000. It offers its citizens a very suburban feel. Once you move here, the first thing you’re going to realize is the strong sense of community. Also, this place is great for families who have children, because the pace of life is very slow, relaxed, and laidback. It’s worth mentioning that the median home value is $151,000 and the median rent is $1,000. Additionally, South Point has some great schooling options.