A complete relocation guide for students in Miami

Relocation in itself is a pretty slow and stressful process. If you want to finish it quickly, you have to start preparing much earlier. Also, expenses can be pretty big when you move. However, it’s all much worse when you’re a student. As a student, you have much less money to spend and a lot less time to prepare because of your studying, lectures, and other mandatory school activities. Doing all of that in a place as busy as Miami certainly doesn’t make it easier. So, let us help you do your relocation properly with a relocation guide for students in Miami. That way your relocation will be smooth, quick, and affordable.

Stuff to do before the relocation guide for students in Miami

Even before you call white glove movers to help you in your relocation, there is stuff you have to do. Good preparation will make your job much easier. Let’s go, step by step through stuff you should do before the move.

The first step of the relocation guide for students in Miami is researching the place you will visit

Miami is huge. Before you begin your relocation with moving companies north Miami has to offer, you should read more about the place you are supposed to move to. If you are moving to Miami, try to learn about it as much as you can. Learn about the customs, the food, the local economy, and everything else that will affect your life. The same goes if you are moving from Miami to some other place.

Two men are writting something on a box.
A big part of any relocation guide for students in Miami is labeling your boxes so do it thoroughly.

However, there is also the possibility that you are moving from one part of Miami to another. In that case, the best thing to do is to ask around about the neighborhood you’re moving into. It’s pretty rare to find accurate data that you might need once you move, so try asking some of your friends or family about the place.

Choose a place that’s positioned well

In case you are moving from the campus, the first step in the relocation guide for students in Miami is to find a good spot in the city. Find a house or a flat that is near the campus or at least well connected to the public transportation system. Maybe college isn’t your priority but try to find a place that’s close to as many of the locations in the city that are important to you as possible.

Declutter as much as you can

Decluttering is a big part of any relocation guide for students in Miami. It’s good to declutter before your relocation with local movers Florida starts because it will reduce the price. It’s a well-known rule that the less stuff you have to move, the less you pay. So, you will save some money, and that’s precious for any student in a city as expensive as Miami.

There are two ways you can declutter. Forst of all, you can make a big garage sale where you will sell all the excess stuff. The second option, a much nobler one, is to donate your stuff to a charity nearby. If you do so, you will make a lot of people happy. If you can’t find a red cross, you can google any other one that is near you. It’s the quickest way as well. You don’t depend on whether people will be interested in your stuff. If you’re moving into a small flat or a dorm room, you won’t be able to bring a lot of stuff with you. The only stuff that you really need.

A girl is making a list on a paper.
Think carefully about who you think would be a good roommate and make the list as short as possible.

Try to find a good roommate before the relocation

It’s pretty obvious why this one ended up in a relocation guide for students in Miami. Maybe you won’t have a roommate, but most students in Miami do. So, if that is the case, make sure your roommate is a good and reliable guy. Opt for someone who has good social skills and knows how to respect your privacy, as well as keep the place clean. You don’t really need more than that. However, it’s a pretty difficult task. People are hard to read and never perfect. So, it’s good to start preparing on time. Contact your friends and family, make a list, and start considering who’ll be your roommate.

Decide whether you’ll move by yourself or hire help

Think about the pros and cons of each choice and then make a decision. You can save a lot of money if you move by yourself, however, it’s pretty dangerous and probably slower. You will have to lift some really heavy objects by yourself and that can be exhausting as well as a big risk of spine injury. If you opt to hire movers, you will have to pay more but you will have the reassurance that your belongings will be well kept.

On the day of the move

Everything should be packed on that day. Your stuff should be in boxes and your suitcases packed. That way you’ll be ready for whatever comes. Packing takes a lot of time so the sooner you start the better, any good relocation guide for students in Miami will tell you that. Also, pay attention to the labels. You don’t want your boxes unlabeled. If you leave them like that, you will have chaos in your new place once all the boxes are unloaded.

People are donating food in a box.
Donating is always the best option possible when decluttering.

Pack essentials for the road

Even if all your boxes are perfectly packed, you should still remember to pack the essentials. Since you will spend a certain period of time traveling, you should be prepared for any scenario. Pack some food in case you’re hungry, some medication for dizziness and nausea, etc.

After arriving

This is the easiest part of a relocation guide for students in Miami since there are no big tasks to do. If your relocation with movers Miami went well ad you followed all the steps of the guide, you’ll have no problem. Quickly unpack all the nicely labeled boxes and you’re pretty much good to go and enjoy the new place.