5 spring cleaning tips for an easy move to Miami Beach

Although moving during the winter has pros, many will wait until spring to relocate home. Sunny days and mild weather make every move easier, for sure. On the other hand, sunny weather reminds us of all the dust that has been moved into our home during the long winter months. It is clear, spring cleaning is the next thing to do. Luckily, in case you need to move home soon to Miami Beach, it’s one more reason to dust and clean your old home before you leave. And with our spring cleaning tips for an easy move, you’ll prepare properly for the coming of our reliable movers Miami Beach. Undeniably, moving is a prime moving season. So, take the spring move also as a perfect chance to clean and declutter the home you are about to leave. So, let’s see how to do it smoothly and even enjoy the process.

1. Plan your big cleaning in advance with our spring cleaning tips for an easy move

Whether you’re still in search of an ideal home in Miami Beach or you just have found one, stay with us. When coming to Miami Beach from a nearby town or a completely different part of Florida, cleaning your home before the move is inevitable. Even if you have decided to relocate in a few months, it’s already time to start decluttering. After you purge your current home, packing for a move will become easy. Nevertheless, you don’t want to toss in a hurry the things you might need once. So, before you start deep cleaning and decluttering, create a plan and know what tasks to do first. Also, consider renting a storage unit in our Miami storage facilities where you can place some of your belongings. You are not forced to throw away all the possession that would not fit your new home with storage space at your disposal.

A person about to write while thinking about spring cleaning tips for an easy move
Make a clear plan by using our spring cleaning tips for an easy move.

No matter why you are moving to a new apartment in Miami Beach, you want your move to go smoothly. And if you take our advice and don’t give up on decluttering and big cleaning, moving with our experts from one of the best white glove moving companies will be a breeze. Although decluttering and deep cleaning the home are two serious tasks, completing them will simplify your upcoming moving preparation. So, pick a weekend when you can focus on nothing but decluttering and cleaning your apartment. Make sure to provide all supplies you will need and skip any interruptions. Decluttering and cleaning the home are time-consuming tasks, but they can also be fun.

2. Deep clean the home

Cleaning your home to prepare for relocation is a lot different than your weekly routine. Besides scrubbing the toilets, mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpets, and changing the sheets on the bed, there will be so many other tasks. To complete them all, it is good to start with one single room inside your home. Firstly, wipe down the walls and then clean the baseboards. Secondly, clean doors and ceilings. Don’t forget to hit those surfaces you may have never thought of. Since someone new is going to be living here now, make everything sparkle. So, scrub the grouts, wash the windows, and clean the chandeliers and fans. Once you finish deep cleaning, you are one step closer to getting ready for our Pro Movers Miami. No matter what, don’t leave cleaning tasks for the week when your big move is scheduled.

A person cleaning a microwave oven
Don’t forget about the details and items you don’t clean frequently.

Although you can go with washing all the windows in your home, you can pick to clean room by room, too. After you clean your living room and kitchen, it’s time to deep clean your bathroom. Then you can clean your bedrooms, hallways, and staircases. But don’t forget about cleaning your basement, garage, or attic, too. Anyway, try to make a list of things you need to do and go one step at a time.

3. Declutter your home instead of packing up everything

Moving to a new home does not mean that you need everything you’ve accumulated over the years in your current home. Will your new home be going to be small to fit all of your things? Before you pack anything, go through the house and get rid of items you don’t need. Nobody wants to move to a new home with tons of clutter. So, take enough time to sort out your things and separate those you don’t want anymore. If you plan to place some of your items in storage, pack those boxes in advance. Once you finish decluttering, you are ready to appoint your moving date with our experts from one of the best moving companies Miami Dade. When your old home is free of clutter, unpacking at your new Miami Beach apartment will be quick and easy.

4. Prepare for another big cleaning with our spring cleaning tips for an easy move

Do you know if your new home is cleaned and ready for your to move in? Did people living in it do a big clean before they moved out? If not, you will need to handle cleaning tasks and prepare all it takes to do it properly. Luckily, this is a great chance for you to meet Miami Beach better. Spending just one weekend in Miami Beach will help you realize it is a magnificent city with great culture, nightlife, food scene, and entertainment. Also, you will figure out transportation here is easily accessible. The family of four should expect a monthly cost of living of nearly 4,338.4$ without rent while as a single you will need 1,187.5$ (without rent) for living costs. So, come to visit your new home and stay to clean it and spend some time around the city.

A light room with a big window
Make sure your new apartment is ready for moving in.

5. Start and end with clean cleaning cloths and tools

Whether you need to clean your old or your new home, use clean cloths and other cleaning tools each time you start to clean. Once you finish big cleaning, clean all your cleaning tools. This is one of those cleaning tips for an easy move that will make starting your job next time so much better. Although you’re too tired to wash your cleaning cloths, you risk throwing them to waste if you don’t get them cleaned on time. Now when your new Miami Beach home sparkles too, you are free to visit nearby parks and recreation Miami Beach. Or just enjoy some time at your dream home you arrived at.