6 ways to personalize your new home in Marathon

Marathon, whose location is on thirteen islands in the Florida Keys, has some of the greatest boating opportunities in the world, including deep-sea, reef, and flats fishing. Add in beachfront dining, jet-ski trips, kayaking, paddle-boarding, or simply cruise the blue seas. This place represents heaven on Earth. Thanks to movers Marathon FL, all your things are now in your new home. It’s time to unpack and organize your home the way you have always wanted. However, you don’t want your new home to look like any other house in the area. Read this article to find out which are the 6 ways to personalize your new home in Marathon.

Choose the design

Before you start personalizing your new home in Marathon, find the design you like. There are many different styles and combinations of them. Decide which are the ones that suit your personality the best. You’re halfway there if you can pinpoint the interior design style you desire for your home. You shouldn’t decorate the inside and the exterior in different ways. They should be in the same manner. Dark, rich wood pieces, clean-lined furniture, and lots of earth tones go nicely with architectural house styles like ranch or craftsman.

A designed living room in a new home
Before you personalize your new home in Marathon, choose a design

Designs that you can choose include:

  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary

About the designs in which you can personalize your new home in Marathon

Most home architectural types are compatible with a transitional design. The appearance is a mix of modern and classic, and it’s ideal for personalizing older home types in Marathon. Also, dark woods, stone, neutral hues, and earthy reds, sages, and olive greens as accent colors are the ones you use in the transitional home decorating style. Furniture has more ornaments and curvier, softer forms than traditional furniture.

On the other hand, the modern interior design boasts clean lines. The crisp straight lines have a softer sense of the use of wood and earth tones. Popular are mid-century modern couches or pieces. Ranch houses, Art Deco houses, and houses built during and after the 1950s blend well with modern decor. If you think this matches your personality and want to add it to your new home in Marathon, go ahead.

Finally, the most sparse and minimalist of the design types is a contemporary design. In each room, there are only a few pieces of furniture. Usually, the colors are black, white, or grey. Instead of wood, you use metals and glass. When starting from scratch, a contemporary style is a good choice for smaller spaces and highlighting the home’s natural features, such as large, bright windows or architectural details. This style is great for kitchens. You can even easily remodel your kitchen, and have it look like in magazines.

The ways to personalize your new home


The first item in your home you should paint when you want to personalize it is the front door. It’s a lot less work than painting the outside and gives you a lot more bang for your cash. Consider updating the hardware when you’re picking a paint color. New hardware may give your home a fresh appearance, and you can replace the locks at the same time (always a smart idea when you purchase a property), so it’s a win-win. Also, you can choose a wall or two to paint. Choosing colors for your entire home may be a difficult task. Save yourself some time and money by committing to painting one or two accent walls right now. Putting color on the walls can help you define the remainder of your home’s palette and will make it seem more like you.

Front door painted in blue
Paint your front door to personalize your new home


Have flowers or plants

Plants give individuality and color to every area, and are a great way to personalize your home. They also look fantastic in any setting. Large houseplants and potted trees are lovely, but try mixing in little pots of cactus, succulents, or ferns among the bottles on a bar cart, bathroom sink, or open kitchen shelves. In addition to that, always have fresh flowers. Any space may be quickly made friendlier with a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, whether from the grocery store or your backyard. Pull a few solitary flowers from a single arrangement and put them in bud vases throughout the home to make them last longer.

Hang photos

Don’t put off hanging a few treasured photographs on the wall since it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a new location seem like home. Movers from moving services Miami have certainly been careful with your possessions, so there are no damaged photos or frames. You only need to hang them.

Use a rug to personalize your new home in Marathon

Even if you like bare floors, having a sink-your-toes-in soft rug in at least one room makes a house seem extremely cozy. If you’re worried about a shag or deep-pile rug getting dirty, place it in an area away from entrances and heavy foot traffic, such as a bedroom. Find some rug-laying ideas on Pinterest.

Make a place for keys and jackets

Designate a space for keys and other vital goods on your way out the door to save time. Install a row of little hooks or a tray or dish; whatever you do, make it convenient and consistent. Also, having hooks right where you need them may make all the difference. Pay attention to where you and your family members tend to drop items, and then add a row of hooks to that area – the entry hall, bathroom, and bedrooms are all wonderful places to put wall hooks.

Hanged photos above the plants
Hang your photos and pictures to make your new home more personal

Personalize the storage in your new home

It’s crucial to have the correct kind of storage in the right place. When you get that right, your life gets a lot simpler. To make the most of your space, map out where you’ll need shelving or cabinetry, and outfit your closets with storage systems.

Personalizing your home is a process

Before you start doing the ways to personalize your new home in Marathon, keep in mind that it takes time. You can even store some of your stuff in Miami moving and storage. Your house will become more familiar to you, as you spend time there. You shouldn’t be in a hurry, since you could come up with new ideas in a few months about how you want a place to look and function.